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Vocabulary Word

Word: residual

Definition: remaining; left over; of a residue; N: residue

Sentences Containing 'residual'

A clear liquid (sometimes there is a deposit consisting of waxes) in color from green to greenish yellow, bergamot essential oil consists for the most part (average 95%) of a volatile fraction and for the remaining (5%) of a non-volatile fraction (or residual).
A post-void residual urine greater than 50 ml is a significant amount of urine and increases the potential for recurring urinary tract infections.
As the other parties of the "pentapartito" coalition (Christian Democrats, Socialists, Republicans and Democratic Socialists), the Liberals strengthened their grip on the South, while in the North they lost some of their residual votes to Lega Nord and its precursors.
Autofrettage is a metal fabrication technique in which a pressure vessel is subjected to enormous pressure, causing internal portions of the part to yield and resulting in internal compressive residual stresses.
Because Peirce's criteria does not take observations, fitting parameters, or residual errors as an input, the output must be re-associated with the data.
By taking the square (i.e., residual error raised to the power of two), residual errors are expressed as positive values.
Compressive residual stresses can be measured below the surface of a deep-rolled fillet.
Conservative management Where the residual esotropia is small and there is a risk of surgical overcorrection, or where the patient is unfit or unwilling to have surgery, prisms can be incorporated into their glasses to provide more permanent symptom relief.
Dominant white is best known for producing pink-skinned all-white horses with brown eyes, though some dominant white horses have residual pigment along the topline.
Even with 60% diversion through the green bin and recycling programs, residual waste from the Greater Toronto Area would amass 2,200 tonnes (2,425 tons) a day or 800,000 tonnes (882,000 tons) a year.
First, Phase 1 or soft tissue surgery is performed and after re-testing with a new sleep study, if there is residual sleep apnea, then Phase 2 surgery would consist of jaw surgery.
For those who do not make full recovery and remain disabled because of their permanent barriers to recovery, the goals of rehabilitation include optimizing adjustment, quality of life (QOL), residual functionality, and wellness.
Forced perfect termination (FPT) is similar to active termination, but with added diode clamp circuits which absorb any residual voltage overshoot or undershoot.
However it was not truly write-down, as the residual €10.46 million was included in a special amortize fund along with other toxic player asset, and slowly amortize in 10-year period, which "worth" €80.189 million as asset on 30 June 2006.
However, in Kerala, the residual faction of Indian Congress (Socialist) led by Kadannappalli Ramachandran is existing and part of the Left Democratic Front.
However, it is often the case that further drying is required, by an oven or other means, in order to remove as much residual solvent as possible.
If there is no residual fermentable sugar left, sugar and or wort may be added in a process known as "priming".
In adults older than 60 years, 50-100 ml of residual urine may remain after each voiding because of the decreased contractility of the detrusor muscle.
In India, a ton of dried water hyacinth yield "circa" 50 liters ethanol and 200 kg residual fiber (7,700 Btu).
In statistics, the residual sum of squares (RSS) is the sum of squares of residuals.
It became part of the NHS in 1948, and closed in 1977, with its residual functions transferring to Barts Hospital. Early years.
Lip reading, also known as lipreading or speechreading, is a technique of understanding speech by visually interpreting the movements of the lips, face and tongue when normal sound is not available, relying also on information provided by the context, knowledge of the language, and any residual hearing.
Matrix expression for the OLS residual sum of squares.
More than twenty years had passed since Dave Guard had left the group, but residual tension surfaced between Guard and Shane in an article in the "Wall Street Journal" that appeared in March 1982 following the national broadcast of the taped show.
Or, clients might be sent for training or education, based on their transferable skills residual to the event at claim and its effects.
Recent studies performed on a high-performance fiber-reinforced concrete in a bridge deck found that adding fibers provided residual strength and controlled cracking.
Red meat gets its color from the iron found in the myoglobin and hemoglobin in the muscles and residual blood.
Regression analysis (or the fitting of curves to data) results in residual errors (or the difference between the fitted curve and the observation points).
Residual strength is directly proportional to the fiber content.
Siena elected to loan him out once again to Vicenza for the 2011–12 season after the club acquired the residual 50% rights from Juve for free.
Since the test is done over the residual term rather than raw data, it is not possible to use standard t-distribution to provide critical values.
Some of these points have been cited by other researchers as evidence of Călinescu's residual antisemitism, which is argued to have also surfaced in his treatment of several other Jewish authors.
Speakers in the plenary sessions will examine the relation between emergent and residual practices in the field of American Studies from a variety of interdisciplinary perspectives.
Tensions between them and the residual German population have eased over the decades.
The goal of autofrettage is to increase the durability of the final product. Inducing residual compressive stresses into materials can also increase their resistance to stress corrosion cracking; that is, non-mechanically-assisted cracking that occurs when a material is placed in a suitable environment in the presence of residual tensile stress.
The intact skin is prestreched (i.e. has residual stress) like neoprene wetsuits around the diver's body.
The irrigation/aspiration device provides irrigation during surgery and collection of residual fluid and ablated tissue in a collection bag.
The Mexican muralist movement influenced him only in a residual way.
The next day there may be a some residual itching, but virtually no swelling or redness.
The ordinary least squares estimator for formula_8 is The residual vector formula_13 is formula_14, so the residual sum of squares formula_15 is, after simplification,
The report concedes that some – but not all – of this disparity can be attributed to "residual odors", which linger even after contraband is removed from the vehicle.
The surface conditioner lightly coats the workpiece in copper, while the medium removes any residual mill scale or oxides.
The volatile truth of our words should continually betray the inadequacy of the residual statement.
Therefore, depending on the individual student's needs, either ASL, spoken English (speech, speechreading, and use of residual hearing), or a combination thereof, is used to develop linguistic competence.
Therefore, each observation point has a residual error associated with a fitted curve.
Under UMTRCA, the DOE created UMTRA to decommission 24 uranium mills and dispose of their residual mill tailings.
which further reduces residual non-linear distortion under high launch power.
which incorporated a combustion gas feed water preheater that recuperated low-grade residual heat In the 9F version, this took the form of a single cylindrical water drum running along the underside of the main boiler barrel.
While the residual North American arm was broken-up and sold to trade buyers, the European arm was sold to a consortia of some 40 private investors, including Lord Ashcroft via his Belize-based investment company.
Within the category of alternative culture, Cosgrove differentiated between residual cultures (historic cultures that have disappeared or are in the process of fading away), emergent cultures (those that are just now appearing), and excluded cultures (those that are actively or passively excluded by the dominant culture).

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