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Vocabulary Word

Word: respite

Definition: time for rest; interval of relief; delay in punishment; reprieve

Sentences Containing 'respite'

'Placed in a mental position of peculiar painfulness, beyond the assuaging reach even of Mrs. Micawber's influence, though exercised in the tripartite character of woman, wife, and mother, it is my intention to fly from myself for a short period, and devote a respite of eight-and-forty hours to revisiting some metropolitan scenes of past enjoyment.
After a brief respite at Purvis Bay, the destroyer sailed on 23 February to take part in a bombardment of the enemy stronghold at Rabaul, New Britain Island.
After a brief respite at Ulithi in mid-May, she returned to the Ryukyu Islands on the 24th for raids on enemy installations in those islands and on Kyūshū.
After recovering from malaria, seeking respite from the loss of his wife, Davis sailed to Havana, Cuba, and then to New York City.
And half concealed in this queer tenement, I at length found one who by his aspect seemed to have authority; and who, it being noon, and the ship's work suspended, was now enjoying respite from the burden of command.
As it was, his settlement gave two centuries of respite to the Roman Empire; had he fulfilled the plan of pushing the imperial frontiers to the Elbe, which seems to have been in his mind, much more might have been accomplished.
At the advice of Richard Lester, Hodges and his assistant director stayed at a separate hotel to the rest of the cast and crew, which enabled him to have some respite from the production after the shooting day was done.
Beethoven's multi-movement works in C minor tended to have a slow movement in a contrasting major key, nearly always the submediant (A flat major), providing "a comfortingly cool shadow or short-lived respite", but also the mediant (E-flat major, Op.
By April he was assistant adjutant general of the 4th Division in the Army of the Tennessee, but resigned on April 17 to take a two-month respite from duty for health reasons.
Fighting off its pursuers without respite, the army succeeded in breaking its way through back towards the Don, where the Cossack uprising against Bolsheviks had started.
From Hatton top, there is a ten mile respite from locks, punctuated by the Shrewley Tunnel, which passes under Shrewley village.
However, the last two or three years I had allowed myself some respite.
I now hoped for respite in sleep; but no, it reveled all through my head till sunrise again, a frantic and tireless nightmare.
I will so advantageously bestow 2,000 piastres, that the person receiving them shall obtain a respite till next year for Peppino; and during that year, another skilfully placed 1,000 piastres will afford him the means of escaping from his prison.''
In addition, the 1963 Welfare Law for the Aged provided funding for respite care, home care, homes for the aged, and other services paid by taxes collected through local and central governments.
In late August 1965, Brian Epstein had rented a house at 2850 Benedict Canyon Drive in Beverly Hills, California for the Beatles' six-day respite from their U.S. tour.
Liman von Sanders later noted, "the British allowed us four good weeks of respite for all this work before their great disembarkation ...
Mid-June brought another brief respite from the war while the destroyer was docked in San Pedro Bay.
Moreover, the respite allowed by a narcotic is exceedingly brief, and a depression which is long and deep inevitably follows.
My dear Albert, one word, for I must give poor Lucien a respite.
Nicola’s only respite is the unwavering support of her mother Pat (Sheila Hancock) and father Jim (Duncan Preston), who dote on Kyle and provide practical support when needed.
One will pass all the hours of the night seated at the foot of some oak or rock, and there, without having closed his weeping eyes, the sun finds him in the morning bemused and bereft of sense; and another without relief or respite to his sighs, stretched on the burning sand in the full heat of the sultry summer noontide, makes his appeal to the compassionate heavens, and over one and the other, over these and all, the beautiful Marcela triumphs free and careless.
Richard meanwhile began to resume his journey to Acre and, with much needed respite, new funds and reinforcements, set sail for the Holy Land accompanied by the King of Jerusalem, Guy of Lusignan, and various other high ranking nobles of the Western Crusader states.
She arrived at Ulithi on 31 August for a brief respite but was at sea again on 10 September escorting the oiler to Okinawa before sailing for home on 1 October.
Since all their fighter cover was down near the surface shooting up "Woodson" and his colleagues, the enemy carriers were sitting ducks when the American dive-bombers and fighters finally made contact. Three enemy carriers, Akagi, Kaga, and Soryu, rapidly sustained mortal injury and Hiryu received only brief respite due to her location far ahead of the other three.
The dealers have no respite from the continual visits and examination of the excise officers.
The money raised by MS Readathon participants helps the MS Society to provide services to assist people living with MS such as physiotherapy, access to specialist MS nurses and respite care, whilst also working towards funding research into this mystery illness.
The Mount Vernon Hotel operated in a city experiencing huge commercial growth after the opening of the Erie Canal. Its location offered guests a respite from the dirt, noise, and bustle of city life.
The setting itself has shifted both geographically and symbolically; switching from the flooded and diseased Italian coastlands to an alpine resort famed for its health-giving properties, with the threat of a fatal cholera infection in Venice becoming the sanatorium's promise of a respite from, or a cure for, tuberculosis.
The tour was broken up into two segments spanning October through December 1996 and May through July 1997 with the band taking a respite between tour legs.
The weather from 19–22 June grounded Allied aircraft and the Germans took advantage of the respite from air attacks to improve their defensive lines, strengthening infantry positions with minefields and posting approximately seventy 88 mm guns in hedgerows and woods covering the approaches to Caen.
The Woodlands partners with charitable organizations that serve persons with disabilities and chronic illnesses, offering its fully accessible facilities and varied resources to these organizations for summer camps, weekend retreats, respite days, organizational meetings, and recreational outings.
Then I have my mode of dispensing justice, silent and sure, without respite or appeal, which condemns or pardons, and which no one sees.
This new lodge provided respite for cold skiers who had survived the long ride up on the Red Chair.
This respite just sufficed for the most indispensable measures to be taken."
was the cry, an announcement immediately followed by Stubb's producing his match and igniting his pipe, for now a respite was granted.
We profited by this respite on the part of the government to make friends everywhere.
When a ‘no-strings attached’ respite is offered by family friend Rachel (Lorraine Pilkington), Rob is truly torn.
When the crusaders arrived in July, according to Ibn al-Qalanisi, Mu'in ad-Din "distinguished himself in combat with them, and displayed a valour, steadfastness and gallantry such as was never seen in any other, never wearying in repelling them nor taking respite from the struggle against them."
Winterhalter sought respite from the pressures of his work with holidays abroad in Italy, Switzerland and above all in Germany.

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