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Vocabulary Word

Word: seismic

Definition: pertaining to earthquakes

Sentences Containing 'seismic'

"Fortunately, the existing seismic networks on nearby volcanoes picked up the activity at Kasatochi volcano," said Tom Murray, scientist-in-charge of the Alaska Volcano Observatory (AVO).
A 1998 seismic safety study on the California campus gave the stadium a "poor" rating (meaning that the building represents an "appreciable life hazard" in an earthquake), and estimated the cost of making the structure safe at $14 million.
A particularly exciting research activity at the MPS is the study of seismic waves in the vicinity of sunspots.
An extensive 3-D seismic program was conducted over part of the prospective bitumen area in 2002.
But direct instrumentation, such as placing seismic monitors around a volcano, will help give an early warning and give people more time to plan for hazardous events."
By compensating for amplitude attenuation with a model of the visco-elastic attenuation model type, seismic data can provide true relative-amplitude information for amplitude inversion and subsequent reservoir characterization.
By correcting the phase distortion due to velocity dispersion, seismic data with enhanced vertical resolution can yield correct timings for lithological identification.
Drawing on technology used by the Red Army during the Soviet-Afghan War, it would have replaced the border fences with a network of signal tripwires, seismic detectors to detect footsteps, infrared beams, microwave detectors and other electronic sensors.
Due to the seismic vulnerability of the old press box, the University of California dismantled the structure and installed a temporary facility that stood until the 2010 season.
Eventually assistance from the Federal Bridge Repair and Replacement Fund and other local governmental agency discretionary funds provided funding for the complete restoration and seismic retrofit of the bridge.
file format for recording various types of hydrographic survey data, including sidescan sonar, shallow seismic and multibeam bathymetry, as well as associated position and attitude information.
His equipment also includes various devices that can cause seismic explosions.
However, more calculations should be done and more seismic models should be introduced.
In accordance with this principal, it was decided very early that the tower/spire would be a mass masonry structure, with the concrete substructure introduced only as demanded by seismic and bell ringing loads.
In his study of the earthquake of 12 March 1873, he was the first to introduce the concept of the seismic radiant.
In Latveria, Johnson used her seismic powers to take down Castle Doom, apparently killing von Bardas.
In the case of the September 12, 1973, test, a seismic magnitude of 6.97 on the Richter Scale was reached, setting off an 80 million ton avalanche that blocked two glacial streams and created a lake in length.
In the course of recorded history, many types of natural disasters – except volcano eruptions – have occurred in China, which include floods, droughts, meteorological, seismic, geological, maritime and ecological disasters as well as forestry and grassland fires.
It is necessary that the initial U(r,w) either is already created by a forward synthetic Q-filtering process or taken directly from seismic surface data.
It was originally planned for the early 1960s but construction was postponed and the funds used for seismic upgrades to the Los Gatos campus.
Lacking eyes or a nose, they are shown to hunt by sensing seismic vibrations which are produced by sounds and movements (such as walking).
Mexicali, El Centro, San Diego, Ensenada, and Tijuana, situated in a very active seismic zone, are surrounded by important faults.
Much of the oil being sought was to be found beneath the ocean, hence GSI maintained a fleet of ships to collect seismic data from remote regions of the world.
On May 12, 2008, a $383 million renovation project was announced that included a new control tower, the use of green materials, and a seismic retrofit.
On October 30, 2008, the AVO lowered the alert level of Kasatochi to "UNASSIGNED", saying "Over the past 2 months, seismic activity detected on regional networks in the vicinity of Kasatochi Volcano has steadily declined in intensity.
One example of this was seen in Operation Igloo White, which used air-dropped acoustic and seismic sensors in Laos, linked to processing computers in Thailand.
Q is the anelastic attenuation factor or the seismic quality factor, a measure of the energy loss as the seismic wave moves.
Rather than perform a seismic retrofit of the dam, the City decided to stop using it for water supply.
Seismic inverse Q filtering is a data processing technology for enhancing the resolution of reflection seismology images.
Seismic inverse Q-filtering employs a wave propagation reversal procedure that compensates for energy absorption and corrects wavelet distortion due to velocity dispersion.
Slovenia is in a rather active seismic zone because of its position to the south of the Eurasian Plate.
Sound/seismic sensors were countered by destroying them, moving them to useless locations, removing their batteries, playing tape recordings of truck traffic, and running herds of cattle over them.
The debate is complicated because sea otters have sometimes been held responsible for declines of shellfish stocks that were more likely caused by overfishing, disease, pollution, and seismic activity.
The field was discovered using Seismic and surface geology.
The geological formation processes are still proceeding, as partly evidenced by the seismic activity.
The GEONAV systems, which used DSOS (Frailey, 1975) as their operating system, performed the required navigation and, in addition, collected, processed and stored the seismic data being received in real-time.
The Kolsky Model is used extensively in seismic inverse Q-filtering.
The loss of water is also alleged to be the fault of 3-D and 2-D seismic testing done by PCS and Corridor Resources, although the cause has never been conclusively shown.
The masonry wall was damaged due to seismic shear.
The mudstone was laid in a deep sea sedimentary basin and subject to seismic activity, forming turbidites.
The quake was recorded by numerous European seismic stations.
The report also questions, based on seismic imaging conducted over ten years, that any active faults exist or that the caprock is compromised to allow pathways for the CO2 to reach the surface.
The sum of these plane waves gives the time-domain seismic signal, This summation is referred to as the imaging condition, as in seismic migration.
These aren’t musicians playing at a band, they’re a fabulous gilded snake, writhing on a big stage while plying seismic garage rock."
They specifically cover pressures which may be caused for example by wind forces, explosions (either internal or external) or vehicle incursions, and note that seismic design may occasionally be required.
This very clearly establishes the high level of seismic vulnerability of the region.
To obtain a solution that can be applied to seismic k(w) must be connected to a function that represent the way U(r,w) propagates in the seismic media.
With advances in seismic surveying and drilling technology, hopes have been raised once again for a potential oil strike.
With engineering and development practices of high tensile components for glass façade structures, building envelop and seismic induced structures, Strudyna focused on solutions aimed for full stress cycle loading structures.
With the series now described as the BBC's flagship cinema review, Norman's departure to Sky was said by "The Guardian" in 2002 to have been "seismic", and due to its nature and timing, his exit was described as being acrimonious.

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