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Vocabulary Word

Word: rotunda

Definition: circular building or hall covered with a dome

Sentences Containing 'rotunda'

A third boarding area, Rotunda A, was demolished in 2007.
Another minuscule, r rotunda (ꝛ), kept the loop-leg stroke but dropped the vertical stroke, although it fell out of use around the 18th century.
Casa da Música was built just across from one of the main traffic and business centres of the city, Praça Mouzinho de Albuquerque, known as Rotunda da Boavista.
For the root vegetable, see Boesenbergia rotunda."
In 1996, he established a program in which UVa undergraduates came up with the idea for a book exhibition, researched the subject, wrote captions, and mounted the result in the Dome Room of the Rotunda, the principal room of the University.
In 2006, a huge renovation and addition construction project was begun, adding a new wing to the main building, but also another building adjacent to the Rotunda on the western part of campus.
In 2013, the FFRF was allowed to place a sign in the rotunda, after complaints from its members, as a response to the crèches and other religious symbols that are already in place at the statehouse.
Inside, not only did Stewart want to display his merchandise, but he wanted the structure to emphasize natural light from its central rotunda and high ceilings.
It is a cruciform plan building in the Classical Revival style, with a central 53 feet in diameter central rotunda.
On the other side of the Rotunda is the lower Picture Gallery, which contains minor works by Rubens and Rembrandt, and the chapel.
Terminal 2, formerly known as the "Central Terminal," opened in 1954 as the main airport terminal. After a drastic rebuilding designed by Gensler, it replaced Rotunda A as SFO's international terminal in 1983 and was closed for indefinite renovation when the current international terminal opened in 2000.
That same year he had another one-man show of pastels on paper titled "An Intimate Look" in the Rotunda gallery of the Pan American Health Organization in Washington, DC, the small brochure for which boasted appreciations from the future head of Sotheby's Latin American art division, Giulio V. Blanc, and the Cuban poet and art critic Ricardo Pau-Llosa.
The Bicentennial Buildings (University Commons, Woolsey Hall, and the Memorial Rotunda) were the first buildings constructed for Yale University as opposed to one of its constituent entities (Yale College, Sheffield Scientific School, or others), reflecting a greater emphasis on central administration initiated by Presidents Timothy Dwight and Arthur Twining Hadley.
The building of the castle (and another folly called the rotunda), was started in 1747 while Sir Thomas Lyttelton was still alive (he died in 1751) so he was not opposed to the modernisation of his park with suitable fashionable ornamental follies, but the credit for its creation is usually given to his son and heir Gorge Lyttelton (the future 1st Lord Lyttelton).
The emperor was anxious to see that famous temple of the Rotunda, called in ancient times the temple 'of all the gods,' but now-a-days, by a better nomenclature, 'of all the saints,' which is the best preserved building of all those of pagan construction in Rome, and the one which best sustains the reputation of mighty works and magnificence of its founders.
The first version of the terminal, which cost $14 million, opened in 1963 and Rotunda A opened in 1974.
The Rotonda di San Tomè (Italian: Rotunda of St.
The Rotunda was completed in 1721, giving Biebrich Castle its distinctive appearance.
The Rotunda, designed by Domenico Merlini, occupies the central portion of the palace.
The Rotunda, with tablets on the walls commemorating Yale's war dead is a double-sized, domed, colonnaded version of Bramante's "Tempietto" built in 1502 on the site of St.
This national highway stretches for about 20 kilometers from Kalibo-Banga crossing rotunda to Dumaguit National Port.

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