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Vocabulary Word

Word: repository

Definition: storehouse

Sentences Containing 'repository'

2003: Functional Objects opensources its internal Dylan repository to the Open Dylan Community.
After the renaming, Tine 2.0 migrated its source code to the eGroupWare svn repository.
All American registries, including the International Drum Horse Association "below", employ the Animal Genetics Research Laboratory of the University of Kentucky as the repository of their registered horses' DNA markers.
As its primary product, it provides an independent software repository for Solaris in a similar manner to the repositories for Linux distributions.
Barry Scrapyard. Following the rise of diesel and electric power on the UK's railways, the marshalling yards at Barry Docks became the largest repository of steam engines awaiting scrapping in the UK.
Because the Bald Eagle is a sacred bird in some North American cultures, D12's feathers are being distributed to qualified Native Americans for use in religious ceremonies through the National Eagle Repository.
Before Functional Objects—formerly Harlequin Dylan—ceased operation in January 2006, they opensourced their repository in 2004 to Gwydion Dylan Maintainers.
Compiz can still be installed in Arch Linux from packages available in the Arch User Repository.
For make own packages, it is included the script used for make the packages in the repository.
Harbord's first centennial was celebrated in 1992 and included the inauguration of the Harbord museum, a repository of Harbord memorabilia.
However, "for install or upgrade a program, on SYS one just need to click on the .tgz file (in an internet repository, or already downloaded)".
However, when the circlet connecting him to the Matrix, repository of all Time Lord knowledge, is placed on his head, the Doctor collapses in pain.
I found a tremendous blank, in the place of that smiling repository of my confidence.
In 1959, Brooks opened a 12,500sf automotive museum in Mequon, Wisconsin, which became a repository for his own designs as well as others—and became a production facility in the late 1980s for the Wienermobile fleet.
In 1974 a group of the sculptor's descendants gave twenty bronzes, marbles and original plasters to the New Britain Museum of American Art so that today the Museum houses the largest repository of Borglum's works.
In 1997, scions were collected from the Endicott Pear Tree for the pear germplasm collection of the National Clonal Germplasm Repository in Corvallis, Oregon, and a fruit-bearing clone of the tree was grown.
In 2003 Functional Objects contributed its repository to the Dylan open source community.
In 2009, 65,561 total convictions were reported to the Texas State Criminal Repository for various offenses committed by individuals age 21 and over.
In addition to training by her family members, Dhanammal also learned from Walajapet Balakrishna Das ("Padam Baladas"), a blind musician who was a repository of the "padams" of Kshetrayya, and Satanur Pancanatha Iyer.
In free and open source software, a software maintainer is usually one or more people who build source code into a binary package for distribution, commit patches, or organize code in a source repository.
In September 2008, the University of Michigan announced the establishment of HathiTrust, a multi-institutional digital repository.
In the repository are new versions of the most packages under .../, older versions and some special packages (service packages) under .../old . "New packages one can track by sorting the repository in the browser by decreasing time".
It was the first online digital repository of its kind and featured a limited number of Dickinson manuscripts and correspondences.
Its inaugural Chair, G Livingston Baker QSM, was instrumental in the establishment of a local repository for the history of the former Patea Borough and County Council's, and the families who had settled in the area.
Membership also includes access to the AWUG Public Domain Library, a repository of AppleWorks utilities, templates, fonts, enhancements, and updates.
METeOR (Metadata Online Registry), Australia’s repository for national metadata standards for health, housing and community services statistics and information.
Much like the presidential libraries in the United States, Tito's memorial centre was intended as a repository for preserving and making available the papers, records, collections and other historical materials relating to his life and work and the history of Yugoslavia.
National Agricultural Library Digital Repository.
Once this has been done, a wide range of additional packages are available to be installed from an Internet repository.
Part of the eco-socialist transition, in Kovel’s eyes, is the reforming money to retain its use in "enabling exchanges" while reducing its functions as "a commodity in its own right" and "repository of value".
Publications contained in the repository include the issues of the "Journal of Agricultural Research" from 1913–1949 and the archives of the "Yearbook of the United States Department of Agriculture" dating back to 1894.
RISAL (Repository of Interactive Social Assets for Learning) is another social bookmarking system used for supporting teaching and learning at the university level.
Rules in the repository are generally mapped to decision services that are naturally fully compliant with the latest SOA, Web Services, or other software architecture trends.
Since its launch, the site has included a new Plugins Repository, Wiki and Downloads section.
The Archive of Folk Culture was founded at the U.S. Library of Congress in 1928 (originally as the Archive of American Folk Song) as a repository for American folk music.
The Depository Trust Clearing Corporation (DTCC), through its global repository Trade Information Warehouse (TIW), provides weekly data but publicly available information goes back only one year.
The established church was now the "sole repository of religious truth", in control of doctrines and morals.
The Hall of Fame honors inductees, serves as a repository of historical documents concerning aviation in Alabama, and provides educational services.
The monks possess a library that is a repository for valuable jewels belonging to the Cantacuzino family, as well as the earliest Romanian translation of the Bible, dated 1668.
The NAL Digital Repository created in April 2006, serves as a digital archive of historical USDA documents.
The open sourced repository included white papers, design papers, documentation once written for the commercial product, and the code for
The repository contains over 600,000 pages of digitized texts.
The repository is located in a desert on federal land adjacent to the Nevada Test Site in Nye County, Nevada, about 80 miles from the Las Vegas metropolitan area.
The repository lies within Yucca Mountain, a ridge line in the south-central part of the U.S. state of Nevada.
The suit claimed that Bear Stearns managers devised "a plan to make more money for themselves and further to use the Enhanced Fund as a repository for risky, poor-quality investments."
The tgz system (in opposite to deb and rpm) don't split programs in many packages, so that the dependences are few - and anyway they can be fulfilled by install all packages from the repository.
This repository was the foundation stone of the open source Dylan implementation Open Dylan.
Ubuntu 6.06 LTS and later included Compiz in the "universe" repository.
Wentworth was editor of the "Ladies' Repository" from 1872–76, after which he was semi-retired, writing and serving on committees for the Methodist Church.
Yucca Mountain nuclear waste repository is the proposed U.S. Department of Energy deep geological repository storage facility for spent nuclear reactor fuel and other radioactive waste.

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