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Vocabulary Word

Word: sever

Definition: separate; cut off (a part) from a whole; break up (a relationship); N. severance; CF. severance pay: extra pay given an employee upon leaving a position

Sentences Containing 'sever'

"Main articles: History of the Republic of Ireland; Irish Free State, Republic of Ireland; Names of the Irish state" The treaty to sever the Union divided the republican movement into "anti-Treaty" (who wanted to fight on until an Irish Republic was achieved) and "pro-Treaty" supporters (who accepted the Free State as a first step towards full independence and unity).
But to give him anything to drink was impossible, or would have been so had not the landlord bored a reed, and putting one end in his mouth poured the wine into him through the other; all which he bore with patience rather than sever the ribbons of his helmet.
By the following year, however, he had seriously fallen out with Chamoun over the latter's refusal to sever diplomatic relations with the western powers that had attacked Egypt in the 1956 Suez Crisis of 1956.
Depending on the integrity of this design, engineers used carefully placed charges of dynamite to sever the bow at a bulkhead just aft of the bridge on 4 April.
For Chiang, it was difficult to sever his relationship with the warlords; this would alienate other factions within the nationalist ranks, and the warlords were still useful to him.
He hoped to put his troops in a position to sever Napoleon's supply line back to France.
However, Blatt's proposal caused an intense uproar in the state because alumni and students felt that it would needlessly sever the University from its antebellum tradition.
In some cases of osteochondrosis, such as Sever's disease and Freiberg's infraction, the involved bone may heal in a relatively normal shape and leave the patient asymptomatic.
In southwestern France a number of manuscripts were produced c. 1000, at the monastery of Saint Martial in Limoges, as well as at Albi, Figeac, and Saint-Sever-de-Rustan in Gascony.
It follows a non-linear narrative in the form of a sort of 'confession' authored by Trumper, who humorously recounts his various failures in life and love, from his New England childhood through his experiences on foreign study in Vienna, Austria, and as a graduate student in Iowa, leading up to the present-action setting, early-1970s New York, where Trumper is attempting to sever himself from his adolescent past. "I want to change", Trumper says at the end of Chapter One.
Lü Bu was the adopted son of the tyrannical warlord Dong Zhuo, who ordered Lü Bu to take Zhang Wen away from the assembly, sever his head, and bring it back on a silver platter to show the other guests.
Mechanical rope-grabs when overloaded will sometimes damage the sheath of the rope, or in extreme cases sever the rope entirely.
Mr. Chu is an Asian man who tries to force the Flock to "sever all ties with the CSM or be killed".
On October 9, 1931, a past president of the SPR William Henry Salter visited the Borley Rectory in an attempt to persuade the Rector Lionel Foyster, to sever his links with Price and work with the SPR instead.
One issue was a road improvement scheme at Waunfawr which was proposed to sever the trackbed, with any prospective restorer of the line having to pay for a bridge.
Precipitous birth can also sever—and more severely sever—the perineal body, leading to undesired birth sequelae such as incontinence.
Sever Your Ties was a Christian rock band from San Diego, California.
she exclaimed, throwing herself into the arms of Mademoiselled'Armilly, her eyes sparkling with the same kind of rage which made Nero wish that the Roman world had but one neck, that he might sever it at a single blow.
So B, who wished to do only what was right, threw down his revolver; then pulled a knife, and cut A's throat all around, but gave his principal attention to the front, and so failed to sever the jugular.
Soviet attempts to sever the salient were unsuccessful, and the unit completed its withdrawal by nightfall.
Stalking typically represents a sever form of ORI.
Starting with quite a mild stance - "India and England should sever their connection peaceably and part as friends.", it became more radical in 1907, actively advocating Swaraj (Home Rule) and organisation of the Society of Political Missionaries of India.
The "deny" strategies help establish a crisis frame and sever any perceived connection between the organization and the crisis.
The bombing of the newspaper was previously thought to be the work of Islamic fundamentalists, but is now described as part of the first stage of Ergenekon's campaign to stoke division and unrest. The group's motives are currently unclear, but it has been said that they sought to sever Turkey's ties with the West; Russian ideologue Aleksandr Dugin described them as "pro-Russian".
The Founding of the Republic of Iceland took place in early 1944, when the Alþing, the Icelandic parliament, on February 25, 1944 decided to formally sever the ties between Iceland and the Danish monarchy, in accordance with the stipulations provided in the 1918 Danish–Icelandic Act of Union, which had granted Iceland independence, but maintained the two countries in a union, with the King of Denmark also as King of Iceland; in a personal union.
They can be in the form of deception coercion, mild force coercion, psychological coercion and sever force coercion.
Together with 49 other intellectuals (among them Adriana Babeţi, Hannelore Baier, Mircea Cărtărescu, Magda Cârneci, Livius Ciocârlie, Andrei Cornea, Sabina Fati, Florin Gabrea, Sorin Ilieşiu, Gabriel Liiceanu, Mircea Mihăieş, Dan C. Mihăilescu, Virgil Nemoianu, Andrei Oişteanu, Horia-Roman Patapievici, Dan Perjovschi, Andrei Pippidi, Şerban Rădulescu-Zoner, Victor Rebengiuc, Dan Tapalagă, Vladimir Tismăneanu, Florin Ţurcanu, Traian Ungureanu, Sever Voinescu and Alexandru Zub), she signed an open letter accusing parliamentary parties of benefiting from the crisis.
While serving during a period of decreasing personnel manning and sever manpower constraints, Captain Mastagni’s leadership enabled NR COMNAVAIRLANT 1086 to provide the Atlantic Fleet with continuous 24 hour a day staff support and provided countless man days of support from officers and enlisted personnel.

More Vocab Words

::: accessible - easy to approach; obtainable
::: terminus - last stop of railroad; end
::: salubrious - healthful; conducive to health or well-being; socially desirable; Ex. salubrious area; CF. health
::: repeal - revoke; annul
::: chaotic - in utter disorder
::: perimeter - outer boundary; length of the outer boundary; circumference
::: gaunt - lean and angular; thin and bony; emaciated; barren
::: paltry - insignificant; petty; trifling; contemptible; Ex. paltry sum; CF. trash
::: consequential - self-important; significant; consequent; following as a result; Ex. consequential air; CF. subsequent
::: bestial - beastlike; brutal; inhuman; very cruel