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Vocabulary Word

Word: retract

Definition: withdraw; take back; draw back; Ex. retract a statement/an offer/claws; N. retraction; CF. retractile

Sentences Containing 'retract'

"Pseudunela cornuta" shows an anterior head-foot complex and a posterior elongated visceral hump in which the animal can partly retract when disturbed.
Al White's seat did retract but his elbow protruded from the capsule and blocked the closing clamshell doors.
Because of Liemandt's contribution to the Libertarian Booster PAC, it would lead Rush Limbaugh to say, "the Democrats enlisted a 'fake Libertarian candidate' who was 'bought and paid for by an Obama bundler.'" Two days after the election, Wes Benedict, who founded the Libertarian Booster PAC and is the current executive director for the Libertarian National Committee, released a statement countering accusations that Sarvis was a fake Libertarian, said Limbaugh's comment was an "outright lie", and called upon Limbaugh to retract the allegations.
Carl Cross's seat was unable to retract backwards into the escape capsule due to high-"g"-forces as the plane spiraled downwards.
Ginzberg's supporters sued Reventlow, who was forced to retract and pay damages.
He was also sentenced for the murder the young son of state witness Santo Di Matteo, Giuseppe, who had been kidnapped and killed after 779 days in a failed attempt to force the father to retract his testimony on the killing of Antimafia judge Giovanni Falcone.
If anybody shall reprove me, and shall make it apparent unto me, that in any either opinion or action of mine I do err, I will most gladly retract.
If Beauchamp be disposed to retract, you ought at least to give him the opportunity of doing it of his own free will, the satisfaction to you will be the same.
II", Nelson would retract his opinion, writing "I was misinformed.
Let things take their course; perhaps you may not have to retract.''
Or, _Secondly_, if they be criminal, we must retract the attribute of perfection, which we ascribe to the Deity, and must acknowledge him to be the ultimate author of guilt and moral turpitude in all his creatures.
Preceding hard consonants retract to and so that жест ('gesture') and цель ('target') are pronounced and respectively.
Some traps can be avoided and used later in the game; one bear trap is used to clamp onto an animal's carcass, hung from the end of a rope, tearing the carcass off the rope and allowing the branch and rope to retract upwards and allow the boy to climb onto a ledge otherwise out of reach.
This is because the boat has a Z-drive system that means that the motor can retract horizontally and is covered by a door.
x.2) John begs him to retract, urging the example of Theodore, who, when in a sermon at Antioch he had said something which gave great and manifest offence, for the sake of peace and to avoid scandal, after a few days as publicly corrected himself.
``And if I refuse to retract, you wish to fight, do you?''
``I will facilitate it by repeating the question,`Will you, or will you not, retract?'''
``Yes, if you will not consent to retract that infamous calumny.''
``You will retract this assertion, will you not, Beauchamp?''

More Vocab Words

::: apparition - ghost; phantom
::: remonstrate - protest; objection; V. remonstrate: say in protest
::: spatula - broad-bladed instrument used for spreading or mixing
::: ghastly - horrible; terrifying; resembling ghosts; CF. aghast
::: phlegmatic - calm and unexcitable; not easily disturbed; CF. phlegm: sticky mucus produced in the respiratory tract
::: tantamount - equivalent in effect or value; Ex. This invasion is tantamount to a declaration of war; CF. amount
::: concerted - mutually agreed on; done together by agreement; Ex. concerted effort; CF. in concert: working together
::: cornucopia - horn (or horn-shaped container) overflowing with fruit and grain; symbol of abundance; horn of plenty
::: tentative - not fully worked out or developed; provisional; experimental; uncertain; hesitant; not definite or positive; Ex. tentative agreement/reply
::: wane - decrease in size or strength (after being full); grow gradually to an end; Ex. The moon waxes and wanes every month; N.