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Vocabulary Word

Word: reprisal

Definition: retaliation

Sentences Containing 'reprisal'

"The Armenian Rebellion of the 1720s and the Threat of Genocidal Reprisal", Armen Ayvazyan
(Similarly, all belligerents of the period issued Letters of Marque and Reprisal to civilian privateers, authorising them to make war on enemy shipping; as payment, the privateer sold off the captured booty.)
After a reprisal of the "Rodeo" theme, the theme proper begins in the strings, as the horns play a simple counterpoint.
After the recording of "Reprisal" Laxdal and the band parted ways again.
Following congressionally ordered investigations, the inspector-general at the State Department concluded that Barlow had been fired as a reprisal; however, the inspector-generals at the CIA and the Defense Department stated that the Pentagon was within its rights to fire Barlow.
Her grave was moved again in 1942 by Nguyen Sinh Khiem to the Dong Tranh mountain in fear of government reprisal during the Việt Minh revolutionary movement.
Homes and farms of rebel supporters were burned in reprisal but British authorities took a lenient approach toward captured rebels, including Richard John Uniacke, who went on to become Attorney General of Nova Scotia.
In 2004 Laxdal left the band, only to rejoin in 2005 to finish the band's follow-up record "Reprisal", released in 2006 on CD by Escape Artist Records, and on double-LP by No List Records.
In 2006, he helped produce and mix Mnemic's third album, "Passenger", and also produced Bleed the Sky's "Murder the Dance" and Threat Signal's debut album, "Under Reprisal".
In 713, after Emperor Xuanzong, claiming that Princess Taiping was planning to kill him, carried out a reprisal against her, forcing her to commit suicide and executing many of her associates, Emperor Ruizong transferred his authorities to Emperor Xuanzong.
In December 2010 he played Joachim von Ribbentrop in the BBC Wales/Masterpiece reprisal of Upstairs, Downstairs.
In June 1916 he led a reprisal raid on Karlsruhe which had the effect of temporarily stopping the bombing of French cities.
In the context of the persecution few laypeople would offer such housing to clergy out of fear of reprisal. This lack of housing forced many priests to leave their vocation and take civilian jobs.
In the United States, the term "clipper" referred to the Baltimore clipper, a topsail schooner that was developed in Chesapeake Bay before the American Revolution and was lightly armed in the War of 1812, sailing under Letters of Marque and Reprisal, when the type—exemplified by the "Chasseur", launched at Fells Point, Baltimore, 1814— became known for its incredible speed; a deep draft enabled the Baltimore clipper to sail close to the wind (Villiers 1973).
In this same letter, which was secret at the time but now published, Lenin explained that the campaign to seize church valuables was meant not for primarily philanthropic reasons but rather as a means of provoking the church into a situation wherein it could be greatly attacked with little reprisal and depicted as a heartless organization that would not give up its gold to feed the starving poor.
Jewish writer Mihail Sebastian also recorded, in his "Journal", the sadness of seeing how, "after two wars and twenty books", the middle-aged Aderca was being sent away from the capital and being reduced to a precarious existence "as a reprisal." Sebastian added: "I read a letter he sent to his wife: no laments, almost no bitterness."
Nightworld completes The Adversary Cycle, which consists of six books: "The Keep", "The Tomb", "The Touch", "Reborn", "Reprisal", and "Nightworld".
On 11 December Santa Anna ordered reprisal measures against those who had voted no.
Perhaps because of this, he survived the subsequent reprisal that Emperor Zhongzong later carried out at the suggestion of his cousin Wu Sansi (Wu Zetian's nephew) against the coup leaders in 706, and he later was made the prefect of Chang Prefecture (常州, roughly modern Changzhou, Jiangsu), then Yue Prefecture (越州, roughly modern Shaoxing, Zhejiang), then Xu Prefecture (許州, roughly modern Xuchang, Henan).
The attack precipitated an aggressive reprisal against Spanish anarchists, socialists and republicans—four hundred alleged revolutionaries were jailed at Montjuïc Fortress, many of whom died due to subsequent torture.
The following day, the native army attacked Fort Apache in reprisal for the death of Nochaydelklinne, who was killed during the fighting at Cibecue Creek.
They captured several outposts and batteries, and proceeded to burn almost every village on the American side of the river, including Lewiston and a nearby settlement of Tuscarora Indians, in reprisal for the burning of Newark.
They promote their book and knowledge on the UFO convention circuit, explaining that the publicity protects them from government reprisal. As they leave a convention the alien device activates, implying that the humanoid alien teenagers may be returning to Earth.
This last act was apparently a threshold event of some kind that caused the culture to lay down their arms, possibly out of shame or out of fear of some kind of reprisal. They put themselves and their technology in suspended animation deep within Europa.
Ultimately the German forces prevailed, taking full control of the island, and five thousand of the nine thousand surviving Italian soldiers were executed as a reprisal by German forces.
When Congress enacted the Taft-Hartley Act in 1947, Section 8(c) specifically allowed captive audience meetings so long as the employer made no threat of reprisal, threat of force, or promised any benefits during the meeting.
With this capability, even a sniper operating in the midst of a crowded urban environment is not immune to reprisal—for example, a helicopter gunship firing its cannon on precise coordinates, or a strike aircraft releasing a laser-guided soft and lightweight sticky foam bomb that could burst in a room and kill or disable a sniper without damaging or endangering the surrounding structure or building inhabitants.

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