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Vocabulary Word

Word: resumption

Definition: taking up again; recommencement; V. resume: begin or take up again; take or occupy again; Ex. Kindly resume your seats.

Sentences Containing 'resumption'

A resumption of unrestricted submarine warfare in 1917 raised the prospect of Britain and its allies being starved into submission.
A second blow was the resumption of armed conflict in December 1998.
Al Maeena was one of four journalists to cover the resumption of diplomatic ties between Saudi Arabia and Russia in 1990.
By the resumption of competitive football in 1946, Roper had established himself as a "two-footed powerful (right) winger".
Departure of Theiddat and resumption of war (1406–1409).
Due to the influences of World War I production came to a standstill and resumption turned out to be difficult after the end of the war.
Former clients supported the reconstruction by showing trust, placing orders and demanding the resumption of the past product range.
He was eager to avoid a resumption of Shan raids, which had been dormant since 1393.
However, a lawsuit brought by 125 foundry retirees seeking the resumption of health and life insurance benefits derailed the ESOP negotiations.
HSV became the first German team to tour the United States after the Second World War in May 1950 and came away with a 6–0 record. Playing in the Oberliga Nord after the resumption of league play in postwar West Germany in 1947, HSV became a frighteningly dominant regional club.
I infer,''glancing at his hands again,``in the resumption of some old pursuit connected with the shock?''
In 1762 the resumption of hostilities with Spain led to the British capture of Havana, along with a Spanish fleet sheltering there, and Manila. In the American Revolutionary War, the small Continental Navy of frigates fielded by the rebel colonists was obliterated with ease, but the entry of France, Spain and the Netherlands into the war against Britain produced a combination of opposing forces which deprived the Navy of its position of superiority for the first time since the 1690s, briefly but decisively.
In 418 BC, however, hostility between Sparta and the Athenian ally Argos led to a resumption of fighting.
In early 766 a prisoner exchange took place between the two states in western Cilicia, followed by a resumption of large-scale hostilities.
In June 2010 Swiss International Airlines began service from San Francisco to Zurich Airport; in July 2012 United Airlines announced resumption of flights to Taipei and Paris.
Later in the year, under the terms of the 1473 Act of Resumption, George lost some of the property he held under royal grant, and made no secret of his displeasure.
On 23 August after news of the failure at Scimitar Hill, Hamilton felt compelled to assume a defensive strategy as Bulgaria's entry into the war, which would allow the Germans to rearm the Turkish army, was imminent and left little opportunity for the resumption of offensive operations.
On the day preceding its resumption, the Doctor gave me with his own hands a folded note not sealed.
Once again, a Russian brokered agreement in 1993, the Agreement on a ceasefire in Abkhazia and On a Mechanism To Ensure Its Observance, allowed for a moratorium on the use of force, the withdrawal of conflicting parties from the warzone within fifteen days, establishing a Russian-Georgian-Abkhaz control group to monitor the ceasefire, the return of the Abkhazian parliament to Sukhumi, the placement of UN observers in the territory, and the resumption of talks to settle the dispute.
Once again, on March 6-7, 2003, Georgian President Eduard Sheverdnadze and Russian President Vladimir Putin signed another agreement that sought to include economic rehabilitation, resumption of rail networks, and the attraction of international investment.
Others consider that, despite his militant rhetoric, Abdelaziz cannot order a resumption of fighting without the approval of the Algerian government.
Part 4: Ben's stay with Ellen in Manila as he waits for a flight back to the States Part 5: Ben's return to Seattle and resumption of his priestly duties, which involve a series of killings in the immigrant community.
Ram Singh remained an active member of the IIA and in 1919 joined in the campaign to stop the resumption of the indenture system.
Resumption of Forty Years' War and temporary truce (1404–1406).
Services were resumed on October 15, 2009 as far as Ieki Station, but onward services to Ise-Okitsu Station remain suspended with no announced date of resumption.
The 2010 Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters season was the eleventh season of Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters since the series' resumption in 2000.
The brief renewal of war after Napoleon's return to power in 1815 did not bring a resumption of naval combat.
The Norwegian annual catch rose from 279 tons in 1926 to 3,884 tons in 1933, and peaked at around 6,000 tons in 1947, with the resumption of fishing after World War II.
The position was only part-time, but Dominy gave valuable assistance until the appointment of Bill Dodgin in January 1946 in time for the resumption of league football later that year.
The resumption of Euro 80 qualifying five months later in April 1979 saw the return of Miljan Miljanić to the Yugoslav bench as the FA's permanent solution at the head coaching position.
The resumption of fighting brought the war party, led by Alcibiades, back to power in Athens.
The year 1971 brought a resumption of duty in the embattled Republic of Vietnam (South Vietnam).
This, and the resumption of my ring, as well as of the bear's grease in moderation, are the last marks I can discern, now, in my progress to seventeen.
Upon the resumption in 1945 district football was initiated and Lefroy being a city based Club with no defined geographical zone was not accepted.
Willi Bittrich was greatly concerned by the failure of II SS Panzer Corps to reduce the British salient much and he ordered a resumption of the offensive during the night of 29–30 June, hoping to avoid Allied air support.

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