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Vocabulary Word

Word: secrete

Definition: conceal; hide away or cache; produce and release a substance into an organism; CF. secretive

Sentences Containing 'secrete'

About 25% of pituitary tumors secrete growth hormone or growth hormone and prolactin.
About 3% of tumors secrete ACTH, producing Cushing's disease.
About 40% of islet cell tumors originate from a β-cell, secrete insulin (insulinoma), and can cause fasting hypoglycemia.
Both prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells are known to secrete RNA.
But the following fact is more important: the crops of birds do not secrete gastric juice, and do not, as I know by trial, injure in the least the germination of seeds; now, after a bird has found and devoured a large supply of food, it is positively asserted that all the grains do not pass into the gizzard for twelve or even eighteen hours.
Captain Hazelton Seaman, of West Creek village, New Jersey, a boat-builder and an expert shooter of wild-fowl, about the year 1836, conceived the idea of constructing for his own use a low-decked boat, or gunning-punt, in which, when its deck was covered with sedge, he could secrete himself from the wild-fowl while gunning in Barnegat and Little Egg Harbor bays.
I design to secrete it in the wall of the chimney, where I have slowly and laboriously made a place of concealment for it.
In response to the rise of FSH, the antral follicles begin to secrete estrogen and inhibin, which have a negative feedback effect on FSH.
LH binds to the interstitial cells, causing them to secrete testosterone.
Most islet cell tumors secrete pancreatic polypeptide, the clinical significance of which is unknown.
Most living amphibians also possess "granular glands" in the skin, that secrete irritating or toxic compounds.
Plants may secrete resins and waxes (epicuticular wax) on their surfaces, which reduce evaporation.
Rudimentary organs sometimes retain their potentiality: this occasionally occurs with the mammae of male mammals, which have been known to become well developed and to secrete milk.
T cells accumulate in the skin; these are thought to secrete cytokines and other proteins that stimulate collagen deposition.
The flower calyx has glandular trichomes (hairs), which secrete a sticky mucilage that is capable of trapping and killing insects; it is unclear what the purpose of these trichomes is; protection from pollination by way of "crawlers" (ants and other insects that typically do not transfer pollen between individual plants), or possible protocarnivory.
The natural secretion of EPO by the human kidneys can be increased by altitude training, but the body has limits on the amount of natural EPO that it will secrete, thus avoiding the harmful side effects of the illegal doping procedures.
They secrete a fatty, white poisonous substance which acts as a deterrent to predators.
They secrete nectar, a most unusual characteristic for leaves, by means of groups of tiny glands in the axils of the primary veins.
Trypsin, a protease released by pancreatic acinar cells, hydrolyzes CCK-releasing peptide and monitor peptide, in effect turning off the additional signals to secrete CCK.
Unless the ear drum is very flexible there can not be perfect response to the sound waves which fall upon it; for this reason, the glands of the canal secrete a wax which moistens the membrane and keeps it flexible.
When tissue cells are distressed because of injury, infection, oncogenic transformation and so on, they start to secrete or express on their surface so called damage- (or danger-) associated molecular patterns (DAMPs).

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