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Vocabulary Word

Word: scenario

Definition: plot outline; screenplay(script for a movie); opera libretto; outline of possible future events

Sentences Containing 'scenario'

"Scenario" is inspired by the experimental television work of Samuel Beckett.
After playing through the scenarios for the six major characters, Allen's scenario is unlocked.
An option contract can provide some security to the promisee in the above scenario.
Anita Loos also wrote the film's scenario.
Another example would be Natural Theatre's Pink Suitcase scenario.
Arpey declined requests by both the AMR board and Horton to stay on in some management capacity because of his unwillingness to work under a bankruptcy scenario.
But in episode 5.06 ("Worst Case Scenario"), Jack is directed to place an EM field generator device at the center of Eureka's shield.
Dealing with gods, end of world scenario and numbers of characters caught up in a universe shattering event.
Documentary film scenario (Writing in progress.)
Ferhat Atik (born in 1971 in Cyprus) is a Turkish Cypriot filmmaker, scenario writer and novelist, who wrote a lot of academic article about media, "İpek Yolu - Novel" (1997-2000), "Sonbahar - Novel" (2006); "Oyuncak Araba - Novel and scenario" (2009); "Seher Vakti - Scenario 2010; "Inversely Awareness - Film 2010; "Anahtar - Film" (2011); "Çifte Liman - Novel" (2012) and "Vakit Varken - Novel" (2012); Letters to the future - documentary film (2013); Biography Of Prof. Dr. Vamik D. Volkan (continue) and start an new scenario for a new Film.
Finally, there is a three part scenario named "The Kaladians", about the defense of travelling merchants.
IFs has three main functions, all connected to its conceptual treatment of integrated assessment forecasts: data analysis, scenario analysis, and display.
In creating a realistic scenario for a war in 1940, the future included television and video telephones.
In order to accommodate his revised scenario, Matthew Bourne somewhat altered Tchaikovsky's score, reordering several numbers and omitting others.
In this scenario, the classical contract view was that a contract is not formed until the performance that the promisor seeks is "completely" performed.
In this scenario, the convocation would be viewed as a pretext for the show of strength.
In this scenario, the dyons arise due to the configuration of the vacuum in a particular area of the universe, according to the original Dirac theory.
Jun Maeda, who was one of three main scenario writers with Kai, and Yūichi Suzumoto, led the planning for "Clannad" and wrote the majority of the scenarios.
Maeda was concerned that the After Story arc, mainly a continuation of Nagisa's scenario, would eclipse the entire game's scenario, much like what happened with "Air" according to Maeda.
Moravec outlines a timeline and a scenario in which robots will evolve into a new series of artificial species, starting around 2030-2040.
No one wants a repeat of the 1991 Algerian scenario."
Note: Continuous independent variables were not measured on this scenario.
Paramount Pictures, which was planning to make a film based on the book, dropped the idea in the fear that some fanatics would try to emulate the scenario in real life.
Scenario assistance was provided by Tōya Okano. Itaru Hinoue headed the art direction, and also worked on the character design.
Suzumoto attributed the increase due to the lengthening structure of the game's base scenario which caused the 'branch' scenarios to increase as well.
The 50th level requires such timing that failure at any part guarantees an impossible-to-win scenario.
The actors had to improvise on a scenario where they had been grounded and were trying to convince their mother to let them go out.
The Bear Stearns bailout was seen as an extreme-case scenario, and continues to raise significant questions about Fed intervention.
The combat mission pits those two teams against each other in a combat-like scenario, some military in nature, some SWAT-related.
The general scenario is undulating land with scattered hills.
The installments were written by Key's scenario staff and each story was accompanied by illustrations by Japanese artist GotoP.
The Kurgan model is the most widely accepted scenario of Indo-European origins.
The post-apocalyptic scenario humanity faces within his dream involves drastic global cooling.
The promisor has maximum protection and the promisee has maximum risk in this scenario.
The Scenario Analysis display lets users can create their own global scenario or load a pre-run global scenario in their field of interest. For example, to analyze the effects of a policy intervention on different sub-models and variables within the model, make the changes to the appropriate variable and then analyze the results in comparison to the base-case.
The scenario is Arton, the main continent, which is "the known world."
The usual attack scenario goes like this:
The Xeno Komi scenario is credited to Yanesaka Norihiko and it was directed by Yuki Mitsuhiro.
Then there is a new race, the "Agamans", desert nomads, and a scenario involving them, "The Sand Eaters".
There is also an introductory scenario ("The Journey of the Catseye") intended to begin a Ringworld campaign.
These appear relatively suddenly and are a major contributor to the illusion of a 'complex life from nowhere' scenario.
This can be linked into the analysis of the continuum of choice in the scenario.
This is a unique trait of "Door Door" as most games prevent such a scenario with a time limit (such as "Super Mario Bros.") or physical restriction (such as "Tetris").
This is the same scenario as in 2010, when New Zealand entered the final Bledisloe Cup match with a winning streak of 15 but lost to Australia 26-24.
This scenario is pretty daring considering the conservative and censorious attitudes of that period.
This would involve determining whether it is technologically possible to achieve and whether it is practical in the current technological, economical and social scenario.
To understand activity recognition better, consider the following scenario.
Under a "disengagement scenario" the Bank predicted a real growth rate of -0.2% in 2006 and -0.6% in 2007.
When Nagisa's scenario was being written, there were some disputes concerning the length of her scenario, and thus putting too much focus on the main heroine.
Writer Michael Bacall developed these stories into an outline scenario in one night with the goal of creating the "gnarliest high school party of all time".

More Vocab Words

::: contention - assertion; claim; thesis; struggling; competition
::: cater - provide food and drink (for); cater to: try to satisfy (desires of a bad kind)
::: moratorium - legal delay of payment or action; Ex. declare moratorium on the building of new houses
::: lofty - very high
::: benign - kindly; favorable; not malignant (disease); Ex. benign tumor
::: foolhardy - rash; reckless; foolishly daring
::: lineaments - features especially of the face; distinctive shape or contour of the face; CF. line
::: modish - fashionable; conforming to the current fashion
::: incinerate - burn to ashes
::: weary - tired after long work; V.