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Vocabulary Word

Word: sinuous

Definition: twisting; winding; bending in and out; not morally honest

Sentences Containing 'sinuous'

Acanthogonatus nahuelbuta is a mygalomorph spider of Chile, named after its type locality: Piedra del Ɓguila, Parque Nacional Nahuel-Buta, Malleco. Males differ from "A. patagallina" by having the basal portion of the bulb less rounded and the basal loop of the bulbal duct less sinuous; and from those of "A. hualpen" by the differently shaped embolus and the palpal tibia with the apical two-thirds (instead of its apical one-third) tapering gradually and having thickened setae.
An earlier reviewer noticed the same effect in it and "The Jack Pine": " two best-known canvases... are essentially "Art Nouveau" designs in the flat, the principal motif in each case being a tree drawn in great sinuous curves...
Fore wing with two pairs of transverse sinuous dark narrow bands across cell, followed by an oblique discal similar band, from costa to interspace 1.
Here, the Red River has cut off a shallow, sinuous valley.
Homaloceras is the most primitive, with a laterally compressed, cyrtoconic to gyronic shell with a narrow, concave venter, broadly convex flanks, and rounded dorsum, The suture is only slightly sinuous, the siphuncle tubular and near the venter.
The Bottomlands historically contained a broad riparian forest, a sinuous main channel and in some places multiple channels, excellent quality spawning gravels, exposed willow roots, some fallen trees, and shoreline debris jams, which provided wildlife habitat and especially fish habitat.
The river then sharply turns northeast, where it has become the border between Mandaluyong and Manila before turning again westward, joining its other major tributary, the San Juan River, and then following a sinuous path through the center of Manila before emptying into the bay.
The second argues that the northern pike in the lake rarely exceeded three to four pounds, and their long sinuous bodies resembled those of snakes.
They are marked by slender, sinuous, slightly protractive axial ribs, of which 16 occur upon the first and second, 18 upon the third, 20 upon the fourth to seventh, 22 upon the eighth, 26 upon the ninth, and 32 upon the penultimate turn.
They have tall, thin, skeletal bodies possessing very little soft tissue, and appendages appear to be supported by sinuous strands of muscle.
Underside rich silky brown, terminal margins of the wings broadly paler, sprinkled with lilacine scales near an inward well-denned very pale brownish-yellow sinuous line; the basal five-sixths of the wings darkening perceptibly outwards.

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