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Vocabulary Word

Word: seasonal

Definition: of a particular season; Ex. seasonal rise in employment

Sentences Containing 'seasonal'

At only 11% of the weather stations are lower seasonal swings recorded.
At the time such a plan was unrealistic for a branch line which carried so much seasonal holiday traffic.
Clippers were built for seasonal trades such as tea, where an early cargo was more valuable, or for passenger routes.
Coastal greens interspersed with permanent and seasonal ponds provide habitat for waders and waterfowl.
Each year during December the railway runs Santa Special services as a seasonal attraction.
ESPN's Wide World Of Sports Seasonal Youth Challenge is also known as Disney's Wide World of Sports Challenge or ESPN's Seasonal Youth Athletic Expo or ESPN's Youth SKILL EXPOSITION.
For example, the tropics often have seasonal variations in temperature that are smaller than their diurnal variations.
He also composes music for wind and brass bands as well as seasonal music for choir.
His seasonal compositions for choir and orchestra are published by Novello Co.
However, perennial measurements could be reliable if there were a synchronous phenology driven by a strong seasonal climate.
However, weights show tremendous seasonal variation.
It is a seasonal migrant, although its movements are not well understood.
It is important to know when analyzing a time series if there is a significant seasonality effect. The seasonal subseries plot is an excellent tool for determining if there is a seasonal pattern.
It is one of several villages on the River Bourne, which is a seasonal river usually dry in summer.
It is resident, and most birds do not migrate, other than short-distance seasonal movements.
Long broken ridges with irregular patches of more recent alluvium have marks of seasonal cultivation.
Others show a slight seasonal change in colour between winter and summer coats.
Pagan and Agrihan are known to have seasonal populations.
People who suffer from seasonal affective disorder are particularly susceptible to these conditions.
Roadside local-produce stalls sell seasonal fruit throughout the year.
Seasonal change in the length of hours in the day.
Seasonal hunting is allowed on the property subject to all state and local laws.
Seasonal kayak and paddle board rentals are offered as well.
Seasonal migrations have been observed in porbeagles from both hemispheres.
Seasonal subseries plots are a tool for detecting seasonality in a time series.
Seasonal subseries plots are formed by In addition, a reference line is drawn at the group means.
Seasonal subseries plots are implemented in the R function monthplot().
Seasonal variations are pronounced, but extremes in temperature are rare.
She bought seasonal overstocks from top New York designers and sold them at bargain prices.
She is known for promoting organic food, primarily using seasonal ingredients and is a member of the Sustainability Council of New Zealand.
Studies have shown that seasonal changes in hormones allow them to deposit fat before the onset of winter.
The "Scillonian" only operates a seasonal passenger and freight service.
The analyst must specify the length of the seasonal pattern before generating this plot.
The Calendar of Filocalus illustrated the month of August with a seasonal representation of summer's heat.
The Christmas Adventure is a seasonal event held at the Stockeld Park estate in North Yorkshire.
The climate, soil and seasonal conditions of the region are believed to be particularly beneficial to the growth of apples.
The division is characterized by comparatively small seasonal variations in temperature.
The forecasts are updated on a monthly basis and posted on the Environment Canada Seasonal Forecasts website.
The seasonal service operates on Sundays and public holidays from Easter to the end of October.
The seasonal subseries plot can provide answers to the following questions: Software.
There is no evidence of the Cinnamon Quail-thrush having large-scale seasonal movements.
They are attracted to both permanent and seasonal rocky streams, and they frequent both flatlands and mountains.
They had used these horses for transportation of their whole household, during the seasonal migrations.
Three mature gourds or melons are another seasonal motif.
Thus, while many festivals had a seasonal origin, their timing lost its connection with actual seasons.
Today the village is relatively large and mainly dedicated to seasonal tourism.
Traces of seasonal camps, characterized by arrowheads, scrapers, and other similar tools have been found.
Wallaroo has a dry Mediterranean climate with seasonal temperatures a few degrees above Adelaide's temperatures.
Water source is from seasonal wells and streams, however there are also boreholes which provide the only drinkable water.
__NOTOC__ Berryessa Creek is a seasonal creek in northeastern San Jose and Milpitas.

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