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Vocabulary Word

Word: sentinel

Definition: sentry; lookout

Sentences Containing 'sentinel'

A sentinel struck the rings of his carbine against his left hand.
Aconcagua takes its name from quechua word of “Ackon-Cauak”, which roughtly is translated as ‘Stone Sentinel’.
All the climbs were successful making first ascents of the six highest mountains in the Sentinel Range.
As a journalist, Triptow has contributed to "The Advocate", "Bay Area Reporter", "Frontiers", "The Sentinel", and other West Coast gay publications.
As soon as Gaetano had transmitted this answer, the sentinel gave an order to one of the men seated round the fire, who rose and disappeared among the rocks.
At midnight the sentinel gave the alarm, and in an instant all were on the alert.
At the Barriere du Trone they met Bertuccio, who was waiting there, motionless as a sentinel at his post.
At the other end, silent, scarcely visible, and like a shadow, was a sentinel, who was walking up and down before a grotto, which was only distinguishable because in that spot the darkness seemed more dense than elsewhere.
Bandleader Schneider was the subject of the lead story "Kids Dig Polka" in the October 24, 1997 "Milwaukee Journal Sentinel".
cried the sentinel, who was less abstracted, and who saw by the lamp light a shadow approaching his chief.
During all this time a sentinel, who had been relieved at eighto'clock, had been watching his door.
Eric Danton, of the "Milwaukee Journal Sentinel" and "The Hartford Courant" wrote that the album is "a collection so bland, it makes hardtack seem sumptuous".
Feingold received the endorsements of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel and the Green Bay Press-Gazette.
He is approached by a fellow student named Paulson, a reporter with the base’s newspaper, the Tetley Field Sentinel.
He wrote for the "Christian Science Journal" and "Christian Science Sentinel", two of the church's periodicals.
In 1865 he established, in Litchfield, a weekly newspaper in the interest of the Democratic Party, entitled "The Sentinel", which he edited until 1869.
In 1865, he started in the newspaper field as the editor of the "Jacksonville Sentinel", continuing until 1868.
In 1869, he sold "The Sentinel" and moved to New York City to enter upon other literary pursuits.
In a September The Knoxville News-Sentinel poll, Alexander was up 45% to 27%.
Jerry Greene of the "Orlando Sentinel" listed it at number nine on his 2004 list of the show's "Top 10 Sporting Episodes".
Jim Abbott from the "Orlando Sentinel" described the track as a "sexy, slinky dance number", while a writer from "Newsweek" claimed it to be a song that "worked".
Mesmero's master was later revealed to be a robot in the form of Magneto, and a Sentinel attack resulted in Mesmero being captured by Sentinels.
News Media bought the "Sentinel" from Lee Enterprises in 2006.
Nichols was hired in 1981 as the news editor of the "San Francisco Sentinel".
One day he stopped all at once, and exclaimed,``Ah, if there were no sentinel!''
Other performances on television including, "Love American Style", and movies including "The Eiger Sanction" and "The Sentinel" were also a part of Shore's repertoire.
Parry Gettelman of Orlando Sentinel praised vocal calling them "out-of-my-way".
Predator X does appear to be vulnerable to energy blasts, as the two other creatures were swiftly dispatched by the energy weapons of a O.N.E. Sentinel or Hellion's telekinesis.
Smith also appears to be the leader of other Agents in the first film, as he has the authority to launch Sentinel attacks in the real world.
That dreadful sentinel sent a chill to my heart which I do not think that any burglar could have done.
The "Santa Cruz Sentinel" for October 17, 1868, lists Charles Darkey Parkurst on the official poll list for the election of 1868.
The "Sentinel" bought the competing "Cottage Grove Leader" in 1918.
The "Sentinel" is published on Wednesdays and has a circulation of 3,331.
The Cottage Grove Sentinel is a weekly newspaper serving the city of Cottage Grove, Oregon, United States.
The man who had disappeared returned suddenly on the opposite side to that by which he had left; he made a sign with his head to the sentinel, who, turning to the boat, said,``S`accommodi.''
The sentinel hailed and I answered, both at the same moment.
The sentinel opened the door; it was a new face.
The swinging sentinel was posted, and the sea rushed on.
Then his two guides took his arms, and he went on, guided by them, and preceded by the sentinel.
These two girls had been above an hour in the place, happily employed in visiting an opposite milliner, watching the sentinel on guard, and dressing a salad and cucumber.
They sold the paper and printing company to J. C. Howard three years later, with Howard then starting the "Cottage Grove Sentinel".
This time you will lay your plans more accurately; we shall get out into the gallery you have described; kill the sentinel who guards it, and make our escape.
Ultrasonic, ElectroMagnetic and Ionic pest control was invented in the early 1990s by Aspectek, the makers of the Home Sentinel and Yard Sentinel pest control devices.
When all is safe, another distinctive call from the sentinel bird sends all the others to the pool where their daily water needs are taken up within about fifteen seconds.
When the boat was within twenty paces of the shore, the man on the beach, who carried a carbine, presented arms after the manner of a sentinel, and cried,``Who comes there?''
`Follow me, then,'said the sentinel;`or, as you know your way, go first.'
`Here is a young man who seeks and wishes to speak to you,'said the sentinel.
``His excellency waits for you,''said a voice, which he recognized as that of the sentinel.
``I have; if it were only possible to place a deaf and blind sentinel in the gallery beyond us.''
``There,''said the sentinel, pointing over his shoulder to a spacious crypt, hollowed out of the rock, the lights from which shone into the passage through the large arched openings.

More Vocab Words

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::: mnemonic - pertaining to memory; assisting the memory; N: device, such as as formula or rhyme, used as a mnemonic aid
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::: quell - suppress; put an end to; put down forcibly; extinguish; quiet; Ex. ``Army Quells Rebellion'' in newspaper; CF. kill
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