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Vocabulary Word

Word: reprieve

Definition: postponement or cancelation of a punishment; temporary stay; V: postpone or cancel the punishment of

Sentences Containing 'reprieve'

After this initial reprieve, the War Department announced in 1922 that facilities on the original closure list would indeed close in the very near future.
Born in 1954, Tian was forced to study piano by his People's Liberation Army musician parents, but won a reprieve when his piano teacher was arrested during the Cultural Revolution.
During this time, Javan begins to spend increasing amounts of time in prayer and religious study, a hobby that not only gives him greater access to the Transfer Portal in the archbishop's quarters but also provides him with a daily reprieve from the close attention of the king's Regents.
Governor Ellis Arnall granted Lena a 60-day reprieve so that the Board of Pardons and Parole could review the case, but it denied clemency in January 1945.
He was officially informed to take his place on one such transport of deportees, but, owing to his World War I military record, he was eventually granted a reprieve.
If the team's planes do not fly a total of 103 feet, Dan wins a reprieve and is not eliminated.
In short, I say that this book, and all that may be found treating of those French affairs, should be thrown into or deposited in some dry well, until after more consideration it is settled what is to be done with them; excepting always one 'Bernardo del Carpio' that is going about, and another called 'Roncesvalles;' for these, if they come into my hands, shall pass at once into those of the housekeeper, and from hers into the fire without any reprieve."
Juan-les-Pins is prominent in Sartre's "The Reprieve", the second volume of his "Roads to Freedom" trilogy.
Take what precautions you please, if it is any satisfaction to you to do so; but rely upon my obtaining the reprieve I seek.''
The Falklands War though, provided a reprieve in Nott-proposed cutbacks, and proved a need for the Royal Navy to regain an expeditionary and littoral capability which, with its resources and structure at the time, would prove difficult. At the beginning of the 1980s the Royal Navy was a force focused on blue water anti-submarine warfare.
These shifts from hope to despair, reprieve, and new hope, serve to emphasise the tragedy when the final hope fails and both the lovers die at the end.
While the blowout was a welcome reprieve after the loss to San Francisco, the Browns lost halfback Edgar Jones to a broken collarbone.
``And whom will you employ to carry the reprieve to the officer directing the execution?''
``Well, then, if you obtain the reprieve?''

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