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Vocabulary Word

Word: saline

Definition: salty

Sentences Containing 'saline'

A specific variety of bone nail use in the femur and humerus is a hollow shell which is inflated with saline under high pressure to grip the interior of the bone, and constitutes a bomb in the cremator.
A weekly newspaper, the Ypsilanti Courier, is published every Thursday by Heritage Media from their Saline, MI offices.
According to a study conducted by the University of Thessaloniki, the saline hot mineral springs of Ikaria contain the largest concentration of radon in Greece, being also among the most radioactive springs in the world.
After over 10 years of debate, at the age of 30, Ana Voog had had saline breast implants inserted into her chest to increase their size.
An important proportion of the European population now uses secondary habitats: lowland wet grasslands, coastal grazing marshes, pastures, wet areas near fishponds or sewage works, and saline lagoons.
Daptomycin is supplied as a sterile preservative-free pale yellow to light brown lyophilised 500 mg and 350 mg cake that must be reconstituted with 0.9% saline prior to use.
During the 2007 season he was suspended for six games due to alleged infringement of the anti-doping code by intravenous therapy with saline solution and vitamin B1, due to dehydration and inability to take fluids orally.
During this time they also had an office in Raleigh, Illinois, then the county seat of neighboring Saline County.
From 1885 the constituency consisted of the parishes of Abbotshall, Aberdour, Auchterderran, Auchtertool, Ballingry, Beath, Burntisland, Dalgetty, Dunfermline, Dysart, Inverkeithing, Kinghorn, Kinglassie, Kirkcaldy, Leslie, Markinch, Saline, Torryburn and Wemyss.
He may even now--if I may use the phrase--be wandering on some plesiosaurus-haunted Oolitic coral reef, or beside the lonely saline lakes of the Triassic Age.
His were the shinbones of the saline beef; his would have been the drumsticks.
Immediately landwards are the large shallow "étangs", saline marshes, which separate it from Aigues Mortes, a neighboring mediaeval walled city that used to be a port.
It is found in the coastal dunes and saline deserts along the shores of the Mediterranean Sea from Tunisia to Egypt.
It is separated from Aigues-Mortes by a series of saline marshes, called "étangs" in French, and a bend in the river Vidourle.
It lies approximately 2 km to the north of Ghulkin, a saline body of water occupying a small hollow at an elevation of 2,500 meters (8,200 feet).
It then flooded under a shallow saline lagoon.
Its natural habitats are dry savanna, coastal saline lagoons, and arable land.
Karl was raised in the small town of Saline in south-eastern Michigan.
later, LA 4 intersects LA 155, also connecting to LA 9 at Saline, and the two highways proceed in a concurrency to a point known as Friendship.
Le Grau-du-Roi comes from the occitan word grau (Latin gradus), which refers to the opening of an étang (shallow saline lake), or the watercourse from an etang into the sea.
Marshall Memorial Municipal Airport is a city owned, use airport located two nautical miles (4 km) south of the central business district of Marshall, a city in Saline County, Missouri, United States.
Near the end of the Jurassic period (c.144 million years ago) the sea levels dropped and a number of islands emerged in the Purbeck area, surrounded by saline lagoons and channels.
One or more chest tubes—with one end inside the opened pleural cavity and the other submerged under saline solution inside a sealed container, forming an airtight drainage system—are necessary to remove air and fluid from the pleural cavity, preventing the development of pneumothorax or hemothorax.
Piperazine exists as small alkaline deliquescent crystals with a saline taste.
Recorded habitat for the species includes the wooded margins of saline lagoons and creeks.
Roberta Frank writes in her article "Viking Atrocity and Skaldic Verse: The Rite of the Blood-Eagle": "By the beginning of the nineteenth century, the various saga motifs—eagle sketch, rib division, lung surgery, and 'saline stimulant'—were combined in inventive sequences designed for maximum horror."
Salt making became a considerable trade in the 14th and 15th century when the North Frisians used saline peat as a resource.
Shallow tub ewells are saline, so people do not construct shallow tube wells.
She puts security guards on Apple's room, so House convinces Lucas to disguise himself as a nurse and replace Apple's IV meds with a saline solution.
Solar distillation can be used to make saline or brackish water potable.
Stone Fort Township is located in Saline County, Illinois.
Stone Fort Township, Saline County, Illinois
Tectonic highlands supplied the Eocene sedimentary basins with sediment from all directions: the Uinta Mountains in the center; the Wind River Mountains to the north; the Front Range, Park Range and Sawatch Range of the Colorado Rockies to the east; the Uncompahgre Plateau and the San Juan Mountains to the south and finally, the Wasatch Mountains of Utah and the ranges of eastern Idaho to the west. The lithology of the lake sediments is varied and includes sandstones, mudstones, siltstones, oil shales, coal beds, saline evaporite beds, and a variety of lacustrine limestones and dolostones.
The basin contains 483,390 acres (1956 km²) of wetlands, consisting of nearly 38,500 acres (156 km²) of fresh marsh, 28,600 acres (116 km²) of intermediate marsh, 116,800 acres (473 km²) of brackish marsh, 83,900 acres (340 km²) of saline marsh, and 215,600 acres (873 km²) of cypress swamp.
The Casa Grande series consists of very deep, well-drained, saline-sodic soils on fan terraces and relict basin floors.
The Division and Gause’s Brigade arrived just in time to join the pursuit of Steele's army as it retreated from Camden, and join in the attack on Steele as he tried to cross the Saline River at Jenkins' Ferry on April 30, 1864.
The first line of management for chemical injuries is usually copious irrigation of the eye with an isotonic saline or sterile water.
The immediate destinations of LA 9 are Bienville to the north and Saline to the south.
The lakes in this chain are mostly saline and often described as 'seasonal' because they often dry up during summer months.
The Mallee has no surface drainage: the native vegetation has so high a rooting density that the rainfall of most years is easily absorbed and the porous sandy soils mean that any excess in an exceptionally wet year will recharge groundwater supplies which tend to be highly saline.
The recovery can be aided nonsurgically by bandaging with an osmotic saline solution.
The refuge encompasses several habitat types including sand dunes, pickleweed salt marsh, river lagoon, riverine, and a saline pond.
The sinking AAIW becomes sandwiched between the Subantarctic water (above) which is much warmer, but more saline and the NADW (below) which is cold and quite salty.
This has led to flooding of the continental shelf around the British Isles and may have resulted in the Black Sea becoming saline.
Typically, a saline solution is used, with 20–40 mEq KCl per liter over 3–4 hours.

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