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Vocabulary Word

Word: slack

Definition: moving slowly; sluggish; inactive; (of a rope) loose; negligent; lax; Ex. slack season; Ex. slack in one's work; N. V.

Sentences Containing 'slack'

(In arena football, a kicked ball usually bounces back into play off of the rebound nets, but the above can still occur when the ball lands in the slack nets behind the goalposts after a kickoff, passes under the rebound nets and out of play, or in the event of fumbles and interceptions.)
Activity cards and Thing cards typically list a Slack value which is added to the player's Slack total, though some have random Slack totals and some have Slack totals which vary during the game.
After a slack during the middle of the century, no new genera being named between the 1930s and the 1970s, the rate of discoveries picked up towards its end.
At the start of the game, each player is dealt a Job card which lists free time, income, a special ability and a Slack goal. Players are also dealt five Life cards.
At this point in the reggae industry, singing "slack" songs about women was the popular thing to do.
At this point, or if there is no second 'thump' after a second or so, draw up most of the slack and set the hook HARD AND FAST.
Block suballocation is a feature of some computer file systems which allows large blocks or allocation units to be used while making efficient use of "slack" space at the end of large files, space which would otherwise be lost for other use to internal fragmentation.
But at last in his untraceable evolutions, the White Whale so crossed and recrossed, and in a thousand ways entangled the slack of the three lines now fast to him, that they foreshortened, and, of themselves, warped the devoted boats towards the planted irons in him; though now for a moment the whale drew aside a little, as if to rally for a more tremendous charge.
But no; he would crowd up around a point, hugging the shore with affection, and then say:`The slack water ends here, abreast this bunch of China trees; now we cross over.'
C6, E6, E7, E6/9 and other such tunings are common among lap-steel players such as Hawaiian slack-key guitarists and country guitarists, and are also aometimes applied to the regular guitar by bottleneck players striving to emulate these styles.
Don Helms of Hank Williams band favored C6 tuning; slack-key artist Henry Kaleialoha Allen uses a modified C6/7 (C6 tuning with a Bb on the bottom); Harmon Davis favored E7 tuning; David Gilmour has used an open G6 tuning.
During the most violent shocks of the Typhoon, the man at the Pequod's jaw-bone tiller had several times been reelingly hurled to the deck by its spasmodic motions, even though preventer tackles had been attached to it--for they were slack--because some play to the tiller was indispensable.
For example, if a 38 KiB file is to be stored in a file system using 32 KiB blocks, the file would normally span two blocks, or 64 KiB, for storage; the remaining 26 KiB of the second block becomes unused slack space.
He became extremely popular throughout Jamaica, memorable for his focus on cultural and social themes instead of the "slack" (rough, violent) lyrics that were popular at the time.
However while paying slack out into the system if the device is held open (with one technique being referred to as "the thumb") and the climber falls, unless the belayer lets go of the gri gri and continues to hold the brake rope the device will not lock.
I partly surmise also, that this wicked charge against whalers may be likewise imputed to the existence on the coast of Greenland, in former times, of a Dutch village called Schmerenburgh or Smeerenberg, which latter name is the one used by the learned Fogo Von Slack, in his great work on Smells, a text-book on that subject.
In 2010, all three sets were combined into the re-released "Chez Geek--House Party Edition", which featured a larger box, cards with reworked art backgrounds, a six-sided die and cardboard "Slack Tokens" for use in the game.
It was estimated that the current in the cut off was making about fifteen or twenty miles an hour; twelve or thirteen was the best our boat could do, even in tolerably slack water, therefore perhaps we were foolish to try the cut off.
Not to be slack and negligent; or loose, and wanton in thy actions; nor contentious, and troublesome in thy conversation; nor to rove and wander in thy fancies and imaginations.
On the other hand, the tensioners (standard feature) continuously adjust to remove any possible slack, and increase the tightness if necessary.
Over a stretch of 10 games in 1995, during which Forrest was inactive due to an ankle injury, Best picked up the slack, averaging more than 25 points per game.
Similarly, Lubatkin et al. stated that small firms “lack the amount of slack resources and the kind of hierarchical administration systems that can help or impede larger firms in managing their contradictory knowledge processes and, thus, affect the attainment of ambidexterity” (p. 647).
Slack can be represented using any available chit or counter, but each player begins with a Slack total of zero.
Some cards add or subtract Slack from every player's total, while others cause a player to change their Job card (and hence Slack goal).
Some people die with one eye open and one eye half-closed, sometimes people die with smiles on their faces because the jaw is always slack.
The Discovery Institute describes their approach as: Gordy Slack of Salon interpreted this tactic as: "the 'more' they want to teach, of course, is what they see as evolution's shortcomings, leaving an ecological niche that will then be filled by intelligent design."
The first player whose Slack total equals or exceeds their Slack goal is the winner.
The involuntary consternation of the moment caused him to leap, paddle in hand, out of the boat; and in such a way, that part of the slack whale line coming against his chest, he breasted it overboard with him, so as to become entangled in it, when at last plumping into the water.
Then, I saw him standing alone, in a seaman's frock and trousers: a rope in his hand, or slung to his wrist: another round his body: and several of the best men holding, at a little distance, to the latter, which he laid out himself, slack upon the shore, at his feet.
These tunings are frequently used in the playing of slide and lap-slide ("Hawaiian") guitars, and Hawaiian slack key music.
They had developed an interest in and admiration for native Hawaiian slack key guitarists like Gabby Pahinui.
Try to let the lure enter the water with as little noise as possible and keep some controlled slack in the line as bass will commonly attack the lure while it is sinking to the bottom.
Using a combination of pulls and pushes (to give slack to the lines), complex tricks and patterns can be flown.
While Demjanjuk was removed from his house in a wheelchair and appeared to be "slack-jawed and unmoving", on 23 April 2009, federal prosecutors submitted surveillance video evidence taken after the removal of Demjanjuk; the footage showed Demjanjuk walking with no assistance to a car in a parking lot while "alert and engaged in conversation."
With a 8 KiB block suballocation, however, the file would occupy just 6 KiB of the second block, leave 2 KiB (of the 8 KIB suballocation block) slack and free the other 24 KiB of the block for other files.

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