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Vocabulary Word

Word: slander

Definition: defamation; utterance of false and malicious statements; V. ADJ. slanderous

Sentences Containing 'slander'

After seeing the troubles which rocked the Red River Colony in the late 1840s with the Guilleume Sayer trial, the Foss-Pelly slander trial and the difficulties between the Presbyterian Scots and the Anglicans, the Company needed someone like Colvile who would wield a firm hand in the Settlement.
Booty v. Barnaby is the name of an English court case that led from a supposed sighting of a ghost to an action for slander being brought by Mrs. Booty, widow of a man known as Old Booty, against Captain Barnaby, a neighbor of Booty's, for saying that he had seen her deceased husband, a brewer, driven into Hell.
Caroline later becomes increasingly annoyed with her, even considering reporting her for "Meddling", and suing her for slander.
He warns her that men will slander her for it, that she will have to take a bow as if a man, that if he is caught and executed, no one will help her, that the way will be hard, in the wild and exposed to weather, that meals will be scarce and beds non-existent, that she will have to disguise herself as a man, that he believes she will give it up quickly, that being a baron's daughter and he a lowly squire, she will come to curse him for this, and that he might fall in love with another woman, but to each one, she retorts that she will still come, because she loves him alone.
In Act I, Rossini's slander aria from "The Barber of Seville" is used as the basis for Peppo's slander scene; the folk tune, "Te voglio ben assai" is used in Act I to highlight the young lovers' feelings; the Latin hymn "O Santissima" is used in Act II to underscore the power of Christianity over Golfo's demonry.
In April 2007, the school brought a lawsuit against McIntyre and KABC, charging McIntyre with slander and civil rights violations.
In response, Gardner stated that Lord's accusations approached the legal threshold of slander.
In the heated campaign against fellow Democrat Glenn Armstrong of Bossier City, Brown said that his principal opponents were "bar owners", and he was sued for slander by Bossier Novelty Company.
Moreover, to endure labour; nor to need many things; when I have anything to do, to do it myself rather than by others; not to meddle with many businesses; and not easily to admit of any slander.
Of the same nature is sickness and death; slander, and lying in wait, and whatsoever else ordinarily doth unto fools use to be occasion either of joy or sorrow.
So bitter was the animosity between these two men that Hopkins commenced an action for slander against Ward, putting damages at 40,000 pounds.
Solving the difficulties which arose from the Foss-Pelly slander trial took more delicate manoeuvering, but he succeeded by removing the major players in the trial from the Settlement.
Two of the MPs named, Neil Hamilton and Gerald Howarth, sued the BBC for slander.

More Vocab Words

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