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Vocabulary Word

Word: sanctuary

Definition: place of refuge; shelter; shrine; holy place; Ex. The outlaw was granted sanctuary in the church.

Sentences Containing 'sanctuary'

Monseigneur was in his inner room, his sanctuary of sanctuaries, the Holiest of Holiests to the crowd of worshippers in the suite of rooms without.
There, Monseigneur turned, and came back again, and so in due course of time got himself shut up in his sanctuary by the chocolate sprites, and was seen no more.
``I devote you,''said this person, stopping at the last door on his way, and turning in the direction of the sanctuary,``to the Devil!''
``I see that I hold a sanctuary in their hearts, and in the hearts of their descendants, generations hence.
Villefort, Franz, and a few near relatives alone entered the sanctuary.
It was as if the tranquil sanctuary of my boyhood had been sacked before my face, and its peace and honour given to the winds.
I was never unmindful of Agnes, and she never left that sanctuary in my thoughts--if I may call it so--where I had placed her from the first.
As in decapitating the whale, the operator's instrument is brought close to the spot where an entrance is subsequently forced into the spermaceti magazine; he has, therefore, to be uncommonly heedful, lest a careless, untimely stroke should invade the sanctuary and wastingly let out its invaluable contents.

More Vocab Words

::: platitude - trite remark; commonplace statement; ADJ. platitudinous
::: indignation - anger at an injustice; Ex. righteous indignation; ADJ. indignant
::: numismatist - person who collects coins; N. numismatics: study or collection of money, coins, and medals
::: lunar - pertaining to the moon
::: germinate - cause to sprout; sprout
::: enmity - ill will; hatred; hostility
::: impassioned - (of speech) filled with passion; fervent
::: mercurial - capricious; quick and changing; fickle; containing the element mercury; Ex. mercurial temper; CF. mood
::: wily - crafty; cunning; artful; N. wile: deceitful stratagem
::: gloss - brief explanation note or translation of a difficult expression; V.