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Vocabulary Word

Word: rigid

Definition: hard and unbending; stiff and unyielding; fixed in behavior or views; strict; rigorous; Ex. rigid rule

Sentences Containing 'rigid'

A clipboard is a thin, rigid board with a clip at the top for holding paper in place.
A paradigm does not impose a rigid or mechanical approach, but can be taken more or less creatively and flexibly.
A rigid framing structural system creates the frame.
Always proceeding from a rigid mouth and closed teeth, as if the jaw were locked and the face frozen up in pain.
As the condition progresses, these may no longer provide the patient with a satisfactory degree of visual acuity, and most clinical practitioners will move to manage the condition with rigid contact lenses, known as rigid, gas-permeable, (RGP) lenses.
At the same time, the King begins to chafe at the rigid, ceremonial routine of royal life and the limitations inevitably placed upon his freedom.
At the time, I was quite tired of my Nappy (Napoleonic) campaign with all its rigid rules and was rebelling against it."
But ere the first wild alarm could get out abroad among the crew, the old man with a rigid laugh exclaimed, "I have it!
By devouring parts of it, Jinnai's skin becomes more rigid and blades portrude from his back which he can shoot at will.
Consider the 2-sphere as a rigid body in three-dimensional space rolling without slipping or twisting on a horizontal plane.
During the 1950s GWG's Donald Freeland developed the stone washed technique for its products, increasing the softness and flexibility of the rigid denim fabric.
During this initial period they released a few mini-albums; Cloudy Pop Book, Rigid Ink Pool and in 2002, Koochachu.
Each live conductor of such a system is a rigid piece of copper or aluminium, usually in flat bars (but sometimes as tubing or other shapes).
For stability, the fixed frame is supported by a rigid mount that is securely bolted to a supporting surface.
For this reason: It was a rigid rule of the association that its members should never, under any circumstances whatever, give information about the channel to any`outsider.'
He had recently retired from teaching and wanted to ‘put behind him the more rigid austerities of university life’.
He regularly wore a Homburg hat (similar to a trilby but more rigid), which became known in Britain as an "Anthony Eden".
His chin was cocked upward and his eyes were fixed in a dreadful, rigid stare at the corner of the ceiling.
Hitler was obsessed with being in control, and with being the alpha male in a rigid male dominance hierarchy.
However, this ratio, though not rigid, is specified as one-third to one-fifth of the width of the field.
However, while average downhill races these days runs to 35mph, Mammoth racers were clocking 55-65mph on mostly rigid or semi-rigid bikes with flat handlebars.
I used to wander among those rigid corpses, and peer into their austere faces, by the hour.
In his regiment Maximilian Morrel was noted for his rigid observance, not only of the obligations imposed on a soldier, but also of the duties of a man; and he thus gained the name of``the stoic.''
In the seventh volume of the series, it is revealed that the Soul Society has rigid feudal laws that Rukia breached when she gave her powers to a human.
It employed a rigid system of additional marks in the shield to indicate official functions and positions.
It is a large and stout bodied rodent covered with quills which are sharp, rigid structures.
It was standard policy in communist countries to present only a rigid Marxist historiography.
Leaves pinnate with numerous rigid segments white underneath except in D. nana."
Lord St. Simon had by no means relaxed his rigid attitude, but had listened with a frowning brow and a compressed lip to this long narrative.
Miss Murdstone gave me her chilly finger-nails, and sat severely rigid.
More than anything, he remembers the rigid ground rules: " Seven minutes only, and they were standing there with a stopwatch".
Motionless, rigid, staring; moaning in the same dumb way from time to time, with the same helpless motion of the head; but giving no other sign of life.
Multiple hulls are generally parallel to each other and connected by rigid arms.
Nine rigid-hull inflatables were also towed away by the Russians.
Not wanting it in the landscape, he has boldly made the contor of the seated female conform to a rigid straight line, accentuated still further by the flute in her hand.
Of the two it is the 2006 Smith classification which is less rigid and more descriptive.
On the street corners, and in the squares, lay sick men, suddenly overtaken by the disease; and even corpses, distorted and rigid.
Rigid military rules and the lack of freedom provoke him all the more to dream the day when he would come back home and would create his own band.
Such rigid sails are typically made of thin plastic fabric held stretched over a frame.
The glass becomes progressively softer, less rigid and less viscous with temperature.
The stem of the plant has rigid and ascending hairs with a standard 4–6 leaves on it.
The tiny rigid needle-like leaves are under a centimeter long and a millimeter wide.
There are a few localised examples of the Rigid Hornwort ("Ceratophyllum demersum").
There is no rigid definition of a "superpower".
These are large rigid objects which the lobster enters voluntarily, often to reach bait, and which it then cannot escape.
These high values make graphene very strong and rigid.
They have little flexibility and behave more like rigid conduit rather than flexible cables.
This is done by defining the rigid bodies that should be linked to the visual representations.
With modern technology, "wings", that is rigid sails, may be used in place of fabric sails.
``Who enjoyed the reputation of being the most severe, the most upright, the most rigid magistrate on the bench?''
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