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Vocabulary Word

Word: sanguine

Definition: optimistic; cheerful; hopeful; of the color of blood; red

Sentences Containing 'sanguine'

Add to all this his vital energy and mental activity, his restless invention and his sanguine temperament, and there will be reason enough to doubt whether his could have been a very unhappy life.
Being assisted by a gentleman who not long ago aspired to the favour of your hand, I am sanguine as to that.'
Following the successful launch of this album Sanguine were invited to perform at Download Festival 2012 and main support for Megadeth in London.
How completely they failed is manifest from the fact that with all his sanguine temperament and indomitable perseverance he was unable to maintain the struggle to gain a livelihood as a dramatist for more than three years; nor was the rising popularity of Lope the cause, as is often said, notwithstanding his own words to the contrary.
In 2008 Sanguine recorded their first single "Live, Consume, Drive" which featured a three song release with two videos - "Live, Consume, Drive" "Simplify".
In 2012 the band released their self-titled album "Sanguine".
In early 2009 Sanguine released their first single "Live, Consume, Drive" which was then played on Kerrang!
In late 2012 Sanguine started recording their next album in Sweden with ex-In Flames guitarist Jesper Stromblad and producer Daniel Flores.
Indolence, which, to some persons, affords a safeguard against this deceitful philosophy, is, with others, overbalanced by curiosity; and despair, which, at some moments, prevails, may give place afterwards to sanguine hopes and expectations.
It was possible, however, that some of his companions in the shire might be able to give more information; and though she was not very sanguine in expecting it, the application was a something to look forward to.
Led by the likes of Horace Bushnell and Nathaniel Taylor, the New Divinity men broke, some would say irrevocably, with the older pessimistic views of human nature espoused by classical Congregationalist divines such as Cotton Mather and Jonathan Edwards, declaring instead a more sanguine view of possibilities for the individual and society.
Mr. Micawber may have concealed his difficulties from me in the first instance, but his sanguine temper may have led him to expect that he would overcome them.
Sanguine is a four piece alternative metal band formed in Exeter in the UK.
Sanguine regularly tour the UK, playing at major festivals like Download (2012), Ibiza festival "Hard Rock Hell" and have played main support for major league metal bands like Megadeth.
Shall I ever forget how, in a moment, he was the most sanguine of men, looking on to fortune; or how Mrs. Micawber presently discoursed about the habits of the kangaroo!
The German heraldist Christian Samuel Theodor Bernd (1775–1854) introduced hatching for some other tinctures such as "Umbra" (sienne, earth-color), "Rotgelb" (yellow-red, orange), "Stahlblau" (steel blue) and "Blutfarbe" (sanguine).
The most sanguine projector, however, could scarce flatter himself, that any augmentation of this kind would be such as could give any reasonable hopes, either of liberating the public revenue altogether, or even of making such progress towards that liberation in time of peace, as either to prevent or to compensate the further accumulation of the public debt in the next war.
The portrait he draws in the preface to the novels, with the aquiline features, chestnut hair, smooth untroubled forehead, and bright cheerful eyes, is the very portrait of a sanguine man.
Then, that glorious vision of doing good, which is so often the sanguine mirage of so many good minds, arose before him, and he even saw himself in the illusion with some influence to guide this raging Revolution that was running so fearfully wild.
Walking along the street, reflecting upon the probability of something turning up (of which I am at present rather sanguine), I find a young but valued friend turn up, who is connected with the most eventful period of my life; I may say, with the turning-point of my existence.
We might have been a party of Ogres, the conversation assumed such a sanguine complexion.
Your old knowledge of me, my dear Mr. Copperfield, will have told you that I have not the sanguine disposition of Mr. Micawber.
``Madame de Saint Meran, whom I once saw, was short, of slender form, and of a much more nervous than sanguine temperament; grief could hardly produce apoplexy in such a constitution as that of Madame de Saint Meran.''
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