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Vocabulary Word

Word: rustic

Definition: pertaining to country people; unsophisticated; simple; crude; uncouth; (of furniture) rough with the bark left on; N. rural person; rustic person

Sentences Containing 'rustic'

A 1909 Ohio State publication described the new north side park as a place of beauty where large oak and elm trees shaded a wading pond, five small lakes connected by a single stream, rustic benches, foot bridges and springs lined with cobblestones.
And still more surprised were they when they perceived that what they heard sung were the verses not of rustic shepherds, but of the polished wits of the city; and so it proved, for the verses they heard were these: What makes my quest of happiness seem vain?
And though it is plain they could not do without eating and performing all the other natural functions, because, in fact, they were men like ourselves, it is plain too that, wandering as they did the most part of their lives through woods and wilds and without a cook, their most usual fare would be rustic viands such as those thou now offer me; so that, friend Sancho, let not that distress thee which pleases me, and do not seek to make a new world or pervert knight-errantry."
Building on the rustic style he experimented with on "John Wesley Harding", "Nashville Skyline" displayed a complete immersion into country music.
But when they spend them in maintaining tradesmen and artificers, they may, all of them taken together, perhaps maintain as great, or, on account of the waste which attends rustic hospitality, a greater number of people than before.
Characteristic for his creative works is that he doesn’t use just any folklore idiom, but the one of the rustic singing, which offers enormous opportunities for specific harmonic treatments through multi-layer accord sounding and polyphonic conducting of the structure.
Cordwood provides the rustic look of log cabins without the use of tons of lumber.
De la Cruz's take on the song, which afforded her to showcase her scatting ability, has been described as impish and rustic, rounded out by her low, playfully dragging key.
Describing his culinary direction Emma Grazette said: "are really anti fine dining and all those newfangled ways of cooking, and really into how your gran might cook: rustic and full of flavour."
Failing to purchase it himself, he eventually bought a piece of property just east of E-1027, where he built a small, rustic cabin, "Le Cabanon."
He engraved at least four plates in mezzotint, one after George Morland, another after John Raphael Smith, and two humorous scenes called 'Rustic Courtship' and 'Polite Courtship.'
He is best known for his paintings and ectchings of rustic and pastoral landscapes and subjects, with both animals and peasants playing a dominating role over the landscape.
He was among the first generation of sculptors providing sculpture for the château of Versailles, notably for the rustic comedies in stone of the "Petite Commande" of 1664, much of which was eliminated in later, grander garden projects and is known only through the meticulously kept records of the Bâtiments du Roi and the engravings of Jean Le Pautre.
His rural fan base led him to do many films which had rustic story lines and from which intellectuals shied away.
Hope states that it was "annually dressed with flowers and branches of trees, and rustic games and amusements indulged in by those attending."
In short, all the preparations made for the wedding were in rustic style, but abundant enough to feed an army.
In spite of the light brown dustcoat and leather-leggings which he wore in deference to his rustic surroundings, I had no difficulty in recognising Lestrade, of Scotland Yard.
Instead of a pig and a puddle at the entrance to the office, there was a nicely constructed cinder pathway with a rustic fence on either side.
It has been called "spiky, even fussy" and in contrast to the "previous rustic simplicity" of the old church; and Nikolaus Pevsner was critical in the Sussex volume of the "Buildings of England" series: "here are very few Sussex churches for which absolutely nothing can be said.
Many of today's Slovak rustic-pastoral words like "bača" ("shepherd"; Rmn.
Meiss describes his features as "plain and rustic", and finds resemblance between the man's generic face and a number of figures in the lower portions of the "Adoration of the Lamb" panel in the "Ghent Altarpiece".
Of his boyhood and youth we know nothing, unless it be from the glimpse he gives us in the preface to his "Comedies" of himself as a boy looking on with delight while Lope de Rueda and his company set up their rude plank stage in the plaza and acted the rustic farces which he himself afterwards took as the model of his interludes.
On permanent display are rural life objects, including rustic furniture, kitchen gadgets, tools and household equipment, a collection of textiles from the mid 19th to mid 20th centuries, and a collection of smoking pipes.
On the other hand, the use of keyboards and acoustic instruments play a very important role to imbue a rustic and Folk sound to their work.
On the south side the entrance is through a gabled rustic timber porch to its right there is a three-light casement window with four-centered head and latticed lights.
Pais produces a thin bodied, rustic red wine that typically has a light brown coloring.
Pierson was born in Weehawken, New Jersey and raised in Rutherford. She is the owner of Kate's Lazy Desert in Landers, California, and Kate's Lazy Meadow in Mount Tremper, New York, a rustic modern lodge in New York's Catskill Mountains near Woodstock.
Publicly, she retains the corporate image of a sweet, bustling old woman who often slips into the stereotype of a hapless grandmother (she wears antiquated clothes that greatly accentuate her bust and general figure, while using rustic similes and metaphors such as "squeaking like an old screen door").
The 23d also used the call sign "Rustic".
The building has a simple stone design reflective of a transitional period between rustic and well-crafted stone buildings.
The bulk of the ground station buildings were the metal Nissen hut type, with some wood frame and tar paper buildings, and were grouped together in numbered "sites", widely separated to blend into natural, rustic surroundings for purposes of camouflage.
The outer layer was sculpted to mimic rustic logs and timbers, thereby also introducing Faux Bois concrete into common practice.
The reason of the new doctrines recommended them to some, their novelty to many; the hatred and contempt of the established clergy to a still greater number: but the zealous, passionate, and fanatical, though frequently coarse and rustic eloquence, with which they were almost everywhere inculcated, recommended them to by far the greatest number.
The rustic area has a parking lot and a one-mile loop trail leading to a wetland and a quarry pond.
The sentimental and somewhat archaic prose of the "Metro-land" guide ("the Roman road aslant the eastern border ... the innumerable field-paths which mark the labourer's daily route from hamlet to farm") conjured up a rustic Eden – a Middle England, perhaps – similar to that invoked by Stanley Baldwin (Prime Minister three times between 1923–37) who, though of manufacturing stock, famously donned the mantle of countryman ("the tinkle of the hammer on the anvil in the country smithy, the sound of the scythe against the whetstone").
The Visitor Center at Cedar Breaks National Monument was built in 1937 by the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) in the National Park Service Rustic style.
The Webb Hotel arrived in the area in 1920, and several rustic cabins were built later in the decade.
There he perceives a cunningly wrought fountain of many-coloured jasper and polished marble; here another of rustic fashion where the little mussel-shells and the spiral white and yellow mansions of the snail disposed in studious disorder, mingled with fragments of glittering crystal and mock emeralds, make up a work of varied aspect, where art, imitating nature, seems to have outdone it.
There was a murmur of confidence and approval, and then the man who hungered, asked:``Is this rustic to be sent back soon?
There was a seat for Mr. Peggotty too, but he preferred to stand, leaning his hand on the small rustic table.
Though the rustic hospitality, constantly exercised by the great landholders, may not, to us in the present times, seem consistent with that order which we are apt to consider as inseparably connected with good economy; yet we must certainly allow them to have been at least so far frugal, as not commonly to have spent their whole income.
Upon this imagination, he put several other questions to me, and still received rational answers: no otherwise defective than by a foreign accent, and an imperfect knowledge in the language, with some rustic phrases which I had learned at the farmer’s house, and did not suit the polite style of a court.
While his features have been described as "plain and rustic", he looks thoughtful and inward looking; a number of art historians have detected a mournfullness in his expression, which Erwin Panofsky describes as possibly "loneliness".
With his straw in his mouth, Mr. Cruncher sat watching the two streams, like the heathen rustic who has for several centuries been on duty watching one stream saving that Jerry had no expectation of their ever running dry.
‘Rustic Hospitality’ was painted in 1834, and, in 1836, ‘Sunday Morning' and ‘As Happy as a King’.

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