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Vocabulary Word

Word: reputed

Definition: supposed; Ex. reputed father of the child; V. repute: consider; N. repute: reputation; esteem

Sentences Containing 'reputed'

"ASA University Review" is one of the reputed research publications which bring out immense significance globally.
A primitive 20 Mark note printed with boot polish is also reputed to have existed which was used for paying the wages of the German Voluntary Brigade.
Additionally, Judge Benavides is reputed as a succinct writer.
Also on the property are several domestic and agricultural outbuildings, and the reputed sites of two cemeteries.
Ballygally Castle, reputed to be the oldest occupied building in Ireland, has a reputation for being haunted.
Bayram Pasha was reputed both in Egypt and in Anatolia for his efforts in construction of public works.
Before this boy, who was reputed to be a great scholar, and was very good-looking, and at least half-a-dozen years my senior, I was carried as before a magistrate.
Carlisi trial. On December 15, 1992, federal authorities charged Marcello and reputed mob boss Sam "Wings" Carlisi with racketeering.
Certainly, as he had himself owned, the reputed son of Major Cavalcanti was a wilful fellow.
Formerly the town was reputed for its saltpans, the Salinas de Villapando.
Frenchman Nicolas Flamel was also a reputed creator of the Elixir.
Germain, an 18th-century nobleman of uncertain origin and mysterious capabilities, was also reputed to have the Elixir and to be several hundred years old.
Green was a benefactor of the Ravenglas Eskdale Railway in Cumbria and was reputed to be a millionaire.
Hasan Azizul Huq () is a Bangladeshi writer, reputed for his short stories.
He died on 4 January 1997 after inaugurating a function organized by a reputed social welfare organization at Lucknow.
He retired from the Gilette Safety Razor Corporation in 1938, at which time he was reputed to be worth more than 25 million dollars.
He was born in Mytilene on the isle of Lesbos in 490 BC and is reputed to have lived to the age of 85.
He was reputed to be 8 cubits tall (12 feet tall for the 18-inch cubit conversion).
He was reputed to be a great magician, and his ecstatic followers defeated several of the imam's armies.
He was the reputed author of the 1732 work "A Philosophical Dissertation upon Death, Composed for the Consolation of the Unhappy by a Friend of Truth", published in London.
Her figure was good, erect, well-proportioned, inclined to embonpoint, and she is reputed to have been very handsome."
His coffin was reputed to have been given or sold to an innkeeper who used it as a drinking trough for horses.
His name means "to fall" in French, referencing the reputed instability of three-wheel vehicles.
In addition to his artistic talents, he is reputed to have been a sparkling conversationalist who rarely failed to charm his sitters.
In August 2008 the House was listed for sale by the owners, Francis Margaret Drake-Brockman, for a reputed asking price of $10 million.
In other parts of France it has been reputed to produce skin rashes or cause convulsions.
In the 12th century the manor was granted by Henry II to William Fitz Aldelin, who is reputed to have built the original Manor House.
In the 1970s the OR had been preparing to sell the trackbed to J.R. Green, reputed to be a millionaire.
It is reputed to contain a secret passage leading from the house to the boundary wall, which Emmett used as a boy.
Jogeshwari has hot springs which are reputed to have medicinal properties.
Lesches is a semi-legendary early Greek poet and the reputed author of the "Little Iliad".
One of his more well reputed translations was that of the Lotus Sutra.
Pichilemu, in the O'Higgins Region, is reputed to have the best beaches for Surfing in Chile, if not the world.
Reputed to have punched Billy Idol in the face after Billy insulted American Punk Rock.
Ruatea settled in the Rangitikei region and was reputed to have been the eponymous ancestor of Ngāti Apa.
She was reputed to have received frequent visions of the Virgin Mary, and her local "cultus" was confirmed by Pope Leo X in 1517.
Sir Pramoda Charan was not merely a great Judge but a reputed educationist as well.
Some are also reputed to study black magic invoking demons alongside their more benevolent official learning.
The administration of the reputed school of Gwalior still rests in the hands of the Carmelite Sisters.
The club is reputed to have played host to many rising acts – Manning claimed the Beatles performed there early in their career.
the college has tied up with some prominent and reputed universities for student and faculty exchange programmes.
The Dukes head is reputed to be one of the most haunted buildings in King's Lynn.
The event was judged by two reputed professors from the Departments of International Relations and Film Studies.
The hall and its grounds are reputed to be haunted by four different ghosts.
The light attendance most likely did not justify the reputed $4000 in television advertising the ABA invested.
The Placement Training Center is actively involved in placing the students in reputed organizations.
The reputed 1589 author of "The Arte of English Poesie", George Puttenham, grew up at Sherfield Court but, as an adult, disputed its ownership with his niece.
There are reputed to be over 100 "iqa'at", but many of them have fallen out of fashion and are rarely if ever used in performance.
These witches were reputed to use undomesticated toads as ingredients in their liniments and brews.
Two years later, in early 1926, it is discovered by chance that the reputed victim, Grimaldos, «"El Cepa"», was alive and had been living in a nearby town.

More Vocab Words

::: gloss - brief explanation note or translation of a difficult expression; V.
::: impotent - weak; ineffective; lacking in physical strength or power
::: diaphanous - sheer; transparent
::: effete - having lost one's original power; barren; worn out; exhausted
::: confidential - spoken or written in secret; trusted with private matters; Ex. confidential secretary
::: denotation - meaning; distinguishing by name; V. denote: indicate; refer to directly; mean; CF. connotation
::: resolution - determination; resoluteness; ADJ. resolute: firm or determined in purpose
::: gratis - free; without charge; ADJ.
::: connivance - pretense of ignorance of something wrong; assistance; permission to offend; V. connive: feign ignorance (of a wrong); cooperate secretly in an illegal action; conspire
::: obese - excessively fat; N. obesity