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Vocabulary Word

Word: replica

Definition: copy

Sentences Containing 'replica'

A "Made in Mexico" Fender Jaguar model; a replica of the 1965 Fender Jaguar that Kurt Cobain used.
A bell tower was erected and is an exact replica of the slave bell from Elsenberg Farm near Stellenbosch in the Western Cape.
A modern replica has been built as a tourist attraction in a theme park in downtown Gol; the replica is far from the original site of the mediaeval church.
A new replica was built off-site in two parts and was installed on 15–16 February 2010.
A replica had to be made to the same design.
A replica Iron Age house matching those now buried is sited nearby.
A replica of his bass was produced by Burns London in late 2006.
A replica of his Valkyrie design is on display at Fantasy of Flight in Polk City, Florida.
A replica of the "Mātaatua" rests at the Mataatua Reserve in Whakatane.
A replica of the skeleton and a reconstruction of the boy's face, made by American anthropologist Brian Pierson, can be seen in the Interpretation Centre of the Lagar Velho.
A series of replica diners were built by PMC Diners, the successor to Paramount Dining Car.
Adjacent to Alton Castle, John had a new church constructed alongside a "replica of a medieval hospital, a guildhall and presbytery"; this was again to the designs of Augustus Pugin.
All the people in the replica town had died earlier like Cooper's grandpa.
As one of the few members of the Enterprize Committee, in 1990, he researched and drew up the drawings for the ‘replica of schooner Enterprize’, the vessel of Melbourne’s founding fathers; designed and wrote later also about an alternative to the ‘DUYFKEN replica’, the V.O.C. vessel which in 1606 discovered Australia.
At least one replica system exists, as it was custom built for a 2004 London revival screening of "Earthquake."
Bhoga Srinivasa is a silver deity that is a near replica of the main deity ("Dhruva Bera") of the Tirumala Venkateswara Temple in Tirumala, Andhra Pradesh.
Burns designed models of the Matterhorn Bobsleds attraction as a 1/100th scale replica of the famous Matterhorn in Switzerland.
Cooper ends up in a replica town of the one he lived in life.
Franky heads to a secluded area of the city and shoots at an old fridge with a replica revolver she owns and smokes a joint.
He also widened the Imambara Hassanabad, a smaller replica of the one in Budgam.
His article "V.O.C. Tender Duyfken 1603-1606, an alternative to the replica" is another outstanding example.
In 1986 Monklands District Council had a replica constructed.
In 2008, a taxyable replica was constructed for the museum to celebrate the flight's centenary.
In 2012 a syndicate headed by Roschier launched Luna a 8mR replica based on drawings by Charles E. Nicholson from 1936.
In 2012 Liverpool Museum constructed a replica of Pier Head station with an original train on the platform.
In the 1990s this replica cannon was installed to replace an original Crimean War one that stood until the Second World War, when it was scrapped for the war effort.
It had an undulating and enveloping stairway, which was a replica of the one from the Au Bon Marché store in Paris, but it was lost in 1966.
It is also home to a replica of the vessel , the ship that brought settlers to the state.
It is also home to the largest replica of a famous painting by Vincent van Gogh.
It is now preserved as Fort Christina State Park on E. 7th Street in Wilmington, along with a replica of the "Kalmar Nyckel".
It was not a replica of the original Robert E. Lee which was a larger side wheel steamer.
Its piers still remain in the river; one of them bears a small-scale replica of the Statue of Liberty.
Moreover, a replica of Phra Phutthachinnarat is enshrined as the main image.
On July 2, 1986 a replica of the Statue of Liberty was erected on one of its piers in the Dauphin Narrows of the Susquehanna River.
Replica home and away kits are usually made available for sale to fans.
The company released a 7 and a 12-Inch figure, alongside publishing the Wolfman Collectible Medallion Replica.
The D built their own replica of the "Stourbridge Lion" in 1932 from plans that were made based on the parts remaining in existence.
The fountain in front of the monument is a bronze-cast replica of the finials that adorn the Wrigley Building.
The L.A. Times stated "It's not a spinoff, it's a clone—as close a replica as ABC and the "Dynasty" producers could concoct, right down to the credits."
The most prominent feature of the district is the First Congregational Church, a 1913 replica of an 1817 church designed by Asher Benjamin that was destroyed by fire.
The Prince travelled in the replica North Wales Narrow Gauge Railways Carriage No.
The replica is fitted out as a restaurant.
The replica was built by Gene Stilp, a local activist. It was made of venetian blinds and stood tall.
The Sports Racing and GT Challenge (or SR Challenge) is for original or replica Sports and GT cars built prior to 1976.
The wooden statue itself is about 125 cm in height, and a replica is situated next to the "miraculous spring" next to the sanctuary.
There are no surviving G.Is today, although a replica can be found at the Dutch Air Force Museum in Soesterberg.
There is an exact replica of the mir-92 precursor on the X chromosome.
This current Lucozade sign is a replica, the original is still in crates at Gunnersbury Museum.
Training was conducted on the replica, with the tanks due to operate with the division.
Two replica Boripatras are displayed at the Royal Thai Air Force Museum in Bangkok.

More Vocab Words

::: fortuitous - accidental; by chance; N. fortuity
::: executor - person designated to execute the terms of a will;
::: percussion - striking one object against another sharply; Ex. percussion instrument; N: striking together of two bodies; sound caused by percussion
::: impregnable - invulnerable; impossible to capture or enter by force; Ex. impregnable fort/argument; CF. take
::: despise - look on with scorn; regard as worthless or distasteful; ADJ. despicable: contemptible
::: premise - assumption; postulate; proposition upon which an argument is based
::: exude - flow out slowly; discharge (gradually); give forth; N. exudation
::: shoddy - made of inferior material; sham; not genuine; inferior; dishonest; Ex. shoddy goods/trick
::: germinal - pertaining to a germ; creative; Ex. germinal idea
::: antagonism - hostility; active opposition; V. antagonize: cause to become an enemy; N. antagonist: person who is opposed to another; opponent; adversary; principal character in oppostion to the protagonist