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Word: shear

Definition: remove (fleece or hair) by cutting; remove the hair or fleece from; cut with or as if with shears; N: shears; pair of scissors

Sentences Containing 'shear'

A cotter pin may also be used as a low-tech shear pin.
A power law fluid is an idealised fluid for which the shear stress, formula_41, is given by This form is useful for approximating all sorts of general fluids, including shear thinning (such as latex paint) and shear thickening (such as corn starch water mixture).
A shear pin is a safety device designed to shear in the case of a mechanical overload, preventing other, more expensive parts from being damaged.
After becoming an intense tropical cyclone, wind shear began to increase, causing the eye to become slightly disorganized, temporarily slowed the intensification.
As a result, wind shear displaced convection from the center and its eyewall broke apart.
As it moved west, Ivan weakened slightly because of wind shear in the area.
As the system progressed westward, it entered a region of strong wind shear and had dissipated on August 31.
By December 27, the depression had entered a region of lesser shear, favoring significant development of the system.
Firstly, interactions of the test fluid or melt with solid interfaces will result in a component of shear flow, which will compromise the results.
Fleece weights vary, with the top stud males reaching annual shear weights up to total fleece and good quality fleece.
Hard and soft shears can order in steady shear.
However, the system soon weakened to a tropical storm, due to the effects of a trough producing moderate shear, and cooler waters.
However, unfavorable wind shear began taking a toll on the storm, causing it to rapidly weaken.
In 1986, PCB developed the first commercial quartz shear-structured, ICP* accelerometer.
In a Newtonian fluid, the relation between the shear stress and the shear rate is linear, passing through the origin, the constant of proportionality being the coefficient of viscosity.
In a non-Newtonian fluid, the relation between the shear stress and the shear rate is different, and can even be time-dependent.
In countries such as the USA, Australia and New Zealand, breeders shear their animals annually, weigh the fleeces and test them for fineness.
In this way, the failure of the shear pin will physically separate the aircraft and the tractor.
It is a shear mode device in which the acoustic wave propagates in a direction perpendicular to the crystal surface.
Knowing the dimensions, the flow-rate can be converted into a value for the shear rate and the pressure drop into a value for the shear stress.
Large Amplitude Oscillatory Shear (LAOS).
Late on 4 April, an approaching upper-level trough increased wind shear over the system, which caused a steady weakening trend.
Limited vertical wind shear can be positive for tropical cyclone formation.
Most commonly the viscosity of non-Newtonian fluids is not independent of shear rate or shear rate history.
On 1 April, wind shear decreased as it crossed into the Savu Sea, and by early on 1 April it developed into a tropical cyclone to the northeast of Sumba.
On July 21 Frank was downgraded to a tropical storm, after wind shear caused further weakening.
On the other hand, since non-Newtonian fluids or complex fluids can display shear thinning or shear thickening, the pressure drop versus flow rate data must be analyzed using Weissenberg-Rabinowitch-Mooney equation.
Rheometers that control the applied shear stress or shear strain are called rotational or shear rheometers, whereas rheometers that apply extensional stress or extensional strain are extensional rheometers.
Rotational or shear type rheometers are usually designed as either a native strain-controlled instrument (control and apply a user-defined shear strain which can then measure the resulting shear stress) or a native stress-controlled instrument (control and apply a user-defined shear stress and measure the resulting shear strain).
Shear flows are useful for jammed suspensions or random close packing.
Shear pin sprockets break when overloaded, stopping the conveyor and saving considerable expense and downtime.
The development of extensional rheometers has proceeded more slowly than shear rheometers, due to the challenges associated with generating a homogeneous extensional flow.
The effect of wind shear can be factored into the selection of twist in the sail design, but this can be difficult to predict since wind shear may vary widely in different weather conditions.
The known response of the torsion bar and the degree of twist give the shear stress, while the rotational speed and cone dimensions give the shear rate.
The liquid tends to drag the other cylinder round, and the force it exerts on that cylinder (torque) is measured, which can be converted to a shear stress.
The masonry wall was damaged due to seismic shear.
The next day, Hondo was downgraded to a tropical disturbance as wind shear constrained convective development and caused the system to weaken.
The Shear Veins are unique in the fact that they come right to the surface.
The storm quickly intensified as it tracked southwestward, aided by low wind shear and strong divergence.
The system held intensity for a day or so, with gradual weakening due to shear over the area, but the shear relaxed over the cyclone early on September 9, with brought about a quick restrengthening phase on September 9, although it stopped, and the weakening trend resumed later that day.
The upper tower is a steel skeleton with "slitted shear walls".
This caused increased low-level wind shear that enabled the development of thunderstorms.
This determines the shear rate inside the annulus.
This does not take into account vertical wind shear.
This done, he drew from its sheath a huge broad scimitar, and seizing me by the hair he made as though he meant to cut my throat and shear my head clean off.
This produces plasmas with high "shear", which distributed and broke up turbulent eddies in the plasma.
Unlike Faxai, the precursor to Cyclone Waka developed slowly, mainly because of moderate wind shear in the region.
Water vapor imagery also suggested that strong wind shear would introduce a weakening trend.
Wind shear affects sailboats in motion by presenting a different wind speed and direction at different heights along the mast. Wind shear occurs because of friction above a water surface slowing the flow of air.
With high oceanic heat content, low wind shear, and good divergence aloft, significant strengthening was likely.

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