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Vocabulary Word

Word: shudder

Definition: shake uncontrollably; tremble; V.

Sentences Containing 'shudder'

A door that communicated with the Palais de Justice was opened, and they went through a long range of gloomy corridors, whose appearance might have made even the boldest shudder.
A shudder ran through the assembly when they saw that the confidence of the prisoner increased in proportion to the terror of M. de Villefort.
As we approached famous and formidable Plum Point, darkness fell, but that was nothing to shudder about in these modern times.
At length she felt his heart beat, a faint breath played upon his lips, a slight shudder, announcing the return of life, passed through the young man's frame.
At this instant a shudder passes over me as I reflect that possibly I am now standing on the very grave in which lies M. de Villefort, by whose hand the ground was dug to receive the corpse of his child.''
But in that gale, the port, the land, is that ship's direst jeopardy; she must fly all hospitality; one touch of land, though it but graze the keel, would make her shudder through and through.
Do you know I always felt a shudder at the idea of even a destroying angel?''
Franz felt a shudder run through his veins at observing that the feeling of the duke and the countess was so much in unison with his own personal disquietude.
He is currently putting together a new group with his old friend, Nathan Larson of Shudder To Think.
He was a member of Jawbox, Shudder To Think, Sweet 75 and The Jealous Sound
Humpty Dumpty raised his voice almost to a scream as he repeated this verse, and Alice thought with a shudder, 'I wouldn't have been the messenger for ANYTHING!'
I shudder at this moment with the tremendous sensation of seeing it done, and feeling that the ball has bounded on to Mr. Creakle's sacred head.
I was smoking, and trying to suppress a rising tendency to shudder.
In the meanwhile Franz was considering the singular shudder that had passed over the Count of Monte Cristo at the moment when he had been, in some sort, forced to give his hand to Albert.
It makes me shudder to this day, to remember that I once came near not getting rid of my stock at all.
It was never without a nervous shudder, since the dinner at Auteuil, and the events which followed it, that Madame Danglars heard Monte Cristo's name announced.
Just as he turned, a hand rested on his shoulder, and a voice which made him shudder exclaimed,``Good evening, Maximilian; you are punctual, thank you!''
Mast has most recently collaborated with former Shudder to Think vocalist Craig Wedren on a record for a Tokyo independent label, Mold Recordings and said to be finishing a follow up solo album for Audio Dregs.
Morrel uttered these words with an energy which made the count shudder.
Nor can any son of mortal woman, for the first time, seat himself amid those hempen intricacies, and while straining his utmost at the oar, bethink him that at any unknown instant the harpoon may be darted, and all these horrible contortions be put in play like ringed lightnings; he cannot be thus circumstanced without a shudder that makes the very marrow in his bones to quiver in him like a shaken jelly.
On recognizing her step mother, Valentine could not repress a shudder, which caused a vibration in the bed.
said Caderousse with a shudder;`why, that he might not have the trouble of returning to Beaucaire.'
She only felt the pulsation in her own fingers, and withdrew her hand with a shudder.
The article having been read during the painful hush that followed, a universal shudder pervaded the assembly, and immediately the closest attention was given to the orator as he resumed his remarks.
The two Queens looked at each other, and the Red Queen remarked, with a little shudder, 'She SAYS she only said "if"--' 'But she said a great deal more than that!'
These words were uttered in a tone which made Morrel shudder.
This time the illusion, or rather the reality, surpassed anything Valentine had before experienced; she began to believe herself really alive and awake, and the belief that her reason was this time not deceived made her shudder.
thought Starbuck with a shudder, sleeping in this gale, still thou steadfastly eyest thy purpose.
Thus the poor sailor lives in the recollection of those who narrate his history; his terrible story is recited in the chimney corner, and a shudder is felt at the description of his transit through the air to be swallowed by the deep.''
Villefort pronounced these words with an accent which would have made the count shudder had he heard him.
what is this that shoots through me, and leaves me so deadly calm, yet expectant,--fixed at the top of a shudder!
Yep, Kyuss are out to move your head and bowel and make the earth beneath your feet shudder.
``And I can well understand,''said the countess, shrugging up her beautiful shoulders, as though an involuntary shudder passed through her veins,``that those who have once seen that man will never be likely to forget him.''
``He shall be both blind and deaf,''replied the young man, with an air of determination that made his companion shudder.
``Indeed, I still shudder at the fearful danger you were placed in.''
``Patience,''said the abbe, in a tone which made the dying man shudder;``have patience!''
``Sometimes, I have sat here of an evening, until I have fancied but even the shade of a foolish fancy makes me shudder to night, when all is so black and solemn''``Let us shudder too.
``Upon my word,''said Dantes,``you make me shudder.

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