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Vocabulary Word

Word: rendition

Definition: rendering; translation; artistic interpretation of a song, etc

Sentences Containing 'rendition'

"Paint Me a Birmingham" was also recorded in 2003 by Ken Mellons on his album "Sweet", from which it was released as a single shortly before Lawrence's rendition.
"Song to a Seagull", the other Joni Mitchell song, is a much simpler voice-and-guitar rendition.
"TV Guide" also listed this rendition as one of "Glee" worst performances.
A more modern rendition stands facing the cathedral of Fritzlar.
A rendition of Grandfather's Clock was included on the Taiwanese release as a bonus track.
A second "Our Gang" rendition, by Carl "Alfalfa" Switzer, was later included in the 1939 short "Clown Princes".
Aderca was also among those who saluted the Expressionist-inspired Vilna Troupe, a Jewish theater company relocated in Bucharest, giving his endorsement to their rendition of Nikolai Gogol's "Marriage".
After "Crazy in Love", Beyoncé performed a short rendition of Gnarls Barkleys "Crazy" (2006), singing, "Who do you, who do you think you are?
Although, they are a quite rude rendition of the two.
Buddha reissued the album in 2000 with two bonus tracks, "Speak to Me" and a cool jazz rendition of the standard "One for My Baby (and One More for the Road)".
Danny arrives, in uniform, just in time to see the band win the competition with a stirring rendition of "The William Tell Overture", during which Phil notices his wife and children are in the audience.
Dave Goelz had also recorded a new rendition of "I'm Going to Go Back There Someday" for this film, a song which had originally appeared in "The Muppet Movie".
Devan's second huge hit came in his short piece mellifluous rendition in "Ore Nyabagam" from "Minnale" (2001) composed by Harris Jayaraj.
Due to a shift in the 1990s toward copyright compliance, the online version is a limited rendition (about half) of what is available for internal government use.
During the prime, she amazed the jury and the public with her rendition of Najat Essaghira epic song "Oyoun El Alb".
During the season, Summitt appeared at a men's basketball game dressed in a cheerleader outfit and led the crowd in a rendition of "Rocky Top" to show her support for the team.
First, the CIA's extraordinary rendition program was secretly using Uzbekistan as a country to which to fly people to be tortured.
Hankinson called the rendition "gorgeous" and Berk used "perfection"; Berk went above his five star maximum to give the performance six stars.
Having influenced the design of the iconic book "Bauhaus" (published by MIT Press in 1969), she also made a film rendition of the book.
He is best known for his portrayal of Marvin Berry in "Back to the Future" (1985), which earned him a gold record for his rendition of "Earth Angel."
He was more impressed by the rendition of "Somebody to Love", but noted that Sam was vocally overshadowed by Artie.
He was one of 14 people subjected to extraordinary rendition by the CIA prior to the 2001 declaration of a War on Terror.
Her performance in the Strathmore Players' rendition of Jerry Maguire the Musical in 2009 won them the "Bruin's Choice Award" as well as the award for "Best Production".
Hosted by Jonah Hill, Carey performed both "Touch My Body", as well as live rendition of "Migrate" alongside T-Pain.
In 2009, she performed a "dancetastic rendition" of the song on the For You, For Me tour, which was her first concert tour in North America.
In this rendition, favoured by Bruce Coplestone-Crow, Agnes was married to Geoffrey Talbot.
It features covers of Nouvelle Vague's rendition of "Dancing with Myself", "Defying Gravity" from "Wicked" and Ike Tina Turner's rendition of "Proud Mary".
It includes an additional rapped verse, similar to 3rd Strike's rendition of "Paranoid" released almost a year prior.
It replaced Jovit Baldivino rendition of Too Much Love Will Kill You at the number one spot.
Maria", rebuilt in 1682-1695 in Baroque style, but containing a medieval pietĂ  and a very fine rendition of the Virgin swooning during the Deposition of Christ from the cross.
On the Hot 100, the show's rendition of "Baby" debuted at number forty-seven; it was at number fifty-two on the "Billboard" Canadian Hot 100.
Popular in game representations from such titles as BattleMech and Steel Battalion a recent rendition appears in the 2014 game Titanfall.
She performed her own rendition of Jackson's classic hit The Pleasure Principle.
The abolition of the death penalty in Hong Kong since 1993 is a major reason why mainland China does not have a rendition agreement with that city.
The episode features cover versions of Nouvelle Vague rendition of "Dancing with Myself", "Defying Gravity" from "Wicked" and the Ike Tina Turner rendition of "Proud Mary".
The film is bookended by a rendition of the traditional Passover song "Had Gadia", performed by Chava Alberstein.
The first rendition scheduled five-day teams followed by four-day pairs, Saturday to Sunday in all.
The group opened Game 2 of the 1989 World Series at Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum with their rendition of the National Anthem.
The next rendition in Opatija, Croatia, concludes 30 August 2011.
The show's rendition of "Firework" debuted at number thirty-four; it was at number thirty-five on the "Billboard" Canadian Hot 100.
The song was covered by country music singer Butch Baker, whose rendition reached #66 on the "Billboard" Hot Country Songs chart in 1989.
The tape rendition was released first, and was limited to 666 copies.
The tenors and basses then sing the theme, after which the entire chorus is joined by the orchestra in a "tutti" rendition.
The theme of materialism in hip hop music and culture is introduced in the second rendition of the chorus: Personnel.
This late night edition, Tap End: Unplugged, aired live In front of a studio audience and featured a live rendition of the theme tune.
This was presumably done with sight of the first edition, to accommodate a rendition without the requirement of scordatura.
This works in the end when he swoons her with a karaoke rendition of "Beauty and the Beast", which is Betty's favorite movie.
Urban's rendition of the song was a Number One hit on the country music charts in 2005.
Will later rehearses a rendition of "Kiss" with her, which culminates in a kiss, but Holly will not go further as she believes she would end up hurting him.
Yet WBF lists only the single official rendition in 2006.

More Vocab Words

::: blotch - spot; blot; CF. blot+botch
::: demure - (of a woman or child) grave; quiet and serious; coy; pretending to be demure
::: philatelist - stamp-collector; N. philately: stamp collecting
::: infamous - notoriously bad; notorious; well known for being bad; Ex. infamous behavior; N: infamy: infamous act; evil fame or reputation
::: collaborate - work together; cooperate treasonably with the enemy
::: presage - foretell; be a warning or sign of; N: presentiment; foreboding; omen
::: temporize - gain time as by postponing an action; avoid committing oneself
::: optimist - person who looks on the bright side; N. optimism
::: insensate - without feeling; lacking sense; foolish
::: avantgarde - group of artists whose work is based on the newest ideas and methods; CF. vanguard