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Vocabulary Word

Word: shunt

Definition: move (a railway train) from one track to another; turn aside; divert; sidetrack; Ex. shunt traffic around an accident; N.

Sentences Containing 'shunt'

'0' for the Operator was already free, and the cam which removed the shunt on the line when the dial was rotated to the '0' position could be altered to include the adjacent digit '9' (and '8' if required) so that calls to '0' and '999' could be made without inserting coins.
1355 moved to King's Cross to shunt the engine shed for seven weeks, before joining No.
Hepatic encephalopathy may also occur after the creation of a transjugular intrahepatic portosystemic shunt (TIPSS).
Hepatic encephalopathy type B may arise in those who have undergone a TIPSS procedure; in most cases this resolves spontaneously or with the medical treatments discussed below, but in a small proportion of about 5%, occlusion of the shunt is required to address the symptoms.
In 2003 a case report was published stating that, contrary to previously held belief, syringomyelia can present with a rapid progression of acute symptoms and requires the immediate placing of a ventriculoperitoneal shunt.
Johns Foundry and also a siding at the head shunt for Kavanaghs Cement.
The diagnosis of hepatic encephalopathy can only be made in the presence of confirmed liver disease (types A and C) or a portosystemic shunt (type B), as its symptoms are similar to those encountered in other encephalopathies.
They may implement a shunt across the transmitter circuit and induction coil to maximize the pulsing signal of the dial by eliminating all internal impedances of the telephone set.
This curve is based upon empirical data using a 24 AWG Standard, copper conductor, unshielded twisted-pair telephone cable with a shunt capacitance of 52.5 pF/meter (16 pF/foot) terminated in a 100 Ohm resistive load.
This forces Jenny Quarx to shunt the miniature into her body in saving the universe right before kissing the Doctor goodbye.
This may then be followed by a transjugular intrahepatic portosystemic shunt.
This process is impaired in all subtypes of hepatic encephalopathy, either because the hepatocytes (liver cells) are incapable of metabolising the waste products or because portal venous blood bypasses the liver through collateral circulation or a medically constructed shunt.

More Vocab Words

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