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Vocabulary Word

Word: ruddy

Definition: reddish; (of the face) reddish and healthy-looking

Sentences Containing 'ruddy'

"Celer" means "swift," while "Maximus" is "great" or "greatest." "Rufus" means "red," and would typically be given to someone with red hair or a ruddy complexion.
"In those times, they demanded a different kind of heroine: ruddy-faced cheerful 'activistkas'", – the actress responded when asked about huge gaps in her working schedule in the early 1970s.
A ruddy and lusty old dame, who delights in all weathers and seasons, and is likely to outlive all her children yet.
A short, stout, ruddy young fellow, very pugnacious concerning whales, who somehow seemed to think that the great leviathans had personally and hereditarily affronted him; and therefore it was a sort of point of honour with him, to destroy them whenever encountered.
Birds for which the site is of conservation significance include Falkland Steamer Ducks, Ruddy-headed Geese (65 breeding pairs), Gentoo Penguins (4800 pairs), Magellanic Penguins and White-bridled Finches.
He had been an artisan of famed excellence, and with plenty to do; owned a house and garden; embraced a youthful, daughter-like, loving wife, and three blithe, ruddy children; every Sunday went to a cheerful-looking church, planted in a grove.
Her turban was twice as large as the largest of any of the others; her eyebrows met, her nose was rather flat, her mouth was large but with ruddy lips, and her teeth, of which at times she allowed a glimpse, were seen to be sparse and ill-set, though as white as peeled almonds.
His appearance was described as tall and ruddy, with a huge wig and a hat pulled down over his eyes.
Holmes pushed open the door of the private bar and ordered two glasses of beer from the ruddy-faced, white-aproned landlord.
I noticed, I remember, as he paused, looking at me with his handsome head a little thrown back, and his glass raised in his hand, that, though the freshness of the sea-wind was on his face, and it was ruddy, there were traces in it, made since I last saw it, as if he had applied himself to some habitual strain of the fervent energy which, when roused, was so passionately roused within him.
In 2004 Craig Ruddy's image of David Gulpilil, which won both the main prize and the "People's Choice" award, was challenged on the basis that it was a charcoal sketch rather than a painting.
In the autumn and winter migrating waders such as Common Redshanks, Ruddy Turnstones, Dunlins, and waterfowl such as Dark-bellied Brent Goose and Eurasian Wigeon, can be seen.
In the book "Samuel Carpenter and his Descendants", Thomas Carpenter is described as "about 5'10" high, with a large frame but not corpulent, erect, well-formed, with a fine ruddy complexion.
In this other squadron there come those that drink of the crystal streams of the olive-bearing Betis, those that make smooth their countenances with the water of the ever rich and golden Tagus, those that rejoice in the fertilising flow of the divine Genil, those that roam the Tartesian plains abounding in pasture, those that take their pleasure in the Elysian meadows of Jerez, the rich Manchegans crowned with ruddy ears of corn, the wearers of iron, old relics of the Gothic race, those that bathe in the Pisuerga renowned for its gentle current, those that feed their herds along the spreading pastures of the winding Guadiana famed for its hidden course, those that tremble with the cold of the pineclad Pyrenees or the dazzling snows of the lofty Apennine; in a word, as many as all Europe includes and contains."
It led to Claude Monet with his cathedrals and haystacks, Pierre-Auguste Renoir with both his early outdoor festivals and his later feathery style of ruddy nudes, Edgar Degas with his dancers and bathers.
It was sufficiently late in the year for the orchards to be ruddy with ripe apples; and in a few places the hop-pickers were already at work.
Its flight is fast and direct, with the regular beats and occasional sharp flick of the wings which are characteristic of pigeons in general. Ruddy Ground Doves are small short-tailed pigeons, 17 cm long with a weight normally about 47 g. Adult males have a pale grey head and neck, and rich rufous upperparts, black-spotted on the wing coverts.
Rare neotropical migrant birds such as Swainson's Warblers use habitat along Cypress Creek at the ranch’s southern end, while at the northern end Warren Lake serves as a major resting and roosting area for many species of duck, including Blue and Green-winged Teal, American Wigeon, Bufflehead, and Ruddy Duck, as well as for Snow Goose, Canada Goose, Ross's Goose and Bald Eagle.
Ruddy Ground Doves feed mainly on seeds.
The church was founded in 1992, the Senior Pastors and founders are Ruddy and Maria Gracia.
The Godfather is a 1972 American crime film directed by Francis Ford Coppola and produced by Albert S. Ruddy from a screenplay by Mario Puzo and Coppola. Based on Puzo's 1969 novel of the same name, the film stars Marlon Brando and Al Pacino as the leaders of a fictional New York crime family.
The Pastors of the church are Ruddy and Maria Gracia.
The Ruddy Ground Dove ("Columbina talpacoti") is a small New World tropical dove.
The Ruddy Ground Dove is very common in scrub and other open country, including cultivated land and urban centers, where it can be seem feeding on grain alongside feral pigeons.
The Ruddy treeshrew ("Tupaia splendidula") is a treeshrew species in the Tupaiidae family.
They are Northern Pintail, White-winged Tern, Eurasian Curlew, Whimbrel, Godwits, and Ruddy Turnstone.

More Vocab Words

::: spoof - parody
::: flourish - grow well; prosper; make sweeping gestures; wave; brandish; Ex. The trees flourished in the sun. N: showy movement or gesture; embellishment or ornamentation (esp. in handwriting)
::: dubious - questionable; (of something) causing doubt; (of someone) filled with doubt; N. dubiety
::: fulminate - thunder; explode; issue a severe denunciation
::: annihilate - destroy
::: lilliputian - extremely small; CF. Lilliput in Gulliver's Travels
::: propitious - favorable; auspicious; advantageous; fortunate; Ex. propitious day/sign
::: transient - staying for a short time; momentary; temporary; N: one that is transient
::: concoct - prepare by mixing or combining; make up in concert; devise (something false) so as to deceive; Ex. concoct an elaborate excuse for being late; N. concoction
::: drastic - strong; violent and severe; Ex. drastic changes/measures