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Vocabulary Word

Word: shuffle

Definition: mix together; jumble; move (something) from one place to another; slide (the feet) along the ground while walking; Ex. shuffle papers from one pile to another; N.

Sentences Containing 'shuffle'

2013 will see releases from Sub Focus, The Aston Shuffle, Chase Status and many more.
A 3D virtual world called "Ai Sp@ce" was developed by the video game developer Headlock where users can interact with bishōjo game heroines from "Clannad", "Shuffle!", and "Da Capo II".
And then he goes on to say: The cousin was amazed as well at Sancho's boldness as at the patience of his master, and concluded that the good temper the latter displayed arose from the happiness he felt at having seen his lady Dulcinea, even enchanted as she was; because otherwise the words and language Sancho had addressed to him deserved a thrashing; for indeed he seemed to him to have been rather impudent to his master, to whom he now observed, "I, Senor Don Quixote of La Mancha, look upon the time I have spent in travelling with your worship as very well employed, for I have gained four things in the course of it; the first is that I have made your acquaintance, which I consider great good fortune; the second, that I have learned what the cave of Montesinos contains, together with the transformations of Guadiana and of the lakes of Ruidera; which will be of use to me for the Spanish Ovid that I have in hand; the third, to have discovered the antiquity of cards, that they were in use at least in the time of Charlemagne, as may be inferred from the words you say Durandarte uttered when, at the end of that long spell while Montesinos was talking to him, he woke up and said, 'Patience and shuffle.'
Both the total viewership and ratings were significantly down from the previous episode, "The Sue Sylvester Shuffle", which aired immediately after the Super Bowl.
Following a mid-term re-shuffle in September 2005 Jane Hutt was removed from her post as Health and social care Minster after controversy over long waiting lists and criticism from Mps to Minister for Assembly Business along with the additional responsibilities of Equalities Children.
Form, now, Indian-file, and gallop into the double-shuffle?
Former Southern Sundevils Head Coach Jim Roberson joined the coaching staff, resulting in a shuffle of the coaches with Coach Roberson taking over as Head Coach.
In fact she considers part of her "training" exercising sleight of hand tricks, and she claims to have invented a variation of the three card shuffle game called the "Zatara shuffle", in which she's so fast and precise that, even without resorting to cheating, only skilled gamblers like Selina Kyle are able to follow the movements of her hands.
KMCQ would end up being one of the stations relocating in the shuffle as the 104.5 signal changed its city of license to Covington, Washington, a suburb of Seattle in southeastern King County.
She then headed to New York City during the Harlem Renaissance, performing at the Plantation Club and in the chorus of the groundbreaking and hugely successful Broadway revues "Shuffle Along" (1921) with Adelaide Hall and "The Chocolate Dandies" (1924).
The Acme of Control is a card trick in which the magician shows two cards, inserts them into the deck, allows the spectator to shuffle the deck, takes the deck back, and is then able to produce the two cards in any way he pleases, such as from his pocket.
The Alpha 21364 can connect to as many as 127 other microprocessors using two network topologies: shuffle and an 2D torus.
The C-G-C-G-C-E tuning was used by William Ackerman for his "Townsend Shuffle" and by John Fahey for his tribute to Mississippi John Hurt.
The show is currently shown to be filmed on a fictional farm named the "Sticky Farm", with the show always been set in Auckland.Sticky TV will be replace seseame street for 2001,2002,2003,2004,2005,2006,2007 2008 2009,2010,2011 and 2012 for a shuffle for everyday Presenters.
The shuffle topology had more direct paths to other microprocessors, reducing latency and therefore improving performance, but was limited to connecting up to eight microprocessors as a result of its nature.
This episode's total viewership and ratings were significantly down from the previous episode, "The Sue Sylvester Shuffle", which was watched by over 26.8 million American viewers and received a 11.1/29 rating/share in the 18–49 demographic.
This was the fourth time a song by Katy Perry was used in a "Glee" episode, with the previous covers being "I Kissed a Girl" in the pilot, "Teenage Dream" on the episode "Never Been Kissed" and "California Gurls" on the previous episode "The Sue Sylvester Shuffle".
With these new Hot 100 debuts, plus the debut the same week of "She's Not There" from the prior episode "The Sue Sylvester Shuffle", which had aired two days before "Silly Love Songs", the "Glee" Cast passed Elvis Presley's record of 108 singles on the Hot 100, reaching 113 singles.

More Vocab Words

::: inveigh - denounce; utter censure or invective; Ex. inveigh against the evils of drink
::: decant - pour off gently (wine or liquid)
::: replenish - fill up again
::: recital - act of reciting publicly; detailed account; performance of music or dance (by a solo performer)
::: summation - act of finding the total; summing-up; summary (esp. one given by the judge at the end of a trial)
::: brindled - tawny or grayish with streaks or spots (of animals)
::: peripatetic - walking about from place to place (to work); moving; Ex. peripatetic school of philosophy
::: opiate - medicine to induce sleep or deaden pain; something that relieves emotions or causes inaction; sleep-producing drug containing opium
::: mire - entangle; stick in swampy ground; stick or sink in mire; N: bog; deep mud; Ex. sucked deeper into the mire
::: venerable - deserving high respect; commanding respect; CF. command: deserve and get