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Vocabulary Word

Word: sectarian

Definition: of a sect; narrow-minded; parochial; N: member of a sect; narrow-minded person

Sentences Containing 'sectarian'

A switch from sectarian politics and established religion in many states to religious tolerance, ecumenicalism, and the disestablishment of state religion was one of the distinguishing features of the American Enlightenment.
After the destruction of the Second Temple, these sectarian divisions ended.
After the predominantly Muslim Seleka militia took control of the Central African Republic under President Michel Djotodia in 2013, a period of lawlessness and sectarian violence continued.
An independence group, the Balawaristan National Front has claimed that there is credible evidence that the Pakistani military was involved in order to widen the Sunni-Shia sectarian divide in the region.
As the military and political defeat of Gaelic Ireland became more pronounced in the early seventeenth century, sectarian conflict became a recurrent theme in Irish history.
De Vaux concluded that the remains at Qumran were left by a sectarian religious community.
Despite the sectarian differences, Syrian Christians share a common social status within the Caste system of Kerala and is considered as Forward Caste.
FAIR has attracted much criticism due to its listing Robert McConnell as an "innocent" victim of republican violence in light of the multiple sectarian killings he allegedly carried out.
Finally, the prominence of sexuality and sectarian religion in the film were hard to stomach for Soviet censors.
Followers of this non-sectarian school sought to identify and make use of the best methods from the various long-competing and isolated schools of Tibetan Buddhism.
Founded in 1932, it is one of the oldest non-sectarian philanthropic organisations in India.
He argued that Coalition and Iraqi operations had drastically reduced ethno-sectarian violence in the country, though he stated that the gains were not entirely even.
He reported that most Iraqi Jews stay in their homes "out of fear of kidnapping or execution" due to sectarian violence.
In 1996 he had engaged in a pub brawl after allegedly singing sectarian songs.
In Canada, GlobalMedic was established in 1998 as a non-sectarian humanitarian-aid NGO to provide disaster relief services to large scale catastrophes around the world.
In February 2008 he called for an audit of police officers to combat sectarian discrimination against Catholics.
In Gilgit–Baltistan sectarian violence emerged after the 1980s when religious extremists from tribal areas, Kohistan and Diamer attacked Gilgit.
In November 2006, Biden and Leslie Gelb, President Emeritus of the Council on Foreign Relations, released a comprehensive strategy to end sectarian violence in Iraq.
In the latter years of the 1880s, the College increasingly came under attack from the sectarian forces and the agricultural interests.
It is believed that the intended targets of the bus bombing were Shia from the Hazara ethnic minority, who have been the targets of previous sectarian attacks in Balochistan.
Many nationalists then came to view the new police force as sectarian, adding to their sense of alienation from the state.
More recently, Lawrence H. Schiffman has defended the thesis that the Qumran documents indicate a Sadducean sectarian orientation, but while scholars commonly grant that the term "Essenes" probably included a diversity of groups, the sectarian Sadducean hypothesis remains a minority opinion.
Norman Golb took up the notion that the Qumran settlement was established as a fortress and argued—against the prevailing views of the time—that not only was Qumran not established as a sectarian residence, but that there were no sectarians at the site at all.
Opposing sectarian influences in state and national affairs 6.
Out of this division, two opposing sectarian movements evolved, the Protestant Orange Order and the Catholic Ancient Order of Hibernians.
Prior to this, urban burial grounds were generally sectarian located on small plots within cities.
Reflecting the unusual non-sectarian tradition of the Khyentse lineage, he counts as his root-masters teachers from all four main schools of Tibetan Buddhism (cf.
Rivalry between the two clerics increased, causing tribal elders to denounce the two in December 2005 for fomenting sectarian tension.
Ruth Park wrote of the sectarian divisions of life in impoverished 1940s inner city Sydney ("The Harp in the South").
Sectarian religious identity must be voluntarily chosen.
Some parents preferred the private school, believing the public school to be too sectarian.
Some sectarian religious movements, such as Chan Buddhism (Japanese Zen) may endure for centuries and become regulated by the state.
Such sectarian identity might be Buddhist, Christian, or any of the religious movements that originated within the Chinese cultural sphere.
The history of Northern Ireland has since been dominated by sporadic sectarian conflict between (mainly Catholic) Nationalists and (mainly Protestant) Unionists.
The lineage then continues with other sectarian figures.
The Malino II Accord was signed on 13 February 2002 as a settlement between warring parties in the Maluku sectarian conflict that commenced in 1999 in the Maluku Islands of Indonesia.
The ministry of Jesus, according to the account of the Gospels, falls into this pattern of sectarian preachers with devoted disciples.
The Pegasus School is a co-ed, non-profit, non-sectarian, private, outdoor school that is located in Huntington Beach, CA.
The representatives claimed that the Younis-led faction were dissatisfied with the present government of Iraq, which they claimed was both sectarian and also failing to provide infrastructure and public services.
The school considers itself to be non-sectarian and explicit religious instruction is not included in the curriculum.
The term "Pharisee" was no longer used, perhaps because it was a term more often used by non-Pharisees, but also because the term was explicitly sectarian.
These urban social groups had long existed in Baghdad and elsewhere, and they were often involved in urban conflicts, especially sectarian riots.
These were part of a series of sectarian attacks and killings that were carried out by the group of loyalist extremists known as the "Glenanne gang", of which McConnell was a member.
They also blasted the government for its failure in maintaining law and order in Gilgit-Baltistan and called on it to take immediate action against those involved in the sectarian killings.
They refused to join Archeiomarxists group which split the KKE, regarding it as having a sectarian attitude towards the party.
This day school took the name of Sullins Academy at that time, moving towards a less sectarian nature, and has kept it since.
This was with an eye also to sectarian opponents, and in defense of the continuity of Catholic teaching and Catholic life.
Toronto constables on numerous occasions suppressed opposition candidate meetings and took sides during bitter sectarian violence between Orange Order and Irish Catholic radical factions in the city.
When their ideals seemed unattainable they became more determined to use force to overthrow British rule and found a non-sectarian republic.
Within two hours of the blast, a sectarian clash had erupted nearby at the New Lodge–Tiger's Bay interface.

More Vocab Words

::: smattering - slight knowledge; small scattered number or amount; Ex. smattering of German
::: perspicuous - (of something) plainly expressed; easy to understand; Ex. perspicuous comments
::: biennial - every two years
::: monastic - related to monks or monasteries; removed from worldly concerns
::: zealot - one who is zealous; fanatic; person who shows excessive zeal
::: hoodwink - deceive; delude
::: denomination - religious group; unit in a system; name or designation; CF. denominator: common trait or characteristic
::: propitious - favorable; auspicious; advantageous; fortunate; Ex. propitious day/sign
::: mortician - undertaker; CF. death
::: forte - strong point or special talent in a person's character