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Vocabulary Word

Word: servitude

Definition: slavery; compulsory labor imposed as a punishment

Sentences Containing 'servitude'

""Unanimity is almost always an indication of servitude."" (Auden Kronenberger 1966) References.
"Remember, Watson that though we have so homely a thing as a goose at one end of this chain, we have at the other a man who will certainly get seven years' penal servitude unless we can establish his innocence.
"The Grim Adventures of Billy Mandy" follows two children named Mandy and Billy, who after winning a limbo game to save Billy's ten-year-old pet hamster, gain the mighty Grim Reaper as their best friend in eternal servitude and slavery forever and ever.
After they are born they serve a five-year period of indentured servitude to reimburse society for expenses associated with their creation.
At the finale, she transforms three Super Soldiers into Zombie Knights and uses them to revive Heinrich I. Blavatsky pledges her loyalty and servitude to Heinrich only for him to reward her by transforming her into a zombie slave. Blavatsky and the Death Knights end up being destroyed by Blazkowicz as he arrives to face Heinrich.
Death is a cessation from the impression of the senses, the tyranny of the passions, the errors of the mind, and the servitude of the body.
Even after the abolition of slavery in 1834, former slaves continued working in servitude due to laws designed to keep providing plantations with cheap labor.
Floyd was elected as a Clark County delegate to the territory's slavery convention in 1802, the convention would set in motion events that would attempt to legalize slavery and indentured servitude in the Indiana Territory.
Galiev was arrested and sent to penal servitude; he was later executed in 1940.
He added, how I had endeavoured to persuade him, that in my own and other countries, the _Yahoos_ acted as the governing, rational animal, and held the _Houyhnhnms_ in servitude; that he observed in me all the qualities of a _Yahoo_, only a little more civilized by some tincture of reason, which, however, was in a degree as far inferior to the _Houyhnhnm_ race, as the _Yahoos_ of their country were to me; that, among other things, I mentioned a custom we had of castrating _Houyhnhnms_ when they were young, in order to render them tame; that the operation was easy and safe; that it was no shame to learn wisdom from brutes, as industry is taught by the ant, and building by the swallow (for so I translate the word _lyhannh_, although it be a much larger fowl); that this invention might be practised upon the younger _Yahoos_ here, which besides rendering them tractable and fitter for use, would in an age put an end to the whole species, without destroying life; that in the mean time the _Houyhnhnms_ should be exhorted to cultivate the breed of asses, which, as they are in all respects more valuable brutes, so they have this advantage, to be fit for service at five years old, which the others are not till twelve.” This was all my master thought fit to tell me, at that time, of what passed in the grand council.
He was subject to court-martial following the Rising and sentenced to three years penal servitude.
Holding sway over both serpents and an army of unnamed monsters (similar to giant humans with animal heads and sometimes bat wings) and able to spit deadly "electrical blasts", Sslither was the ancient ruler of the Inhumanoids, relentlessly slave-driving Metlar to construct the pyramids and other ancient monuments in bitter servitude.
I sometimes wonder that we can be so frivolous, I may almost say, as to attend to the gross but somewhat foreign form of servitude called Negro Slavery, there are so many keen and subtle masters that enslave both North and South.
If, in the hands of a poor cultivator, oppressed with the servitude of villanage, some little stock should accumulate, he would naturally conceal it with great care from his master, to whom it would otherwise have belonged, and take the first opportunity of running away to a town.
In "MK: Armageddon", Shinnok appears to make alliances with other characters as well, but only as a part of a plan to conquer the realms, including with Raiden, though the thunder god intends only to discover Shinnok's plans, and Onaga, who Shinnok had offered to free from the Netherrealm in exchange for his servitude.
In addition to his servitude to Diablo, Dragon Man has served Super-Adaptoid and was also a member of the New Enforcers.
In truth, every man and woman and child has a master, and worries and frets in servitude; but in the day I write of, the Mississippi pilot had none.
In urban areas and settled communities with a strong French administrative presence, slavery and forced servitude were gradually ended, but in the rest of the country the practices remained active.
It is known that certain privileges (e.g. freedom from servitude, etc.) were promised in order to persuade people to come to Hungary (part of Upper Hungary).
It is probable that it was partly upon account of this advantage, and partly upon account of the encroachments which the sovereigns, always jealous of the great lords, gradually encouraged their villains to make upon their authority, and which seem, at least, to have been such as rendered this species of servitude altogether inconvenient, that tenure in villanage gradually wore out through the greater part of Europe.
Men and women from Turkmenistan are subjected to conditions of forced labor in Turkey, including domestic servitude and also in textile sweatshops.
Most prisoners spent only a short period in the prison before being either released, sent to the gallows or sent to distant regions of Russia for penal servitude.
On one occasion he had taken the place of a poor farmer reduced to servitude.
Since the light-skinned Tuaregs were the only slave holders and the dark-skinned indigenous population was largely held in servitude, the division of society between free and slaves adopted a racial division in these regions.
Some fell into debt and had to sign terms of indentured servitude which resembled their former enslavement in America.
The authorities in the West Indies, fearing the Irish would resist servitude, treated the prisoners harshly.
The Bight of Benin's shore was part of the "Slave Coast", from where many West Africans were sold to slave traders who enticed them to sell able-bodied men into bonded servitude.
The chevalier's devotion to his lady functioned by his servitude to her both in terms of his code of conduct and courtly duties.
The five regular punishments established by the Tang code were, in descending order of severity: death, life exile, penal servitude (forced labour), beating with a heavy stick, or beating with a light stick.
The French directives of 1905 and 1920, which were part of the Nigerien legal corpus after independence, pertained solely to the slave trade and did not stop domestic servitude or hereditary slavery.
The men are all subsequently tried for the murder of the messenger and for plotting against the Emperor, for which they are condemned to penal servitude for life.
The prefect's decision was final only in cases of penal servitude.
The Supreme Court held that the jury had been improperly instructed as to the nature of involuntary servitude under existing law and remanded the case for a new trial. The defendants eventually pled guilty to misdemeanor violations of labor law (http://www.annarbor.com/news/this-week-in-ann-arbor-history-1983).
Thomas Ashe was sentenced to death for his part in the attack, but this was later commuted to penal servitude for life.
To make and maintain the high roads, a servitude which still subsists, I believe, everywhere, though with different degrees of oppression in different countries, was not the only one.
United States v. Kozminski, , was a United States Supreme Court case involving the Thirteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution and involuntary servitude.
Unlike Gods, however, Alien Intelligences don't need the worship of sentient beings in order to continue to exist. Most Intelligences can grant powers to favored minions through Witchery pacts as Gods can: in return for varying degrees of servitude, Intelligences can grant these Witches the ability to cast magic, can vastly increase the physical strength and ability of these minions to withstand physical damage, and in a few select cases the Intelligences can grant a longer life span or even immortality to these loyal servants.
While in 1850, California formally entered the Union as a free state, with respect to the issue of slavery, the practice of Indian indentured servitude was not outlawed by the California Legislature until 1863.

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