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Vocabulary Word

Word: secession

Definition: withdrawal; V. secede: withdraw formally from membership

Sentences Containing 'secession'

A longing for South Carolina and its increasing movement toward secession caused the Pickens family to return home in August 1860.
A political anarchist-libertarian, he authored "Political Essays" (1999) and "Toward Secession: More Political Essays" (2008) and has since 1987 been a contributing editor for "Liberty Magazine".
After Abraham Lincoln was elected the first Republican president in 1860, seven cotton states declared their secession and formed the Confederate States of America before Lincoln was inaugurated.
After Montenegro's secession from Serbia and Montenegro, Drobnjak decided to represent Montenegro internationally.
After secession on April 1, 1861 Hébert was appointed a Brigadier General in the Louisiana Militia.
Baillie was born in 1741, and became in 1767 minister of the Carliol-Street meeting-house (United Secession) at Newcastle-upon-Tyne.
Despite breathless speculation at the time and thereafter that the Communist mobilizing slogan "Self-Determination for the Black Belt" was a call for national secession, Allen later dismissed this view with the words "we weren't stupid."
Dixon's home county of Henderson was one of the first counties in Kentucky to express their feelings about the secession crisis.
Following division in the Secession Church there was a need for preachers in the Burgher branch, and Brown was the first new divinity student.
For four years after 1797 opposition attendance at Westminster had been sporadic as Fox pursued a strategy of secession from Parliament.
Groups, such as the League of the South, have a high regard for the secession movement of 1860, citing a desire to protect and defend Southern heritage.
He discouraged secession, but was active in sustaining the ordinance passed by Virginia on April 17, 1861.
He is also credited with having been a major influence on the principal advisers to General Yakubu Gowon in 1967, recommending that Nigeria should stay as one unitary state following the threatened secession of Biafra.
He rose to prominence in 1987, when he published a thorough legal study on the possibilities of Slovenian secession from Yugoslavia in the collective volume Contributions for a Slovenian National Program.
He served in Congress and was elected as President of the Confederate States of America after secession in 1861.
He supported Syria's secession in 1961, but plans for him to finish his presidential term afterward did not materialize.
Hickox writes that Brisbane was about to engage in the "War of Secession" — the U.S. Civil War — at the time of his death.
His learning led to controversy among the members of the Secession Church to which he belonged, as some asserted that he got his learning from the devil.
However the Supreme Court of Canada disagreed when the matter was referred to that body, ruling that the Act is constitutional and, just as Canada is divisible, so is Quebec, a ruling that has significant implications for linguistic and ethnic minorities within Quebec, the bulk of whom have traditionally opposed secession.
If secession were to proceed, the Cree argue that they would seek protection through the Canadian courts as well as asserting Cree jurisdiction over its people and lands.
In 1861, Pettus, a champion of the Confederate cause, was a delegate to the secession convention in Mississippi, where his brother John was serving as governor.
In 1879 he lost his seat in the Prussian parliament; he joined the Secession, but was ill at ease in his new position.
In 1896 the Boston Camera Club showed work by Alfred Stieglitz (1864–1946), who later founded the Photo-Secession.
In 1905 he made his first exhibit with the Secession Group in Vienna, noticeably influenced with the Art Nouveau style.
In 1914 he contributed to the exhibition given by the Roman Secession.
In 1988, the CPA demanded Abkhaz secession.
In 2006 there was talk of secession following a rejection by Portland Mayor Tom Potter and two other city council members of a waterfront revitalization plan over toxic industrial waste concerns.
In addition the act requires a clear question of secession to initiate secession talks.
In the 1960s most of the county offices moved to Hauppauge in the more populated western half of the county—a move which still spurs attempts for Riverhead to lead the way for the secession of eastern Long Island towns to form Peconic County.
In the autumn of 1860, what seemed an advantageous business offer took him to New Orleans, where he was a witness during the following spring of the opening scenes of secession in that city.
In the secession crisis following Abraham Lincoln's election in 1860 Seymour strongly endorsed the proposed Crittenden Compromise.
It is widely considered by as an illegitimate piece of legislation, who asserted that Quebec alone had the right to determine its terms of secession.
It required a majority of eligible voters for a vote to trigger secession talks, not merely a plurality of votes.
Nevertheless, the federal government bill approving the settlement agreement failed in the Senate of Canada, and British Columbia secession was raised again.
Painter, photographer, Boston arts patron and club member Sarah Choate Sears (1858–1935) was named a "Member" of the Photo-Secession by Alfred Stieglitz.
Sarajevo has some examples of Secession- and Pseudo-Moorish styles that date from this period.
Series of low, residential houses with back yards was built. The neighbrohood is built in two different architectural styles: Classicism (and Academism) and Secession.
Shortly thereafter, the Confederation of the Rhine was formed and Maximilian, with the other princes who joined that body, announced his secession from the Holy Roman Empire.
Since 1971 Zobl is a member of the Wiener Secession, since 1994 a member of Deutsche Gesellschaft für Medaillenkunst. He was awarded with high prizes and honours.
Some slave states refused to send troops against their neighboring states, with the result that most such states also declared secession from the United States and joined the Confederate States of America.
The AFL and the TLC resisted the secession, by what would soon become the OBU.
The caucus was dominated by members of the Socialist Party of Canada, who favored secession from the TLC.
The Deutsche Volksunion, who had had a great success in 1998, did not run at all, after suffering inner trouble which had ended in the secession of the so-called Freedom and Democracy People's Party (FDVP).
The M.E. Church (the northern branch) had ceased to exist in these states after the great ecclesiastical secession of 1844; the Methodists in that region instead organized as the Methodist Episcopal Church, South.
The Montenegrin Navy was established in 2006 following the secession of Montenegro from the State Union of Serbia and Montenegro.
The nation's capital, Ljubljana, has many important Baroque and Vienna Secession buildings, with several important works of the native born architect Jože Plečnik.
The National Liberation Front of Tripura (NLFT), a rebel group which seeks the secession of Tripura, North-East India, from the country, has been described as engaging in terrorist violence motivated by their Christian beliefs.
There had been little slavery practiced in East Tennessee, because of moral opposition to the practice and the fact that little of the land was suitable to plantation agriculture; pro-Union and Republican sentiment ran high and most East Tennesseans had not been in favor of secession.
There was division of opinion as to the new minister, and a secession followed, which culminated in the Gravel Pit congregation.
Williams Wickham had been a member of Virginia's secession convention and voted against leaving the Union.

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