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Vocabulary Word

Word: ruse

Definition: trick to deceive; stratagem

Sentences Containing 'ruse'

"Indeed, it is a likely ruse enough," observed Bradstreet thoughtfully.
"The American Ruse" was covered by The Hellacopters.
After he abused his wife, failed to win back the confidence of the Avengers with a ruse and was duped by the villain Egghead, Pym was jailed.
Allies circulated lists of non-active ships in the hopes of feeding the Germans misinformation; when the Germans broadcast that they had sunk HMCS "King's," their ruse was exposed.
Although the ruse has been discovered, Nanette starts serving the soldiers wine and they get drunk, then sing and dance.
Antonio and Jessica's romance is derailed, however, when Keri's ruse is revealed, and Antonio and Keri begin a battle for parental custody of their daughter.
As the two men began to argue, Lesnar rose to his feet, revealing the ruse to the crowd, and F-5'd Angle.
Augusta immediately informed C.C. Capwell, Sophia's former husband and the archenemy of Lionel, about the ruse.
Conflicting versions of the event are in existence, and it is unknown whether the city was taken by treachery, by ruse, or whether the defense was simply abandoned by the populace.
During the following night, the Parliamentarians abandoned the town and left aboard ships in the harbour, leaving their colours on the remains of the walls as a ruse.
Going stir crazy..she works out a ruse to smooth a return to Ginger’s penthouse and wreak horrid revenge.'
Gradually, the Elders suspect foul play when Hastings claims Bass lost the ranch in a game of Blackjack, while John, in a ruse, states their father wouldn't have been caught dead playing Blackjack.
Gretel leaves a trail of Skittles to help her find her way through the Black Forest. Eventually, Agnes sees through the ruse and the two girls are captured (and Agnes kills the henchman in front of them).
He has questioned Indian tribes pushing for tribal recognition as a ruse to bring casinos to the reservations.
Historians today debate whether the revolutionaries were truly loyal to the Spanish crown or whether the declaration of fidelity to the king was a necessary ruse to conceal the true objective—to achieve independence—from a population that was not yet ready to accept such a radical change.
However, series character Slim Sherman, played by John Smith, also has an interest in Kitty, who using Vince's interest in her as a ruse to make Slim jealous.
In 1988, just before the Fall of Communism, Zhelev founded the Ruse Committee, and in 1989 he became a founding member and chairman of the Club for Support of Openness and Reform (a time when many such democratic clubs were formed), which helped him to achieve the position of Chairman of the Coordinating Council of the Union of Democratic Forces (Bulgarian: СДС, SDS) party.
In addition, mob turncoat Nicholas Calabrese testified that Marcello had driven the Spilotro brothers to a home in Bensenville, Illinois in a ruse that Michael Spilotro was about to become a "made" member of the mob and that Anthony Spilotro—already a "made" member—was to be promoted to a "capo," or captain.
In the film "" (2009), the lead character uses the "Cube of Rubik" as a ruse to deceive and slow the villain's progress.
Martin Kerchev (; born 22 October 1982) is a Bulgarian football midfielder who plays for Dunav Ruse.
Protesters were heard chanting "Hoćemo Ruse" ("We want the Russians"), but when the authorities and state-controlled media criticized them for it, many quickly began backpedaling by claiming they actually chanted "Hoćemo gusle" ("We want gusle").
She whispers to Daniel that this is just a ruse; without her brother's signature it will not legal, but Max has crept up and signed the contract, saying that he has tricked them both to force them to be happy together.
The construction of the railway between Ruse and Varna in 1866 which passed through the village and brought some economic prosperity.
The opening track is a cover of the classic hit "Tutti Frutti" by Little Richard, "Let Me Try" is a ballad, "The American Ruse" attacks what the Detroit quintet saw as the hypocritical idea of freedom espoused by the US government, and "The Human Being Lawnmower" expresses opposition to the US involvement in the Vietnam War.
The ruse is known as the "Mask of Ferdinand VII".
The ruse worked: the day of the final assault was set for June 19, but when the assault began at dawn, the Byzantines, allowed in through the lake-ward gates, raised their standards on the battlements, leaving the Crusaders outside.
There were polarizing responses whereby some customers thought the legal troubles were genuine and felt misled and others enjoyed the ruse.
This plan was merely a ruse on the part of Colonel Gage to mislead the besiegers as to his intentions, information having reached the House that large bodies of troops had arrived at the villages between Silchester and Kingsclere, with a view to cut off his retreat upon Oxford. At eleven o'clock that night Gage marched off with his men as silently as possible, and, while the Roundheads were peacefully sleeping, reached the river Kennet at Burghfield Bridge, and having forded the river (the bridge being destroyed) on the following morning crossed the Thames at Pangbourne, and arriving at Wallingford in safety, decided upon quartering there for the night.
This posing at the piano and over the album was only a little ruse adopted by way of precaution.
Vladimir had previously played for Pirin Blagoevgrad, Balkan Botevgrad, Spartak Pleven, Dunav Ruse, Cherno More Varna and Botev Kozloduy.
When the colony of Nova Roma was discovered to be a ruse by the witch Selene, Empath used his abilities for a time to convince Magma that this was a hoax.

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