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Vocabulary Word

Word: salient

Definition: prominent; projecting beyond a line; conspicuous; Ex. salient features

Sentences Containing 'salient'

"Health fraud" is often used as a synonym for quackery, but quackery's salient characteristic is aggressive promotion ("quacks quack!") rather than fraud, greed or misinformation.
A salient feature of the union is the joint development and corporate social responsibility is the Foundation Club Program.
A series of engagements developed in the Orel salient between arriving German reserves and Soviet tank formations.
Above the battlefield, the 2nd and 17th Air Armies flew 893 sorties compared to the VIII Fliegerkorps's 654 sorties over the southern part of the salient.
According to the curators of the MoMA: "The pictures acquire their meaning from the salient way in which they have been shuffled, sequenced, and laid out in nonlinear narrative structures.
After this limited success, the fighting relapsed into another wearing-out fight, until the British abandoned the untenable salient at Bourlon Wood.
All three divisions were north of the Finow Canal on the Northern flank of Zhukov's salient.
At 03:30 the Mussallabeh salient protecting the Wadi el Auja was attacked by 1,250 Germans in two and a half battalions.
At 0600 the Germans began two strong flanking attacks, with the intention of pinching out the British salient.
Attack on the Abu Tellul and Mussallebeh salient.
By August 18 Soviet troops had reached the Hagen line east of Briansk at the base of the Orel salient.
Centre line and transverse lines for settling position of salient points.
First impressions, unusual experiences, or memorable thoughts may be more salient than positive or negative experiences.
For political reasons Hitler insisted upon going onto the offensive and chose the Kursk salient for the attack.
Gough held his first conference around 24 May, before he moved his headquarters to the Salient.
He confirmed the decision made to withdraw from the Wancourt salient and the foot of Vimy Ridge, accepting that a rigid forward defence was impossible given British observation from the ridge.
Hindenburg and Ludendorff had already announced a reconnaissance on 6 September for a new, shorter line behind the Noyon salient.
Hitler agreed to continue offensive operations in the southern salient until Manstein's goal was achieved.
Hitler ordered Steiner to attack the northern flank of the huge salient created by the 1st Belorussian Front's breakout.
In addition, the Soviets reduced the Orel salient and inflicted substantial losses on the German army, setting the stage for the liberation of Smolensk.
In doing so they threatened to trap the German forces defending the east face of the Orel salient.
In setting out a drawing, this fixing of certain salient points is the first thing for the student to do.
In this regard, it is worth quickly reviewing a few salient points from the military history of this century.
Kampfgruppe Frey on the salient's eastern flank, launched an attack north of the Odon supported by Panzer IVs of the 21st Panzer Division.
Kluge welcomed the decision, as he was already in the process of withdrawing units of the 9th Army from the Kursk salient to deal with Russian attacks on his flank.
On 5 July 1943 the German command launched Operation Citadel with the aim of enveloping and destroying the Soviet forces in the Kursk salient.
Operation Kutuzov was the northern offensive, with its major goals being to collapse the Orel salient, cut behind the 9th Army engaged in offensive operations at Kursk, encircle and annihilate it.
Other salient strategies have included lobbying, petitioning government authorities, influencing public policy through referendum campaigns and involvement in elections.
Soviet attempts to sever the salient were unsuccessful, and the unit completed its withdrawal by nightfall.
Subsequently, he and the XII SS "Korps" failed in their attempt to hold the salient of the Roer Triangle during the British Operation "Blackcock".
Territoriality is also another salient feature of Dusky Musk Deer especially for males.
The ("Alberich manoeuvre") was ordered to begin on 16 March 1917, although a withdrawal of on a front had been carried out from in the salient between Bapaume and Arras formed by the Allied advance on the Somme in 1916.
The Confederates moved to within 120-150 yards of the salient during the night of freezing rain and snow and waited for the order to attack.
The decision was made to abandon the Jiangxi Salient, resulting in the beginning of the Long March.
The disquiet was multifaceted in nature, but it was the artistic and personal discord that was salient.
The first major and distinctly American offensive was the reduction of the Saint Mihiel salient in September 1918.
The fort, a salient in the line of earthworks that surrounded three sides of the city, rose above the surrounding plateau and was protected by a ditch wide and deep.
The German offensive plan, called "Unternehmen Zitadelle" or Operation Citadel, envisioned an assault at the base of the Kursk salient from both the north and south.
The Germans recaptured Belgorod two days later, creating the salient which in July 1943 would lead to the Battle of Kursk.
The initial attack was to be made simultaneously on the northern and eastern faces of the Orel salient, with the Central Front along the southern face of the salient joining in as well once the German offensive had been stopped.
The new line across the base of the Noyon salient would be about thirty miles (50 km) shorter and was to be completed in three months.
The Ninth Army had been pushed to south of the 1st Belorussian Front's salient.
The Peak-End rule is particularly salient in regards to medical procedures, since it suggests that it is preferable to have longer procedures that include a period of decreased discomfort than to have shorter procedures.
The reserve was obtained by creating by internal reorganisation of the army, bringing divisions from the eastern front and by shortening the western front, by withdrawing to the base of the Noyon salient in Operation Alberich.
The second, or the "forehand method", encompassed a major German offensive by Army Groups South and Center against the protruding Kursk salient.
The Voronezh Front, commanded by General Nikolai Vatutin, was tasked with defending the southern face of the salient.
This salient was difficult to defend, as the posts and sangars were isolated owing to the hilly terrain interspersed by rocky crevasses.
This would have been a particularly salient fact of life for residents of Schandorf, whose outskirts lie only about from Hungarian territory.
Unbeknownst to him at the time, another French psychiatrist, Jean-Pierre Falret (1794-1870), had described fundamentally the same condition (with a number of salient differences) in an article prior to Baillarger's findings.
While the Australian and New Zealand Mounted Division (ANZAC Mounted Division) held the Auja and Mellaha areas including the Abu Tellul salient.

More Vocab Words

::: assay - analyze (to discover what materials are present); evaluate (soil or ore)
::: prologue - introduction (to a poem or play)
::: resilient - elastic; having the power of springing back; able to recover quickly (as from misfortune)
::: commonplace - ordinary; N: something ordinary or common; trite remark
::: nurture - nourish; feed; educate; rear; care for while it is growing or developing; foster; cultivate; N: something that nourishes; rearing
::: prerogative - privilege; unquestionable right; CF. ask before
::: crestfallen - dejected; dispirited
::: sultry - (of weather) hot; sweltering; sensual; voluptuous
::: gossamer - sheer; very light; like cobwebs; N: soft and sheer fabric; cobweb
::: requisition - formal demand or request; Ex. requisition for more computing equipment; V.