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Vocabulary Word

Word: skirmish

Definition: minor fight; minor battle in war; V.

Sentences Containing 'skirmish'

24 May 1995 - Paul Ince is cleared of assaulting a Crystal Palace supporter in the skirmish that followed Eric Cantona's attack on Matthew Simmons four months ago.
A skirmish occurred on 11 August, when a Georgian logistics column was hit hard by a Russian VDV detachment which' vehicles, a BMD-1 stood broken near a road to the town of Gori.
A skirmish, between Royalist and Parliamentarian forces, took place in Meanwood, during the English Civil War.
After a brief skirmish the British took the hill and sent the Americans fleeing.
After a brief skirmish, Mega Man is informed that the two of them are battling Wily as well.
After a brief skirmish, the Ngoni fighters were dispersed and Gomani was captured and shot.
After a slight infantry skirmish in which the Portuguese had sensible losses to deplore, the marshals gave the order to charge to their little squadron and the Viscount de Sá advanced at the head of his troop.
After the two take a job as bodyguards for a disguised Hilda and engage in a brief skirmish with the Kei Pirates, Gene and Jim find themselves the owners of the XGP15A-II (which they nickname the "Outlaw Star") and the caretakers of Melfina.
As the king was deserted by his army there were no major battles, but Sarsfield's soldiers were involved in a skirmish at Reading, and had a brush with some Scottish soldiers in the service of the Prince of Orange at Wincanton.
Bevern conducted a defensive campaign against overwhelming numbers with great skill, but he soon lost the valuable assistance of General Winterfeld, who was killed in a skirmish at Moys; and he was eventually brought to battle and suffered a heavy defeat at the battle of Breslau on November 22.
Captain Schenck is best remembered by the residents of Hunterdon County for a small skirmish (the Ambush of Geary, as it is called locally) that took place there on December 14, 1776.
Following a brief skirmish, Wunsch withdrew.
Georgian Naval Forces were defeated with the loss of a coast guard cutter during a naval skirmish off Abkhazia.
He also hosts a "military-based game show called "Skirmish"" on fictional cable television channel "UK Conquest" and has released a video of car accidents entitled "Crash, Bang, Wallop, What a Video!"
He answered, that which is unexpected, which comes suddenly and unforeseen; and though he answered like a pagan, and one without the knowledge of the true God, yet, as far as sparing our feelings is concerned, he was right; for suppose you are killed in the first engagement or skirmish, whether by a cannon ball or blown up by mine, what matters it?
He made landfall, launching the Second Desmond Rebellion, but was to die soon after in a minor skirmish with the forces of a cousin.
He successfully led the outnumbered defense of Port Royal against two failed sieges in 1707, leading several sallies himself and having his own horse killed below him in one skirmish.
He was killed in action on 1 February 1944, in a skirmish with Nazi forces.
He was the representative of the central board on the strike rally which was later to become the Skirmish of Menstad, and in its aftermath he was given a prison sentence.
His grandmother is a Starfleet admiral, and he was orphaned ten years ago when his parents were killed in a skirmish with the Talarians.
In 1645 he was involved in the skirmish at Basing House in Hampshire and took part in the final capture of the place, followed by the capture of Donnington Castle in Berkshire on 1 April 1646 and Wallingford Castle in July.
In the campaign of 1835-36, he was involved in a skirmish at Tomoka on March 10, 1836, which had a strong positive impact on his reputation.
In the end a minor skirmish took place at the Battle of Largs where the Norwegians and their Manx allies under Magnus Olafsson of Mann and the Isles failed to achieve anything more than a minor tactical victory against the Scots led by Alexander Stewart.
In the first major skirmish, the Battle of Rocquencourt, on 1 July French dragoons supported by infantry and commanded by General Exelmans destroyed a Prussian brigade of hussars under the command of Colonel von Sohr (who was severely wounded and taken prisoner during the skirmish).
Military ties remain fraught with tension, however, and in 2002 a brief naval skirmish left four South Korean sailors dead, leaving the future of the Sunshine policy uncertain.
Morris's men pursued the Rebels for several miles in a running skirmish before finally routing them after killing Confederate General Robert S. Garnett.
Moving from one area to another means 2-5 second loads; initiating a battle means 7-10 second loads; winning a skirmish brings 4-6 second loads afterwards."
On 9 August, Russian naval forces allegedly blockaded a part of the Georgian coast and landed marines on the Abkhaz coast. The Georgian Navy attempted to intervene, but was defeated in a naval skirmish.
On his way back to Kentucky, Hines and his men were discovered in Valeene, Indiana, leading to a small skirmish near Leavenworth, Indiana, on Little Blue Island.
On October 26, 1861, the 18th Virginia Cavalry, under Monroe's command, took part in a skirmish against a unit within the left column formation of Union Army troops under the command of Brigadier General Benjamin Franklin Kelley.
On the evening of 10 August a naval skirmish between the Russian task-force and several Georgian naval vessels took place.
Some hold it was named for the color of the rocks of the mountain, while others believe it was named for a bloody skirmish between the sheriff and escaped convicts in 1871.
The 4th Company of the 1st Regiment of reserves and the naval contingent captured the village, after only a slight skirmish with the enemy.
The Battle of Llantada or Llantadilla was a border skirmish fought on 19 July 1068 on the banks of the Pisuerga near the frontier between León and Castile.
The death of Gokhale and the skirmish at Ashti hastened the end of the war.
The move resulted in a bloodless skirmish in Pakrac and the first fatalities in the Plitvice Lakes incident.
The rumor, however, was that Bradley had a skirmish with a fan who claimed authorship of a book identical to one Bradley had published and accused Bradley of "stealing" the idea, and the resultant lawsuit cost Bradley a book.
The skirmish may have resulted from the increasing ambitions of Sancho, the eldest son of Ferdinand I, whose inheritance was smaller than his brother's.
The skirmish took place at present-day Blues Beach where a wire bridge carried the Moorefield and North Branch Turnpike across the South Branch Potomac River at the Lower Hanging Rocks.
The skirmish was long contested and bloody; many of their foes were slain, but still they were thirty to one.
The skull was found to the west of the monument on Custer Hill, at what is called the 'South Skirmish Line'.
The Song wanted a stronger defensive position, and the Song fleet "roped itself together in a solid mass[,]" in an attempt to create a nautical skirmish line.
The troops on shore engaged in a skirmish with some 300 Chinese soldiers, afterward reinforced by 150 more, near a commanding knoll which both forces were desirous of occupying.
Then they began to move and execute a kind of skirmish upon the calm water, while a vast number of horsemen on fine horses and in showy liveries, issuing from the city, engaged on their side in a somewhat similar movement.
Then, compelled to quit Rome, he went and got himself obscurely killed in a night skirmish, scarcely noticed in history.
There they had a bit of a skirmish in getting rid of the duties; the excise was, in truth, the everlasting enemy of the patron of The Young Amelia.
This is the time during which (according to Marx), Bolívar dilly-dallied and lost one skirmish after another, also saying that European officers in Angostura were egging him on to attack the center of Venezuela.
William P. Sanders, mortally wounded in a skirmish outside Knoxville on November 18, 1863.
Wyrd Miniatures a hobby company, produces a male Outcast model named Sue for their Malifaux miniature skirmish game.
You may skirmish with Miss Dartle, or try to hide your sympathies in jest from me, but I know better.

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