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Vocabulary Word

Word: seedy

Definition: run-down; decrepit; disreputable; having many seeds; Ex. seedy downtown hotel

Sentences Containing 'seedy'

After several years of high stakes investments and seedy credit dealings, Vesco was alleged guilty of securities fraud.
After the divorce though, David lived with his father as the courts decided that he would be better off with a lawyer in a safer area of Sydney than in seedy Kings Cross with a tough cop who works all hours.
Another of Murdoch's mercenaries, Lifer (Steve Williams) is a seedy-looking character who, along with Ericson, betrays Rambo on Murdoch's orders.
At the table reading of Liz's script, Jack is appalled that Liz has included some seedy details about Jack and Avery's courtship.
Beside the couch was a wooden chair, and on the angle of the back hung a very seedy and disreputable hard-felt hat, much the worse for wear, and cracked in several places.
He tells her that Seven Dials is a seedy nightclub and gambling den and Bundle insists he take her there.
Jess Wade, a former member of a gang of outlaws led by Vince Hackett, is tricked into believing that an old flame of his and Vince's, Tracy Winters, wanted to meet him in a seedy Mexican saloon.
Morrissey's B-side track, "At Amber" (1990), takes place at the Sands Hotel, and recounts its by-then aging and somewhat seedy atmosphere.
One addict, Bickham, is a tough teenager who searched for his father and found him working in a seedy barber shop.
Pecanne Log (blog), "Breaking News: Atlanta's Seedy Past"
San Francisco was the cradle of the pornography industry in the United States in the 1970s, and led to a dramatic growth of seedy gentlemen's clubs, adult movie theaters, "peep show" booths, and sex shops downtown.
Sean, a runner for a drug gang, has checked into room 303 at the seedy, rundown Heaven Hotel in Bangkok, to await arrival of a package of heroin.
Soft, seedy biscuits, also, I bestow upon Miss Shepherd; and oranges innumerable.
Some time later, Sarah Jane passes for white to get a job performing at a seedy nightclub, but she tells her mother she is working at the library.
The defense suggested that due to their lifestyle (swinging, marijuana smoking, alcohol abuse and propositioning strangers), her parents had put Danielle in danger by being around seedy and untrustworthy people who could have kidnapped her.
The manager visits a seedy night club and, while drunk, tells a cabaret entertainer and her lover of that the singer is very unhappy and also wealthy.
The project was supposed to make way for a northward growth of downtown, but voters rejected Virgil Bogue's plan to rebuild the area in Beaux-Arts style in 1912, leaving the area to develop piecemeal. As late as the 1970s, the neighborhood was merely "serviceable but seedy", then increasingly a center of Seattle's bohemian life, while also seeing a growth in condominium and office development.
There was a seedy old chest, and an old hair trunk with the hinges broke.
They take a short cut to reach the venue when their car conks out and they end up in an old, dilapidated and a seedy resort.
This accelerated the decline, and by the early 1970s the low rents meant it had acquired a rather seedy reputation as Auckland's red-light district. Since the early 1990s there has been a move away from this image due to newly constructed apartment blocks attracting residents back to the area, as well as a general gentrification of close-by areas like Ponsonby.
What was it to me that he was soiled and seedy and fragrant with gin?
With his collar turned up, his shiny, seedy coat, his red cravat, and his worn boots, he was a perfect sample of the class.

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