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Vocabulary Word

Word: renegade

Definition: deserter; traitor; ADJ.

Sentences Containing 'renegade'

"Renegade Master" was Wildchild's first hit single in 1995, peaking at #11 on the UK Singles Chart, but was surpassed by the success of Fatboy Slim's remix "Renegade Master '98", which peaked at #3 in 1998.
Accompanied by a major who has loved the younger daughter for a long time, and by a renegade Huron Indian, the daughters are led into the hands of a wandering party of Hurons.
By this time virtually all MI6 assets in Egypt had been rounded up by Nasser, and a new operation, using renegade Egyptian officers, was drawn up.
Connections Disconnections is a renegade Funkadelic album, performed by original Parliaments members Fuzzy Haskins, Calvin Simon and Grady Thomas.
Don Gregorio and the renegade who went for him have come ashore--ashore do I say?
Dragon Man was used as a servant of Aron the renegade Watcher.
Fatboy Slim's 1998 Old Skool Mix is perhaps the most famous version of "Renegade Master".
From 1992 to 1993, Corea was a writer and executive producer for "Renegade" and later wrote episodes for "M.A.N.T.I.S." in 1994, and ' and "High Sierra Search and Rescue" during 1995.
He asked which was the rais of the brigantine, and was answered in Spanish by one of the prisoners (who afterwards proved to be a Spanish renegade), "This young man, senor that you see here is our rais," and he pointed to one of the handsomest and most gallant-looking youths that could be imagined.
He came to be the most cruel renegade I ever saw: his name was Hassan Aga, and he grew very rich and became king of Algiers.
He therefore questioned him, saying, "Tell me, rais, art thou Turk, Moor, or renegade?"
He, when he saw his daughter there, began to sigh piteously, and still more when he perceived that I held her closely embraced and that she lay quiet without resisting or complaining, or showing any reluctance; nevertheless he remained silent lest they should carry into effect the repeated threats the renegade had addressed to him.
However, the series has depicted exceptions to this rule in the career of the renegade Time Lord known as the Master.
I fell to the lot of a Venetian renegade who, when a cabin boy on board a ship, had been taken by Uchali and was so much beloved by him that he became one of his most favoured youths.
In 1968, their sister league, the Western Ontario Junior B Hockey League, went renegade and left the Ontario Hockey Association.
It is this fact which later leads Sheridan to his conclusion about the war being started by a small, renegade part of the Centauri government, with the rest of the government being unaware of what was happening.
It was barely two hours after night set in when we were all on board the vessel, where the cords were removed from the hands of Zoraida's father, and the napkin from his mouth; but the renegade once more told him not to utter a word, or they would take his life.
Melanchthon wrote of him with venom as a renegade ("aluimus in sinu serpentem", "we have nourished a snake in our bosom").
Orendo - A renegade soldier from the old Drenai army.
Our renegade took the trunk containing Zoraida's wealth and dropped it into the sea without anyone perceiving what he did.
Prior to his death in 1999, Corea wrote episodes for "Renegade", "M.A.N.T.I.S.", ' and Star Trek-series ' and "".
Regardie had once claimed that there are many occult orders which learned whatever they know of magic from what had been leaked from the Golden Dawn by those whom Regardie deemed "renegade members."
Renegade denotes someone who has abandoned his or her nation, belief system, or another collective identity and the word may also refer to:
The car is scheduled start production in 2014 in the SATA plant of Melfi, Italy and will also form the basis of a new model of Jeep, the 2014 Jeep Renegade.
The Chaos Engine is a top-down run and gun video game developed by The Bitmap Brothers and published by Renegade Software in 1993.
The Christians who were to row were ready and in hiding in different places round about, all waiting for me, anxious and elated, and eager to attack the vessel they had before their eyes; for they did not know the renegade's plan, but expected that they were to gain their liberty by force of arms and by killing the Moors who were on board the vessel.
The continent of Korel lies relatively close to Quon Tali to the south, and Malazan armies were led by Greymane upon it prior to campaign collapse and Greymane becoming a renegade.
The Displaced file is being held by a renegade 'special forces’ leader, Wilson (Graham Brownsmith) who plans to sell the information on the black market to the highest bidder.
The gehreleths worship or honor a patron deity called Apomps the Three-sided One, a renegade baernaloth who was exiled to Carceri for the act of creating them.
The general and the viceroy had some hesitation about placing confidence in the renegade and entrusting him with the Christians who were to row, but Ana Felix said she could answer for him, and her father offered to go and pay the ransom of the Christians if by any chance they should not be forthcoming.
The moment I saw her I took her hand and kissed it, and the renegade and my two comrades did the same; and the rest, who knew nothing of the circumstances, did as they saw us do, for it only seemed as if we were returning thanks to her, and recognising her as the giver of our liberty.
The Pakistan coup attempt of 1995 was a secretive plot hatched by renegade military officers and against the government of Benazir Bhutto, the Prime Minister of Pakistan.
The renegade asked her in the Morisco language if her father was in the house.
The Renegade Ranger is a 1938 American film directed by David Howard. It was the first film Tim Holt made for RKO, for whom he would be one of the studio's biggest stars.
The renegade said this with so many tears and such signs of repentance, that with one consent we all agreed to tell him the whole truth of the matter, and so we gave him a full account of all, without hiding anything from him.
The renegade was present, and in our cell we gave him the paper to read, which was to this effect: "I cannot think of a plan, senor, for our going to Spain, nor has Lela Marien shown me one, though I have asked her.
The tracks "Jump to My Beat", "Renegade Master" and the subsequent "Renegade Master '98" were his most successful.
Thence they took us away and distributed us all in different houses in the town; but as for the renegade, Zoraida, and myself, the Christian who came with us brought us to the house of his parents, who had a fair share of the gifts of fortune, and treated us with as much kindness as they did their own son.
There also came with me this Spanish renegade"--and here she pointed to him who had first spoken--"whom I know to be secretly a Christian, and to be more desirous of being left in Spain than of returning to Barbary.
They came to the side of the ship to ask who we were, whither we were bound, and whence we came, but as they asked this in French our renegade said, "Let no one answer, for no doubt these are French corsairs who plunder all comers."
This process makes him into a renegade program, effectively making him a self-replicating computer virus.
To conclude, Ricote liberally recompensed and rewarded as well the renegade as the men who had rowed; and the renegade effected his readmission into the body of the Church and was reconciled with it, and from a rotten limb became by penance and repentance a clean and sound one.
We agreed also that it would be advisable to answer the Moorish lady's letter, and the renegade without a moment's delay took down the words I dictated to him, which were exactly what I shall tell you, for nothing of importance that took place in this affair has escaped my memory, or ever will while life lasts.
We gave the Moorish rowers some food, and the renegade comforted them by telling them that they were not held as captives, as we should set them free on the first opportunity.
We posted a look-out on shore, and never let the oars out of our hands, and ate of the stores the renegade had laid in, imploring God and Our Lady with all our hearts to help and protect us, that we might give a happy ending to a beginning so prosperous.
We therefore resolved to put ourselves in the hands of God and in the renegade's; and at the same time an answer was given to Zoraida, telling her that we would do all she recommended, for she had given as good advice as if Lela Marien had delivered it, and that it depended on her alone whether we were to defer the business or put it in execution at once.
We told her they were her images; and as well as he could the renegade explained to her what they meant, that she might adore them as if each of them were the very same Lela Marien that had spoken to her; and she, having great intelligence and a quick and clear instinct, understood at once all he said to her about them.
When we had decided upon this the renegade told us not to be uneasy, for he would lose his life or restore us to liberty.
When we were collected together we debated whether it would be better first to go for Zoraida, or to make prisoners of the Moorish rowers who rowed in the vessel; but while we were still uncertain our renegade came up asking us what kept us, as it was now the time, and all the Moors were off their guard and most of them asleep.
White Trash Renegade is the second solo album of rapper, Big B released on July 19, 2005 by Suburban Noize Records.
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