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Vocabulary Word

Word: resentment

Definition: indignation; bitterness; displeasure; V. resent: feel anger about

Sentences Containing 'resentment'

""Whatever the source of the obvious personal resentment which the man from Malta feels for Sir Anthony O'Reilly, this weekend let us show him some gratitude.
Amongst the most violent against him was Mrs. Bennet, whose dislike of his general behavior was sharpened into particular resentment by his having slighted one of her daughters.
Another rationale is based on resentment of anti-Quebec sentiment.
Another reason behind the success of the Addicks effort was the resentment many had for the established Republican leaders in New Castle County.
At intervals, he ran close up to the revolving border of the confusion, and prying into the heart of it with his pike, sought to prick out the object of his resentment.
But, perhaps, the very circumstance which renders it so innocent is what chiefly exposes it to the public hatred and resentment.
Elizabeth had hoped that his resentment might shorten his visit, but his plan did not appear in the least affected by it.
Elizabeth instantly read her feelings, and at that moment solicitude for Wickham, resentment against his enemies, and everything else, gave way before the hope of Jane's being in the fairest way for happiness.
Envy, malice, or resentment, are the only passions which can prompt one man to injure another in his person or reputation.
He however refuses to despair; "But that I should feel any resentment against you, Nastenka!
He was a late riser, as a rule, and as the clock on the mantelpiece showed me that it was only a quarter-past seven, I blinked up at him in some surprise, and perhaps just a little resentment, for I was myself regular in my habits.
Her heart was divided between concern for her sister, and resentment against all others.
His aspect was most horrible, and such as indicated resentment and fury.
His resentment was in proportion to the distress of his circumstances and he was doubtless as violent in his abuse of me to others as in his reproaches to myself.
However this treaty created lasting resentment of the United States among the people of the Dominican Republic.
However, when the Romans partitioned the formerly Gallic territory of Picenum in 234 BC, this created resentment among its neighbours, the Boii and Insubres.
However, Zhong was not from a prominent clan and had been a low level official previously, and this drew resentment from officials from established clans.
If it be so, if I have been misled by such error to inflict pain on her, your resentment has not been unreasonable.
In 1930 the vicarage was joined with that of neighbouring Ickleton, though resentment among locals resulted in the decision being reversed in 1955.
In the long term, the intervention by Austria caused resentment in Italy, which further spurred on the drive towards Italian unification.
It comments on the brutality of mutilation and the reaction of our protagonist when he discovers he has no pity or empathy, just bitter resentment for his own loss.
Jews were represented in the Iraqi parliament, and many Jews held significant positions in the bureaucracy, which often led to resentment by the Muslim population.
Kuvempu's writings also reflect his resentment against the caste system according to which the "Shoodra Tapaswi" (1946) shudras were unfit to attain knowledge.
Moye said that locals had resentment towards the black principals and teachers in the black schools, "in some cases for very legitimate reasons".
Mr. Darcy, who was leaning against the mantelpiece with his eyes fixed on her face, seemed to catch her words with no less resentment than surprise.
Not only ignorance and misinformation, but friendship, party animosity, and private resentment, are said frequently to mislead such assessors.
Now in this sense, I should desire to know, what can be meant by asserting, that self-love, or resentment of injuries, or the passion between the sexes is not innate?
On the gentlemen's appearing, her color increased; yet she received them with tolerable ease, and with a propriety of behavior equally free from any symptom of resentment or any unnecessary complaisance.
Only eight days after rehearsals commenced, Harrison's frustration and resentment peaked and he informed his band mates that he was leaving.
Seeing myself thus publicly insulted by such an animal, I could not choose but show my resentment.
Sultan Mehmed vented his resentment upon Domenico, whom he held responsible for these losses, by sending his admiral Ishmael in August 1457 to attack Lesbos.
That his anger could be carried to such a point of inconceivable resentment as to refuse his daughter a privilege without which her marriage would scarcely seem valid, exceeded all she could believe possible.
The heretical sects attacked by Theodore showed their resentment in a way less overt, but perhaps more formidable.
The immediate causes of what is known to Egyptians as the 1919 Revolution, however, were British actions during the war that caused widespread hardship and resentment.
The result however was general public resentment of both policies.
The reverence that I had for his grey head, was mingled with commiseration for his faith in those who were treacherous to him, and with resentment against those who injured him.
The younger brother was never satisfied with the reward he received for his help, and held a lingering resentment that would rear its ugly head later.
There was great disappointment and resentment when the shogunate passed on to Ieyasu's third son, Tokugawa Hidetada.
These measures contrasted sharply with the pardon that Martín de Álzaga and others had received after a short time in prison, and the resentment of criollos against the peninsulars deepened.
They are expressions of social resentment on the part of groups which have been subordinated and excluded by today's "civilized society".
They would argue that the underlying cause was the growing resentment of Sparta and its allies at the dominance of Athens over Greek affairs.
This closing of access caused large amounts of resentment and conflict among these local communities and park authorities.
This led to Ste's violent nature and resentment of his mother.
This was a source of anger and resentment in France, causing many to feel that a new war with Germany was in order to recover both territories and French "pride".
This will only garner resentment form other suppliers and possibly cause significant production delays of it is only discovered after the award that the supplier cannot deliver.
Though the women never publicly acknowledged their relationship, there were some undercurrents of resentment at the college for Woolley's alleged "favoritism" towards Marks.
While the Black Hills were at the center of the growing crisis, Lakota resentment was growing over expanding US interests in other portions of Lakota territory.
Why then should his moral resentment against the crime be supposed incompatible with them?
With little money to support wife Peggy Jo and two kids, Corky needs his job but can't control his resentment.
``And now, your excellency,''added he,``allow me to repeat my apologies, and I hope you will not entertain any resentment at what has occurred.''

More Vocab Words

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::: quisling - traitor who aids invaders; CF. Vidkun Quisling
::: jargon - language used by special group; technical terminology; gibberish; nonsensical or incoherent talk
::: piquant - pleasantly tart-tasting; spicy; pleasantly stimulating; Ex. piquant situation when my old enemy asked for my help
::: console - lessen sadness or disappointment; give comfort; allay the sorrow of; N. consolation
::: creed - system of religious or ethical belief
::: gaffe - social blunder
::: seminary - school for training future ministers; secondary school, especially for young women
::: comestible - something fit to be eaten
::: underscore - underline; emphasize