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Vocabulary Word

Word: retaliate

Definition: repay in kind (usually for bad treatment); V. retaliate

Sentences Containing 'retaliate'

After Bishop Alister Cullen is chosen as the new archbishop, Javan and Tavis learn of the Regents' plan to retaliate against several Deryni abbeys.
B-Fool and the Bloods peer-pressure Solo, threatening to "fuck him up" every time they see him if he doesn't retaliate.
Cheese wants to retaliate but Joe knows of the man who shot Cheese - Brother Mouzone - and his reputation.
He decides it would be too dangerous to retaliate or even put a contract out on Mouzone as Mouzone would come after him directly in response.
In addition, Batman warns him that if he reveals the secret, it would give Ra's al Ghul a vital clue that he used a Lazarus Pit without his permission, and the League of Assassins would subsequently retaliate against him.
Jeff, who had been running up front all day, hit Robby during a caution flag to retaliate and finished in the middle of the pack (although it was all moot, as Gordon had clinched the 2001 Winston Cup championship at Atlanta the week before).
Just as they are about to leave Solo's mother drives up and begs Solo not to retaliate, threatening to fight him if he leaves with the Bloods.
Nations, accordingly, seldom fail to retaliate in this manner.
One tactic is to have a Guardsman's (apparently Dairou) family murdered, to drive him to retaliate and be expelled from the Guard. They are then ripe for induction.
Regardless, she embodies a unique power to mimic moves enemies use on her and retaliate with versions of them more powerful than the original. Her real-life counterpart, Jaeha, reappears in volume 6, mildly surprised to see 'herself' on television.
Sergey Lavrov said that his country was not preparing for war but would retaliate against any attack.
The Eqbas are attacked by the Maritime Fringe, a neighboring state of Jejeno, but the attack causes no damage to the Eqbas and the Eqbas retaliate swiftly by destroying most of the far city of Buyg.
The governor's vehicle explodes, and Sykes informs him that he, and Barry the Bookie, will retaliate if he tries anything.
The occupants retaliate with squirts of raspberry sauce.
The Reavey and O'Dowd killings provoked the South Armagh Republican Action Force to retaliate the following evening by shooting ten Protestant workmen to death after ambushing their minibus outside Kingsmill.

More Vocab Words

::: oligarchy - government by a privileged few
::: inured - accustomed; hardened; Ex. inured to the Alaskan cold; V. inure: make used to something undesirable; harden; CF. unfeeling
::: mannered - affected; not natural; Ex. mannered way of speech
::: vendetta - blood feud (esp. between two families); CF. Nina Williams
::: stereotype - one regarded as embodying a set image or type; fixed and unvarying representation; standardized mental picture often reflecting prejudice; Ex. stereotype of the happy slave; V: make a stereotype of; represent by a stereotype; Ex. It is wrong to stereotype people; Ex. stereotyped answer
::: aquiline - curved; hooked; of or like an eagle; Ex. aquiline nose
::: coddle - treat gently; indulge excessively; pamper; mollycoddle; baby; cook in water just below boiling point; Ex. coddled eggs
::: potentate - monarch; sovereign
::: diorama - life-size, three-dimensional scene from nature or history; three-dimensional scene with modeled figures against a painted background
::: magnitude - greatness (in size or extent); extent