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Vocabulary Word

Word: reverend

Definition: deserving reverence; N: priest

Sentences Containing 'reverend'

By the 1980s he had become known to many as Reverend Sims, though he was never formally ordained.
Caderousse continued to call piteously,``Help, reverend sir, help!''
Davis College was founded in April 1900 by Reverend and Evangelist John Adelbert Davis.
Fowler defeated Reverend Hosea Williams in a runoff election.
Franklin was born in Memphis to Barbara (née Siggers) and Reverend C. L. Franklin.
Friedrich was the son of Reverend Friedrich von Bodelschwingh and his wife Frieda.
Having spent several years in the priesthood, Reverend Corea was appointed Chaplain to the Bishop of Colombo.
He married Annabella, daughter of the Reverend Charles Stewart.
He was the grandson of Reverend Douglas Stuart Murray, Rector of Blithfield, Staffordshire, who was the grandson of the Right Reverend George Murray, who was the son of the Right Reverend Lord George Murray, the second son of John Murray, 3rd Duke of Atholl.
His grandfather was the Reverend Dugald Stewart of Rothesay.
I say it only shows his foolish, impious pride, and abominable, devilish rebellion against the reverend clergy.
In 1919, The Reverend R.C. Shannonhouse, was "encouraged to undertake the building of a church."
In April 2009, the Reverend Aaron Denson (born ca.
It is named in tribute to Reverend Benjamin Demers, promoter of the new parish in 1895.
It was also sung briefly by Reverend Harry Powell (Robert Mitchum) in "The Night of the Hunter".
It was built for the Reverend James Haldane Stewart and is a Grade II* Listed building.
It was part of the curriculum at the Reverend James Maury's Academy in Fredericksburg, Virginia.
Jon McClure of Reverend and the Makers also hosted Reverend Soundsystem.
Reverend Blackstone died on November 7, 1935.
Reverend Corea also served on the Diocesan Council of the Centenary Year in 1945.
Reverend Ivan Corea was co-opted to the Committee by the Bishop and served as Secretary.
Reverend Phillips of Rowley, Massachusetts was able to testify in her defense on June 3, 1692.
said Traddles--'by the Reverend Horace--to Sophy--down in Devonshire.
Summersby was the son of the Reverend B J Summersby, a Congregational minister from Oxfordshire.
The building was named for Reverend Timothy Woodbridge, one of the founders of Yale College.
The church already had another pastor, Reverend John Wilson, who was unsympathetic to Hutchinson.
The Church celebrated its Diamond Jubilee during the time of Reverend Ivan Corea.
The current dean is the Very Reverend Phillip Saunders.
The current minister is The Reverend Anne Tolland, who was installed in December 2001.
The minister (since 1988) is the Very Reverend Alan Birss.
The ordinary of the diocese is the Right Reverend Kevin Pearson History.
The parish is currently under the rectorate of the Right Reverend Andrew St.
The Reverend George Young in his "History of Whitby and Streoneshalh Abbey" (1817) says:
The Reverend Louis W. Parson and his wife migrated to Albany from Shubuta, Mississippi in 1927.
The Reverend M.S. Ragsdale platted the only addition to the town on August 23, 1870.
The Reverend Thomas Burns, a nephew of the poet Robert Burns, was the spiritual guide.
There is appointed as reverend of twenty Wrocław dioceses.
``Ah, reverend sir, I tell you the simple truth.''
``Ah, reverend sir, tell me, do you wish me dead?''
``Ah, you will tell all I have said, will you not, reverend sir?''
``Are you alone, reverend sir, or have you there soldiers ready to seize me?''
``I don't know how to write, reverend sir.''
``No, reverend sir; I have been liberated by some one.''
``Oh, you have some design against me, reverend sir.''
``Pardon, reverend sir,''said Caderousse;``you have saved my life once, save me again!''
``Reverend sir, I am impelled''``Every criminal says the same thing.''
``Reverend sir,''said Caderousse, drawing still nearer.
``What a wrist you have, reverend sir!''
``You are right; it is not you who should apprise M. Danglars, it is I.''``Do not do so, reverend sir.''
• Executive Director and Producer is Reverend Todd Bell.

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