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Vocabulary Word

Word: resilient

Definition: elastic; having the power of springing back; able to recover quickly (as from misfortune)

Sentences Containing 'resilient'

An extensive body of peer-reviewed studies on marine protected areas have concluded that well-designed networks of protected waters are effective in improving ocean health and making ocean waters more resilient.
An independent test in 2009 uploaded multiple versions of the same song to YouTube, and concluded that while the system was "surprisingly resilient" in finding copyright violations in the audio tracks of videos, it was not infallible.
But Hall said insects are “extremely resilient” to drought, Faulkner said flies were still present, and Haskell said the insect life recovered from the body proved flies were still abundant at the scene.
Direct erosion widens a joint and forms a cavity below the more resilient rock thus creating a void between the hard capstone and the area below.
Dr. Chopra asserts that great leaders listen well, have empathy, dream big, are resilient, have a sense of purpose, possess humility and humor, and have integrity and great people skills.
Duplication also produced a wider range of alternative sources for supplies, and made the whole structure more resilient.
Erasmus showed deep distress, but was resilient and after about a year found another partner.
For family resilience specifically, McCubbin McCubbin have posited that “family resilience includes the characteristics, dimensions, and properties of families which help families to be resilient to disruption in the face of change and adaptive in the face of crisis situations”.
For fear of Somalia becoming a safe haven for terrorist and thus destabilizing the region and threatening the global society, international actors have engaged through counter-insurgency as a stabilization strategy to remove the insurgents and make Somalia a resilient state for the benefit of Somalis and the international security.
If a harem is a confined community of women, and a Turkish harem in the time of the Ottoman sultans was primarily composed of foreign-born, non-Turkish women, then "the Expat Harem" is its virtual and modern day rendition: expatriate women living in present day Turkey, leading an (initially) insular life due to language barriers, cultural naivete, and a resilient ethnocentricity, yet who also find solace and wisdom in one another's Turkish experiences.
In addition, reduction of the soil causes a shift in phosphorus from resilient to more labile forms.
In its design and construction, he brought two innovations: The result was a stylish and resilient Margate Pier, which survived storms and two world wars up until a storm in January 1978; while its foundations survive today despite direct attempts at demolition.
In support of this, he cites a 1936 essay by modernist writer and critic Eugène Ionesco, who defined Aderca as: "an eminent journalist as such, a resilient, diversified, spirit, with such superficiality as is necessary for avoiding rooting, depth, stillness, fixation [..."
In this vein, he argues in "Chill" that mitigation of climate change is a delusion and that resources need to be channelled into adaptation and the creation of resilient human communities and a robust biodiversity.
Initial results from pilot studies show that those who are resilient can better cope with stressors and are less likely to suffer from depression or alcohol use.
It had been thought to be restricted to dry deciduous forest but it has now also been found in grassland and is probably more resilient to disturbed habitat than had previously been realised.
It is inherited, carried on "dominant resilient genes".
John the Divine on Sunday, May 21, 1989: ""The outstanding performances of the afternoon included a lush, resilient rendering of the Quartet . . .
OECD uses the term from fragility to resilient to describe the process of stabilization.
On the flip side, those workers’ rising wages have helped make consumer spending in China a bit more resilient.
One can also measure all of the attributes and antecedents of family resilience individually to attempt to capture what it means to be resilient at a certain phase of a family developmental cycle.
Previously, researchers have focused on identifying the characteristics of resilient individuals and started to explore the possibility of family resilience and family coping with stress.
Researchers also hope that the biological control will be more resilient than existing biological controls to the herbicides that are already in place to combat the invasive water hyacinth.
Sierra Leoneans have been described as "The World's Most Resilient People".
The concept of psychological resilience originates from work with children and focusing on what made them to become resilient in the face of adversity that they would experience in their lifetime.
The declaration states: "We believe Earth and its ecosystems — created by God’s intelligent design and infinite power and sustained by His faithful providence — are robust, resilient, self-regulating, and self-correcting, admirably suited for human flourishing, and displaying His glory.
The fear is that resilient crops, which provided a safeguard in times of climate change, may not be husbanded against a cash-crop disaster.
The flesh is tough, firm and resilient and the thick surface skin is rough to the touch.
The G-body featured a four-wheel independent suspension and an extremely resilient structure.
The idea of whole community preparedness, is "By working together, everyone can keep the nation safe from harm and resilient when struck by hazards, such as natural disasters, acts of terrorism, and pandemics."
The loss was the sign of the things to come: the next match away at Cesena was a chance for redemption, but Fiorentina couldn't break down the resilient home team, despite having a man advantage from the 73rd minute as Adrian Mutu got sent off, the match ended 0–0.
While few valid and reliable measures exist to measure resilience or family resilience specifically, much recent work has focused on measuring these attributes of resilient families.

More Vocab Words

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::: replica - copy
::: transcendental - going beyond common thought or ideas; impossible to understand by practical experiences or practices; known only by studying thoughts or intuition; OP. empirical; CF. transcendentalism
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::: eerie - weird; causing fear because strange
::: deranged - insane
::: stratum - layer of earth's surface; layer of society; PL. strata
::: draught - current of air (through a room or to a fire); act of pulling roads; act of swallowing liquid or amount of liquid swallowed at a time
::: squander - waste; spend foolishly
::: remonstrate - protest; objection; V. remonstrate: say in protest