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Vocabulary Word

Word: requisite

Definition: necessary requirement; something required; ADJ: required; necessary

Sentences Containing 'requisite'

"The fundamental requisite of due process of law is the opportunity to be heard." Grannis v. Ordean.
'Really,' interrupted Mrs. Markleham, 'if I have any discretion at all--' ('Which you haven't, you Marplot,' observed my aunt, in an indignant whisper.) --'I must be permitted to observe that it cannot be requisite to enter into these details.'
According to Benavides, the plain language of the Constitution says that candidates for Congress only need be residents of the requisite state, here Texas, as of election day.
Among nations, to whom commerce and manufacture are little known, the sovereign, it has already been observed in the Fourth book, is in a situation which naturally disposes him to the parsimony requisite for accumulation.
As Bertuccio was leaving the room to give the requisite orders, Baptistin opened the door: he held a letter on a silver waiter.
As information in the database accumulated, additional requisite internal validation, internal to the engineering process, was performed.
But it will generally be impossible to supply the great and extended market, without employing a quantity of labour greater than in proportion to what had been requisite for supplying the narrow and confined one.
But where every citizen had the spirit of a soldier, a smaller standing army would surely be requisite.
By means of those operations, the princes and sovereign states which performed them were enabled, in appearance, to pay their debts and fulfil their engagements with a smaller quantity of silver than would otherwise have been requisite.
Few would readily believe in the natural capacity and years of practice requisite to become even a skilful pigeon-fancier.
From the same drawer she took a man's complete costume, from the boots to the coat, and a provision of linen, where there was nothing superfluous, but every requisite.
If less than the requisite amount is used, some separate without a blessing while others do not separate at all.
If the reward should at any time be less than what was requisite for this purpose, the deficiency of hands would soon raise it; and if it should at any time be more, their excessive multiplication would soon lower it to this necessary rate.
Illness of body would not affect the validity of the deed, but sanity of mind is absolutely requisite.''
In addition, the user is not confined to the laundry, but is free to seek the coolest part of the house, the only requisite being an electrical connection.
In November 2012, he completed the requisite ten matches needed to return to the world rankings, which he did in first place.
In order to erect a corporation, no other authority in ancient times was requisite, in many parts of Europe, but that of the town-corporate in which it was established.
In order to put industry into motion, three things are requisite; materials to work upon, tools to work with, and the wages or recompence for the sake of which the work is done.
In order to vote upon this qualification, too, it was declared necessary, that he should have possessed it, if acquired by his own purchase, and not by inheritance, for at least one year, instead of six months, the term requisite before.
Independent of this necessity, he is, in such a situation, naturally disposed to the parsimony requisite for accumulation.
It is only in places of the most extensive commerce and correspondence that the intelligence requisite for it can be had.
It may be set back a short distance from the revetted bank; but it is, in effect, the requisite parapet.
Kelly v. Wyman The court rejected the argument that the need to protect the public's tax revenues supplied the requisite "overwhelming consideration."
Make the requisite inquiries for a place of this description, and when you have met with an eligible spot, visit it, and if it possess the advantages desired, purchase it at once in your own name.
Mere size, on the contrary, would in some cases determine, as has been remarked by Owen, quicker extermination, from the greater amount of requisite food.
No discipline is ever requisite to force attendance upon lectures which are really worth the attending, as is well known wherever any such lectures are given.
Some additional explanation is here requisite which I cannot give.
Such qualities must be somewhat beyond what is merely requisite for producing the effect, which we examine.
The capital of the country would be the same, though a greater number of pieces might be requisite for conveying any equal portion of it from one hand to another.
The date of Paston’s letter suggests the marriage was still being negotiated in February 1472, and the requisite Papal dispensation was not obtained until 22 April.
The house was ready, and the sloop which had arrived a week before lay at anchor in a small creek with her crew of six men, who had observed all the requisite formalities and were ready again to put to sea.
The knowledge of those two languages, therefore, not being indispensably requisite to a churchman, the study of them did not for along time make a necessary part of the common course of university education.
The other species want a name in our language, and in most others; I suppose, because it was not requisite for any, but philosophical purposes, to rank them under a general term or appellation.
The principal difficulty in the mathematics is the length of inferences and compass of thought, requisite to the forming of any conclusion.
The raising of a feather, when the wind wants ever so little of a force requisite for that purpose, is as real a miracle, though not so sensible with regard to us.
The requisite "mens rea" can be disproved if the defendant can prove that he was so intoxicated as to be incapable of forming such an intent.
The requisite use of the small bore shotguns, including the difficult .410, is a major differentiation between the American version of the sport and the International version.
The same extent of ground not only maintains a greater number of cattle, but as they we brought within a smaller compass, less labour becomes requisite to tend them, and to collect their produce.
The school provides requisite infrastructure facilities as per the requirement.
The time and study, the genius, knowledge, and application requisite to qualify an eminent teacher of the sciences, are at least equal to what is necessary for the greatest practitioners in law and physic.
Therefore the room where company meet who practise this art, is full of all things, ready at hand, requisite to furnish matter for this kind of artificial converse.
This same person, with almost incredible patience and perseverance, had contrived to provide himself with tools requisite for so unparalleled an attempt.
This woman gave all the requisite particulars, and it was intrusted to her.''
To have served an apprenticeship in the town, under a master properly qualified, is commonly the necessary requisite for obtaining this freedom.
We shall save you another time, as we have done this, only with a better chance of success, because we shall be able to command every requisite assistance.''
When the establishment of law and order afforded him this leisure, he often wanted the inclination, and almost always the requisite abilities.
``Needless delays but increase the grief of parting,''said Monte Cristo,``and Maximilian has doubtless provided himself with everything requisite; at least, I advised him to do so.''
``Still,''said the governor,``I believe it will be requisite, notwithstanding your certainty, and not that I doubt your science, but in discharge of my official duty, that we should be perfectly assured that the prisoner is dead.''
``They have been all hired this fortnight, and there are none left but those absolutely requisite for posting.''
``This one is built against the solid rock, and it would take ten experienced miners, duly furnished with the requisite tools, as many years to perforate it.

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