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Vocabulary Word

Word: significant

Definition: expressing a meaning; important; Ex. significant smile; N. significance: importance; meaning; V. signify: denote; mean; signal; make known; matter; be significant

Sentences Containing 'significant'

A significant minority are of Korean origin.
A significant proportion of the membership were police officers.
Among these families, the most significant ones are: References.
Brown's legacy as a horse breeder was significant.
But the increase of cells number is usually more significant.
DeVos brought significant assets to the race.
Geography also proved a significant factor.
He had significant involvement in the establishment of Hebrew University.
He played a significant role during the St.
In most urban areas, the cost of land is significant.
In recent years there have been some significant advances.
In the mid-1920s, the class underwent significant modernization.
It has only three significant elevations.
It has undergone significant changes over the years.
It was the last significant Gilbert skyscraper in Manhattan.
James' government did produce some significant achievements.
List of significant stories External links.
May have significant function of the lower limbs.
No casualties or significant damage was reported in the country.
No significant changes have been made to the route since then.
No significant remnants of these aircraft exist today.
One of the most significant differences was the coordinate system.
Others, however, found the adaptation more significant.
Relative risks are not necessarily significant.
Šešum's eye suffered significant bleeding.
She saw significant action on more than one occasion.
Significant acts of violence against LGBT people
Significant incidents of Australians being killed overseas.
Significant quarries include: Settlements.
Significant snows and ice fell in these regions causing significant travel emergencies and accidents.
Significant software crowdsourcing events.
Surge and current are often significant however.
The attempt did not meet with any significant success.
The autonomy of the municipalities in Obwalden is significant.
The impact of higher education has been significant.
The most significant of Richard's defenders was Horace Walpole.
The omnibus test comes to be significant mostly if at least one of the independent variables is significant.
The results argued against significant response bias.
The site is a significant competitor to WebMD.
There are significant movements to revive the area.
There can be legitimate significant effects within a model even if the omnibus test is not significant.
There is no farm of significant size located in the commune.
There is no significant tourist industry in Erg Ferradj.
There were only two significant cities, Pforzheim and Durlach.
This is a list of bacteria that are significant in medicine.
This is significant in relation to the issue of "incommensurability" (see below).
This modest association was mostly not statistically significant.
Tourism is the most significant segment of the Nainital's economy.
Ultimately, the most significant effect from the hurricane was the significant drop in tourism.
Western Australia has a significant fishing industry.
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::: braggart - boaster; bragger
::: falter - hesitate; weaken in purpose or action; walk or move unsteadily through weakness; N.
::: lineage - descent; ancestry
::: obese - excessively fat; N. obesity
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