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Vocabulary Word

Word: renown

Definition: fame; ADJ. renowned

Sentences Containing 'renown'

"View" featured cover designs by renown artists with the highly stylised typography of Tyler along with their art, and the prose and poetry of the day.
A prolific writer of global renown has been Thomas Keneally whose notable works include The Chant of Jimmie Blacksmith, 1972 and Schindler's Ark, 1982.
Although he did not achieve the level of renown of Denny or Lyman, Rains' albums nonetheless are textbook examples of the style of Exotica.
Although subscriptions were limited to a select group of 200 people (the maximum number the store could accommodate), the renown of the French and American authors participating in readings during those two years attracted considerable attention to the store.
Apart from Marian Hemar, the list of lyricists for his songs included some of the most renown of their times: Andrzej Włast, Ludwik Szmaragd and Artur Tur.
Avidius Cassius, an able captain who had won renown in the Parthian wars, was at this time chief governor of the eastern provinces.
Bode also won renown because he was a particularly fair and decent player who only was booked ten times in his entire Bundesliga career and never got sent off.
During that period, she influenced artists and architects who went on to local, national, and international renown.
During the 1905 Russian Revolution, Tokar lived in Warsaw (then part of the Russian Empire) where he was a member of an anarchist collective of Jewish workers known as International. His daring in propaganda of the deed won him renown within the Russian anarchist movement.
During the break in his Parliamentary career, Labouchère gained renown as a journalist, editor, and publisher, sending witty dispatches from Paris during the siege in 1870.
Edward Sizzerhand also known as Steady Fingaz is a Brooklyn (NYC) born DJ and record producer who has won a number of renown competitions as a DJ and together with his group Square One performed in collaboration with American artists in Europe.
Farrell moved to London in 1951 and his renown grew steadily.
He also participated in launching other planes of renown, among them the Boeing 727, Boeing 737 and Boeing 747.
He did not win in public life the renown of which his abilities and early professional success gave promise.
He lived in Mexico City since 1956, gaining renown there as the result of Octavio Paz's positive reviews of his work.
He was an educationist of renown, but also took charge of charitable work for the famine-stricken and refugees.
Her death left Bambino with his father, who did not encourage his musical aspirations, hoping he would follow him working in his transport company, but from age eight, Bambino Diabaté sang with local bands and began to achieve musical renown.
His son, Claudio Brindis de Salas Garrido (Havana, 4 August 1852 – Buenos Aires, 1 June 1911) was an even better violinist, of world renown.
His son, Rok Accetto, is a renown Slovenian cardiologist.
However, his renown as a skilled violin player grew.
I answered, laughing, that I thought we might get through it in that time, but that he must come also; for he would find that his renown had preceded him, and that he was almost as great a personage as I was.
In 1931, a bequest by longstanding club member Horace A. Latimer, an independently wealthy amateur photographer of some renown, reinvigorated the Boston Camera Club.
In addition to her renown as a leftist reporter and writer, she is now noted as the wife of former Salt Lake City Mayor Ted Wilson.
In addition to Nigel Olsson playing drums on all tracks, once again a permanent member of John's touring and recording band, the album features renown gospel vocalist Adam McKnight, as well as members of Chicago contributing horns and brass arrangements.
In addition to the above memberships he acquired renown as an author of textbooks and some of them he wrote together with his brother Heinrich Biltz.
In conjunction with the Yoga for Hope 2012 events, EarthTones has created a Limited Edition of their critically acclaimed Yoga Revolution CD: Music for Hope, bringing together world renown artists in support of City of Hope’s Yoga for Hope campaign.
In July 1969, the "Hawkins", working out of Cape Kennedy, began Polaris missile tests with the HMS Renown (S26), which ended with a successful test firing of a missile down a test range.
It a small, particularly affluent community bordering the Seine river to the east and the historical Fontainebleau forest to the south which houses the world renown Chateau de Fontainebleau.
It was the first enotourism guide and first complete guide to the internationally renown wines of the region.
Mark Robison, at the time a Stanford student, promoted a few more concerts and went on to finish Law School and is now a Nationally renown and accredited attorney practicing law throughout the United States with a home office located where else but in Orange County.
Mary Star of the Sea's renown comes principally from its relationship with the port and San Pedro's fishing community.
Maton earned international renown for their superb acoustic and electric guitars and basses, which have been played by scores of famous performers from The Easybeats to The Wiggles.
Meanwhile, Musashi, with Jotarō in tow, proceeds to travel to the residence of Yagyū Sekishūsai, a swordsman of great renown.
Nathan also attracted some renown as a singing teacher.
On July 1, 1869 at the 300 Anniversary of the Union of Lublin the street was officially renamed into Leon Sapieha Street (Ulica Sapiezinskogo) after Leon Sapieha, a renown Polish parliamentarian.
Originally the actions of this "tengu" were portrayed as another attempt by demons to throw the world into chaos and war, but as Yoshitsune's renown as a legendary warrior increased, his monstrous teacher came to be depicted in a much more sympathetic and honorable light.
said Monte Cristo;``you, a journalist, the husband of renown?
Say, gentlemen shepherds, is there a village priest, be he ever so wise or learned, who could say what my master has said; or is there knight-errant, whatever renown he may have as a man of valour, that could offer what my master has offered now?"
Sizzerhand has won a number of renown competitions as a DJ and together with his group Square One performed in collaboration with American artists in Europe.
Steed meets with the operator of the atomic plant who mentions that he believes the sisters to be the daughters of a late nuclear scientist of considerable renown.
The Artist in Residence (AIR) Program has earned international renown for bringing together pioneering artists in all disciplines – visual, literary, performing and new media – from throughout the U.S. and abroad.
The book was not destroyed during the posthumous disgrace of Zhang, and enjoyed a measure or renown among the Chinese literati almost a century later, during the early decades of the Qing Dynasty, when several editions of it appeared between 1651 and 1683.
The Goff House and Duffee House were antebellum hotels of renown there, with the Jackson House being built after the war.
There he began to live around writers of renown, such as Mário Quintana, Augusto Meyer, Guilhermino César and others.
This also must be confessed, that the most durable, as well as justest fame, has been acquired by the easy philosophy, and that abstract reasoners seem hitherto to have enjoyed only a momentary reputation, from the caprice or ignorance of their own age, but have not been able to support their renown with more equitable posterity.
Though, they are mainly renown in Buddhist history for the deeds of their son named Kumārajīva who, largely under Jīvaka's guidance, went on to become an erudite Buddhist scholar and translator.
Under the control of professor of Gymnastics, Mr. Anastasis Oikonomides, football and volleyball teams, sea sports and teams of classical athleticism, gave Anorthosis many first wins, renown and trophies.
When I had for some time entertained their excellencies, to their infinite satisfaction and surprise, I desired they would do me the honour to present my most humble respects to the emperor their master, the renown of whose virtues had so justly filled the whole world with admiration, and whose royal person I resolved to attend, before I returned to my own country.
Williams was a short story writer of renown and also the author of two volumes of autobiography.
__NOTOC__ Daniel Martin Diaz (Tucson, 1967) is a Mexican American artist whose work has gained him international renown.

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