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Vocabulary Word

Word: sap

Definition: diminish; weaken; undermine the foundations of (a fortification); Ex. The element kryptonite sapped his strength.

Sentences Containing 'sap'

Adults may feed on the sap of trees, rotting fruit and moisture from dung.
As a consequence Smuts's SAP was defeated by a Nationalist–Labour Pact, James Hertzog formed the government and became prime minister – a position he was to hold until 1939.
Bud-variations, such as the appearance of a moss-rose on a common rose, or of a nectarine on a peach-tree, offer good instances of spontaneous variations; but even in these cases, if we bear in mind the power of a minute drop of poison in producing complex galls, we ought not to feel too sure that the above variations are not the effect of some local change in the nature of the sap, due to some change in the conditions.
Certain plants excrete sweet juice, apparently for the sake of eliminating something injurious from the sap: this is effected, for instance, by glands at the base of the stipules in some Leguminosae, and at the backs of the leaves of the common laurel.
Due to the number of German communication trenches, sap heads, crater posts, detached posts and subsidiary trenches in the area, the second wave tanks were given specific German positions, routes and positions in villages to deal with, as well as attacking the main Hindenburg trenches.
He also calls soccer games in English through the network's Secondary Audio Program (SAP).
He is often portrayed alternately as a sexual deviant (often while grinning mischievously) or as a powerless sap who is beaten to within an inch of his life and left rolling on the ground writhing in pain.
He that would not have such things to happen, is as he that would have the fig-tree grow without any sap or moisture.
Hear me, then: I take that mast-head flame we saw for a sign of good luck; for those masts are rooted in a hold that is going to be chock a' block with sperm-oil, d'ye see; and so, all that sperm will work up into the masts, like sap in a tree.
In 1892, Dmitry Ivanovsky used one of these filters to show that sap from a diseased tobacco plant remained infectious to healthy tobacco plants despite having been filtered.
In addition to the fungus, the "A. sexdens" feed on plant sap.
In September 2013 SAP AG announced it would resell the Hortonworks distribution (as well as another one).
In the post World War I era a canal was built linking the Boeung Kak Lake to the larger river, Tonle Sap, which lies just above the Mekong.
In winter, sap from wells drilled by sapsuckers may substitute for nectar.
Ionan flora includes ferva leaves, used by pharmaceutical companies on Earth to create alkaloids; bleeding-grass, which exudes red sap; and stinging palms, named for venomous barbs.
It is a mild anaesthetic, and Māori traditionally applied the sap to boils and various wounds, to aching teeth, to rheumatic and associated pains, ringworm and various skin irritations, and scalds and burns.
Its sap contains the deadly cardiotoxic glycoside "ouabain".
Leigh also says that he shared a sap with Bill Bryson.
Microsoft has also developed an OBA application, in cooperation with SAP, that is called Duet.
On the ATP Tour, Wilson had his best performance at the 2006 SAP Open in San Jose, California, beating Ivo Karlović, then 61st in the world.
Pine oil is distinguished from other products from pine, such as turpentine, the low-boiling fraction from the distillation of pine sap, and rosin, the thick tar remaining after turpentine is distilled.
Sapp (, also known as Chhikka ()), also spelled as Sap or Supp is a musical instrument native to Punjab.
Such facts as the complex and extraordinary out growths which variably follow from the insertion of a minute drop of poison by a gall-producing insect, shows us what singular modifications might result in the case of plants from a chemical change in the nature of the sap.
The adults feed on nectar, sap, and rotting fruit, while the larvae prefer the foliage of several oak species.
The development of unixODBC progressed since its origin, with contributions from many developers, both in the open source community and also from commercial database companies, including IBM, Oracle Corporation and SAP.
The early instars are legless sap feeders.
The figurines were made of sap from the Castilla elastica tree, which was seen as blood from the tree and is thought to represent the blood sacrifices in some of the Lacandon ceremonies.
The gum-like sap produced by harakeke contains enzymes that give it blood clotting and antiseptic qualities to help healing processes.
The harmful creatures float around the caverns and will sap Charlie's strength if touched.
The insects live on the sap of certain trees, especially Kermes oak tree near the Mediterranean region.
The sap causes a dermal contact dermatitis apparently milder than poison ivy.
The sap is a source of sugar and can be boiled to make maple syrup.
The sap is among the most commonly used in arrow poisons, including those used for poaching elephant.
The sap is extracted at Sudong-Myeon, Mountain Jugeum in Mount Chungnyeong Natural Recreation Forest, Mount Cheonma in Palhyeon and Onam township.
The sap of some species, notably "P. cururu" is highly toxic, and is used as an arrow poison by Native American tribes in South America.
The sapsuckers peck holes in sapling bark causing sap to bleed out: potentially killing the trees and allowing insects and pathogens to enter.
The specification is now being developed by IBM, Rogue Wave, Oracle, SAP, Siebel, Sybase, Xcalia, Software AG within the OASIS Member Section Open CSA since April 2007.
The wood was green as mosses of the Icy Glen; the trees stood high and haughty, feeling their living sap; the industrious earth beneath was as a weaver's loom, with a gorgeous carpet on it, whereof the ground-vine tendrils formed the warp and woof, and the living flowers the figures.
There are six to eight sap-feeding and two non-feeding, structurally differentiated instars.
There are various kinds of plants, herbs, sightseeing points, and caves as well as, Bo Nam Sap or Nam Phut, which is a sacred seepage pond.
They have a proboscis with which they drink water or sap.
This is a shrub with vining, climbing stems that bleed a milky sap.
This may have referred to its lead-blue flower colour (OED), the ability of the sap to create lead-colored stains on skin, or Pliny's belief that the plant was a cure for lead poisoning.
Today, pudding chômeur is casually served as a regional dessert, perhaps being a bit more popular during the "saison des sucres", when maple sap is collected and processed and is usually part of the offerings during a meal at a sugar shack even though it's not specifically a maple dessert.
Toward the end of the 8th century A.D., the Cambodian king Jayavarman II conquered vast territories near the great lake Tonle Sap.
Transpiration rates of plants can be measured by a number of techniques, including potometers, lysimeters, porometers, photosynthesis systems and heat balance sap flow gauges.
Turpentine, for example, is made by distilling the sap of pine trees.
We can sometimes see the reason why one tree will not take on another from differences in their rate of growth, in the hardness of their wood, in the period of the flow or nature of their sap, etc.; but in a multitude of cases we can assign no reason whatever.
Young larvae are of the sap-feeding kind.
Zenun Pajaziti (born September 12, 1966 in Gnjilane, SAP Kosovo, SR Serbia, SFR Yugoslavia) is Deputy Minister of Labour and Social Welfare in the Government of the Republic of Kosovo.

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