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Vocabulary Word

Word: repel

Definition: drive away; disgust; Ex. repel the attack/moisture; Ex. repelled by the dirty room; CF. repulsion

Sentences Containing 'repel'

Accordingly, in "Let's Kill Hitler", River Song is able to repel bullets after regenerating.
After expending his M-60 ammunition, Parish resorted to his .45 sidearm to repel PAVN forces that advanced within of his foxhole.
Although it was not intended to be able to repel a full-scale invasion, the BGS was tasked with dealing with small-scale threats to the security of West Germany's borders, including the international borders as well as the inner German border.
And if I strive to repel him by scorn, I can see that, fair means failing, he is in a mood to use force, and I shall be left dishonoured and without any means of proving my innocence to those who cannot know how innocently I have come to be in this position; for what arguments would persuade my parents that this gentleman entered my chamber without my consent?'
As the ability of the guard hairs to repel water depends on utmost cleanliness, the sea otter has the ability to reach and groom the fur on any part of its body, taking advantage of its loose skin and an unusually supple skeleton.
But since like poles repel each other, the coil will move, and will rotate until its new north pole is opposite to the south pole of the magnet and its new south pole is opposite the north pole.
But that could be because the body was naked, so the pelvic openings were immediately available, and in any case the Medical Examiner didn’t think it unusual to have the brain still intact. It was suggested that bleach on the body might repel insects.
Defending a portion of the Union line on Cemetery Ridge during the climatic fighting on July 3, Harrow's men helped repel a part of Pickett's Charge.
does lend some credence to the ability of electronic repellent devices to repel certain pests in controlled environments.
During the next 5 months she ranged the Southeast Asian waters from the Gulf of Thailand to the Gulf of Tonkin while supporting the American effort to repel Communist aggression in South Vietnam.
Electronic pest control is the name given to the use of any of the several types of electrically powered devices designed to repel or eliminate pests, usually rodents or insects.
Following this, numerous fortress and the walls, many which still stand, were constructed to repel frequent Arab incursions that took place until the definitive expulsion of the Muslims.
Gloucester had the authority to summon the Border Levies and issue Commissions of Array to repel the Border raids.
Hardware stores and garden centers usually stock some sort of electronic device advertised to repel a variety of pests and one can also find them on the internet.
He proposes they repel the numerically superior Persians by using the terrain of Thermopylae (the Hot Gates) and funneling the Persians into a narrow pass between the rocks and the sea.
He put a constraint upon himself, and struggled to repel and repress the pleasure he found in contemplating Camilla; when alone he blamed himself for his weakness, called himself a bad friend, nay a bad Christian; then he argued the matter and compared himself with Anselmo; always coming to the conclusion that the folly and rashness of Anselmo had been worse than his faithlessness, and that if he could excuse his intentions as easily before God as with man, he had no reason to fear any punishment for his offence.
He raised the 1st Georgia Regiment of the Georgia Line, organized the defense of Savannah and helped repel a British assault at the Battle of the Rice Boats in the Savannah River.
He, nonetheless, rejects the effort to repudiate the right of people to use force to repel aggression.
He, though, insists that Jihad as an armed struggle can be legitimately employed to repel aggression and lift oppression, but only as the last resort.
I have merely to observe, that I am not aware that it is any business of theirs, and that I repel that exhibition of feeling with scorn, and with defiance!'
I should like to conclude the chapter with the above appeal, but cannot, owing to my anxiety to repel a charge often made against whalemen, and which, in the estimation of some already biased minds, might be considered as indirectly substantiated by what has been said of the Frenchman's two whales.
If a coil conducting a current is held near a suspended magnet, one end of the helix will be found to attract the north pole of the magnet, while the opposite end will be found to repel the north pole of the magnet.
In a briefing given to Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto and President Ghulam Ishaq Khan, Beg maintained that assessed that once the ground battle with Iraqi Army was joined, the Iraqi Army would comprehensively defeat and repel the American Army.
In order to render them less formidable, according to some authors, Dioclesian, according to others, Constantine, first withdrew them from the frontier, where they had always before been encamped in great bodies, generally of two or three legions each, and dispersed them in small bodies through the different provincial towns, from whence they were scarce ever removed, but when it became necessary to repel an invasion.
In rich countries, they naturally repel from it a good deal of stock which would otherwise go to it.
In the war's immediate aftermath the Dardani, a barbarian tribe, swarmed across the northern border of Macedon, but Philip was able to repel this attack.
In their first overseas deployment since World War I, the role for the overall 1st Cdn Div in England was to develop and execute exercises in preparation to repel a possible Nazi invasion of the south coast of England near Eastbourne.
Le Fay possesses a cat and tries to have it enter Lindmer's house, but the magical barriers repel it.
Lieut-Colonel Patrick Sutherland, who was stationed at Lunenburg, immediately dispatched a company of 30 officers and soldiers to repel the raid.
Nuclei are positively charged, and repel each other due to the electrostatic force.
Poles of the same name repel each other; poles of unlike name attract each other.
Previously charged areas repel the incoming electrons so that electrons only pass through the grid to the phosphor in those areas not previously charged.
Shao Kahn's act of promoting Kano, however proved to be a lucky gamble, as Kano was a very competent general. Even in the face of overwhelming odds, Kano stood ground and eventually managed to repel Princess Kitana and her Edenian-Shokan army.
Teak, a tropical wood, contains tectoquinones, components of natural oily resins that repel moisture, fungi, warping, rot and microbes.
That intelligence helped the French fleet repel a British flotilla trying to relieve General Cornwallis at Yorktown.
The "Crotalaria" host plants contain pyrrolizidine alkaloids, which are used by the Utetheisa ornatrix to repel predators.
The combined strength of the Avengers, New Avengers, and Secret Avengers was enough to repel the Hood..
The distribution of firearms to village self-defense militias intended to repel Vietcong guerrillas resulted in weapons only being given to Catholics.
The goal of painting is to speak to the soul and the eyes, not to repel."
The movie is based on two professors who repel each other like the opposite poles of a magnet, but a friendship is formed which benefits everyone.
The onslaught of the foeman to repel By might of arm all vainly did they try, And when at length 'twas left them but to die, Wearied and few the last defenders fell.
The Ottomans prepared to repel a landing on either side of the Straits, with the Ottoman Fifth Army assigned for this purpose.
The Russian Revolution shortly afterwards saw the Bolsheviks take over the town; despite a brief French attempt to repel them during the Russian Civil War, the town was firmly incorporated into the new Soviet Union within Georgian SSR.
The sword can repel energy blasts, and even redirect them towards an enemy.
This gun is perfect for close combat precise striking as it can repel and stop even the deadliest attacks.
To be considered effective, an ultra-low fouling surface must be able repel and withstand the accumulation of detrimental aggregates down to less than 5 ng/cm2.
Undoubtedly, they have this inclination in order to repel natural predators, from both themselves and their offspring.
When a group of "hilltop youth" militants attacked an Israeli army base in late 2011, MK Uri Ariel protested Israeli officials who called the group "terrorists", and condemned calls for the use of lethal force to repel such attacks in the future.
When Iraq invaded Kuwait in August 1990, Osama bin Laden offered to defend Saudi Arabia by sending mujahideen from Afghanistan to repel Saddam's forces.
When the Romans tried to loosen up their formation in order to repel the cataphracts, the latter rapidly retreated and the horse archers resumed shooting at the now more exposed legionnaires.

More Vocab Words

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::: affront - insult; offense; intentional act of disrespect; V: insult or hurt the feelings of intentionally
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