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Vocabulary Word

Word: sentient

Definition: capable of sensation and conscious; aware; sensitive; Ex. sentient creature; N. sentience

Sentences Containing 'sentient'

"Rubik, the Amazing Cube" was a short-lived Saturday morning cartoon television series where the main character was a sentient Rubik's Cube.
"The Hedonistic Imperative outlines how genetic engineering and nanotechnology will abolish suffering in all sentient life.
A long passage in the Lankavatara Sutra shows the Buddha speaking out very forcefully against meat consumption and unequivocally in favor of vegetarianism, since the eating of the flesh of fellow sentient beings is said by him to be incompatible with the compassion that a Bodhisattva should strive to cultivate.
A major feature in the game is trading caravans, one for each of the major sentient races that the player is at peace with (typically dwarves, humans, and elves), which arrive once a year in designated seasons loaded down with wagons full of goods.
According to the BLTC Research mission statement, the organization publishes online texts in support of paradise engineering and abolishing sentient suffering for future generations.
Adventurers quickly have the opportunity to meet and befriend other sentient creatures, some of whom may be willing to go adventuring with you and join your party.
After the alien menaces the audience for a moment, it is revealed to be sentient and desires to escape its captors and free the guests as well.
Alien Intelligences are perceived by the vast majority of sentient beings everywhere in the Megaverse as creatures of pure evil intent, and with good reason.
At this point world creation ends and the historical ticker begins, whereby sentient creatures form settlements, live and prosper, reproduce, do battle, and spread across the land, building roads, and generally making the world increasingly hospitable as they rise and fall.
Captain Carrot is depicted as a superhero who lived on the other-dimensional world of Earth-C, an alternate Earth populated by sentient animals, which was later redesignated Earth-26 in the new DC multiverse.
Davy soon christened himself "Airboy", and in his seemingly sentient new plane, "Birdie", helped the Allies during World War II.
Dragon Man was initially non-sentient, but had the capacity for limited self-motivated activity.
Earth Corps member Liquidator returns to Big Sur in search of further clues to the origin of these monsters, whereupon he discovers a race of sentient trees, the "Redwoods", who explain that they are members of a subterranean population known as "Mutores", and that their kind sealed the evil "Inhumanoids" Tendril and D'Compose beneath the Earth ages ago.
Elemental Intelligences are noteworthy amongst Intelligences, and most sentient life in general, in that they have absolutely no comprehension of morality, one way or the other.
Elsie-Dee is a sentient automaton or android.
Every world is generated completely from scratch, and historical events and figures are documented and recorded as game lore, including any and all sentient characters.
Father Time is shown as aiding in Senator Frank Knight's being secretly murdered in the midst of his successful campaign for the Presidency of the U.S. and replaced by a sentient robot double, Gonzo the Mechanical Bastard, who proceeds with an agenda to implant RFID chips in every U.S. citizen by law and control them to bring chaos to the world through war.
Found in the books The First, Crux, Sigil, Solus, and Negation: War, Danik is a Transitioned Atlantean who has split off from himself Avatars (or aspects of himself) to watch over and mentor several sentient beings throughout our universe and others.
Growing up on a space lifeboat with only Cybot (a simple but sentient and caring robotic nurse) to care for him, he eventually arrives on Aquablue, a planet almost totally covered by water.
He believes and promotes the idea that there exists a strong ethical imperative for humans to work towards the abolition of suffering in all sentient life.
He thinks the possibility exists that "c'naatat" is sentient and is communicating.
I FALL INTO DISGRACE If the room to which my bed was removed were a sentient thing that could give evidence, I might appeal to it at this day--who sleeps there now, I wonder!--to bear witness for me what a heavy heart I carried to it.
In his work, Pearce outlines how drugs and technologies, including genetic engineering and nanotechnology, could enable the end of suffering in all sentient life.
In the "Kojiki" (Conquest of Izumo chapter), the heavenly deities Amaterasu and Takamusubi decreed that either Takemikazuchi or his father ("Heaven-Point-Blade-Extended") must be sent down for the conquest. Itsu-no-ohabari (who appeared previously as a ten-fist sword) here has the mind and speech of a sentient god, and he volunteered his son Takemikazuchi for the subjugation campaign.
In the series, it is revealed that Jumanji is sentient to a degree and on occasion has sucked in Judy and Peter if they make it "angry".
It is later revealed that Midori is a sentient PC, a result of the "virtual cell" that was taken from Midori Shimomura's blood.
It took the combined martial and mystic might of thousands of races and billions of sentient beings throughout the Megaverse to defeat them...and the effort might have failed even then had not one of the Old Ones' number been present to cast the super-spell that put them to sleep (they cannot be destroyed out of fear that the resulting magical backlash would destroy all creation).
Law, Chaos, and the Balance are active, but seemingly non-sentient, forces which empower various champions and representatives.
Local animal and plant populations are established, followed by sentient populations.
Over the course of the first five-issue story arc, it is revealed that Damien Kane is still alive—more or less—having mutated into an endomorphic mass of "Kaneflesh," a living and apparently sentient organism that Cranius has trapped and locked away in a hidden laboratory behind his office.
Pearce is primarily known as the author of "The Hedonistic Imperative", a 1995 book-length manifesto in which he theorizes how to "eradicate suffering in all sentient life" through paradise engineering.
Physically, they cannot alter their form to create a seemingly more fair appearance to mortals, as Gods can do (they have to possess the bodies of other sentient beings to do so in most cases; and some Intelligences are incapable of even that).
Science demands that phenomena be observed with the unemotional accuracy of a weighing machine, while artistic accuracy demands that things be observed by a sentient individual recording the sensations produced in him by the phenomena of life.
Sharing a cell with Blackthorne Shore, Manglar was able to escape when the sentient computer, Cypheroid, engineered Blackthorne's liberation.
Some bioships are intelligent or sentient, and some are considered to be lifeforms.
Stephanie is also forced to contend with an official anthropological survey team arrives in the kingdom with the express purpose of studying the treecats to determine whether or not they are sentient.
The Afro Droid is a semi-sentient robot copy of Afro created by the Empty Seven Clan (specifically their personal scientist, Dharman).
The animals and Superman soon teamed up to stop the source of the ray (which was also causing the denizens of Earth-C to behave like their non-anthropomorphic animal ancestors), which turned out to be the old Justice League villain Starro, a sentient starfish, who was launching his de-evolution assault from the Earth-C universe's Pluto.
The artistic intelligence is not interested in things from this standpoint of mechanical accuracy, but in the effect of observation on the living consciousness the sentient individual in each of us.
The curses are so named because their use is — except by Ministry authorisation — forbidden and unforgivable in the Wizarding world when used on another human or probably any sentient being.
The Dalai Lama responded that one bowl of shrimp would kill multitudes of sentient beings, but one sheep or cow would feed many people.
The game does not use different races, as in the novels there are only two sentient, naturally-evolved species, namely humans and Ogier (optional rules for playing an Ogier are provided).
The Ringworld is home to some 30 trillion sentient inhabitants from up to 2000 hominid species.
They are apparently non-sentient, only capable of offering the illusion of being otherwise (similar to the Chinese room notion), but not everybody in the novels agrees with this, particularly in "The Prefect".
Under Satanus' spell, Tawny only appeared sentient to Billy, Mary, and Uncle Dudley; everyone else only sees a doll (similar to how only Calvin can see Hobbes as a real tiger in the "Calvin and Hobbes" comic strip).
Unfortunately for the rest of the proud kingdom, the Engine then proceeded to become sentient and captured and assimilated its creator, then began to change the countryside for the worse.
What remains now is for the weapon to be imbued with the ancient, sentient power that resides in the young boy Jeffy and then, finally, for the power-sword itself to choose a new champion whom it deems worthy of engaging the Powers of Darkness as embodied in the evil Rasalom.
When she reforms, it is found that her body has been taken over by two Rynax, who are actually sentient life forms and not just a form of energy.
Whether or not ghosts are sentient is not told.
While many (perhaps most) Alien Intelligences do indeed gain a great deal of amusement from the suffering of other beings, for the vast majority of Intelligences, the simple fact of the matter is that they consider themselves as far above most sentient beings as those sentient beings consider themselves above pets and livestock, and treat those beings as such.

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