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Vocabulary Word

Word: rote

Definition: repetition; memorization through repetition without understanding; Ex. learn poetry by rote

Sentences Containing 'rote'

"Kentucky Route Zero" makes a point of asking you to describe their interior instead – and, by extension, yourself as well...A powerfully evocative and beautiful subversion of point-and-click rote, but occasionally opaque and disorienting."
A student would first join one of the Inns of Chancery, where he would be taught in the form of moots and rote learning.
According to the inhabitants of the Defereggen valley, however, their names are reversed: they view the "Rote Spitze" as the higher, eastern summit.
Although some places participate in "Curriculum Reform" and the Chinese authorities insist that the Senior High School Entrance Examination has become more focused on ability rather that rote memorization, yet the Senior High School Entrance Examination is still considered a product of the exam-oriented education system; it does not conform to the so-called quality-oriented education by the Chinese authorities.
As in repeating a well-known song, so in instincts, one action follows another by a sort of rhythm; if a person be interrupted in a song, or in repeating anything by rote, he is generally forced to go back to recover the habitual train of thought: so P.
By recruiting faculty from across the world, AUW is able to ensure that there are different perspectives presented in classes and departments as well as provide a curricula and teaching methods that break the traditional rote-memorization of South Asia Academic programmes.
Finally on 15 November 1858, the Aare Bridge (known as the "Rote Brücke", German for "red bridge") because of its red lead rust-proof paint) was completed and the first train crossed the bridge and ran into Bern.
Kissel known in Poland, parts of Russia, the Baltic States, Finland and Ukraine is similar to "rote Grütze".
Many of the national team players were gathered together under coach Herberger as "Rote Jäger" through the efforts of a sympathetic air force officer trying to protect the footballers from the most dangerous wartime service.
Other summits include the Gehrenspitze (2,163 m), Rote Flüh (2,111 m), the Schartschrofen (1,968 m), the "Schneidspitze" (2,009 m) and the "Kelleschrofen" (2,091 m) with its Babylonian Tower.
Rødgrød (Danish, ), rote Grütze (German), or Rode Grütt (Low German) is a sweet fruit dish from Denmark and Germany.
Rødgrød or rote Grütze is served hot or cold as a dessert with milk, a mixture of milk and vanilla sugar, vanilla sauce, (whipped) cream or custard to balance the refreshing taste of the fruit acids.
Rødgrød or rote Grütze was traditionally made of groat or grit, as revealed by the second component of the name in Danish, German or Low German.
The "Weiße Spitze" (, the easternmost of the two aforementioned peaks) may be climbed on a signed route only from the upper Villgratental valley (climbing grade II-), a totally separate route from that to the summit of the "Rote Spitze".
The close western neighbour of the "Weiße Spitze" is the somewhat lower Rote Spitze ().
The ENF model moves away from traditional "teacher-centered" environments, which often emphasize rote memorization directed by the teacher, and instead encourages "child-centered" environments that fully engage students and allow them to learn at their own pace.
The German blazon reads: "Durch blauen, schrägrechten Stufenbalken geteilt. Vorne in Silber eine Scheune mit schwarzem Dach, hinten in Gold eine rote Flamme."
The German blazon reads: "In Gold eine eingebogene, grüne Spitze, darin ein goldenes Rad; vorn eine aufrechte rote Zange, hinten ein fünfstrahliger roter Stern."
The German blazon reads: "In Silber ein blauer Wellenstab, vorn ein durchgehendes rotes Balkenkreuz, hinten über einem grünen Eichenblatt eine rote Flamme".
The German blazon reads: "In Silber eine eingeschobene rote Spitze, darin über einer erniedrigten silbernen Wellenleiste ein goldener Zinnenturm, vorn ein grüner Mühlstein, belegt mit drei goldenen Ähren, hinten ein grünes Buchenblatt."
The German blazon reads: "Von Gold vor Rot durch Wellenschnitt geteilt, vorn 7 (4:3) zu 2 Balken aneinandergereihte rote Rauten, hinten 3 (1:1:1) goldene Kugeln."
The school which produced notable scholars in the past has succumbed to the provant teaching style based mainly on memorization and rote learning.
These international schools focus more on the holistic education for their students than just focusing on rote-learning.
This, then, being the case, let not these scrupulous and prudish ideas trouble your imagination, but be assured that Lothario prizes you as you do him, and rest content and satisfied that as you are caught in the noose of love it is one of worth and merit that has taken you, and one that has not only the four S's that they say true lovers ought to have, but a complete alphabet; only listen to me and you will see how I can repeat it by rote.

More Vocab Words

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::: wring - twist (to extract liquid); extract by twisting; wrench painfully (necks or hands)
::: exclaim - cry out suddenly; N. exclamation; ADJ. exclamatory
::: sherbet - flavored dessert ice
::: pharisaical - pertaining to the Pharisees, who paid scrupulous attention to tradition; self-righteous; hypocritical
::: protuberance - protrusion; swelling; bulge
::: impassive - without feeling; expressionless; imperturbable; stoical; Ex. impassive face
::: jubilation - rejoicing; great joy
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