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Vocabulary Word

Word: rendezvous

Definition: meeting place; meeting at a set time or place; V.

Sentences Containing 'rendezvous'

"Badger" put to sea on 17 April to rendezvous with sistership and guided missile destroyer escort , and "Kiska" for the voyage to the western Pacific.
"Rendez-vous" reached the Belgian top 30, but a follow up single, "Manimeme", went unnoticed and the group soon disbanded.
Angelov gave him details for a rendezvous with the GRU next to the British Museum in London after his return.
As the fur trade was then the second-largest industry in Alaska, folding it into the event seemed natural, and it was renamed the "Winter Sports Tournament and Fur Rendezvous" from 1937, and later just Fur Rendezvous.
Cold Bay was the rendezvous point for the Attu Island invasion force.
Following orbital insertion, Soyuz TMA-08M immediately began rendezvous operations.
Fur Rendezvous was canceled during the war years, but resumed in 1946, when the festival began to draw visitors from Outside, and has been held every year since.
He arrives at the rendezvous spot in time to see his two buddies swimming to shore with the fake fin.
He learns of the deaths of Alister Cullen and Jebediah d'Alcara on January 10, 918, and later makes a clandestine rendezvous with Tavis O'Neill.
He told her how she had written some of her best work with Jermaine Dupri, and recommended she travel to Atlanta for a brief studio rendezvous.
He worked in the Mission Control Center for several Space Shuttle missions from STS-1 on, specialising in orbital rendezvous techniques.
However, casualties were light and within ninety minutes the glider-borne troops had gathered at their rendezvous points.
In 2012, Fur Rendezvous was selected as the number one winter carnival in the world by the National Geographic Traveler.
In 2012, she participated in "Rendez-vous en terre inconnue".
In the seventeenth century, that bridge of memories, the old Pont Neuf of Paris, was the rendezvous of quacksalvers and mountebanks.
It was also the rendezvous of pleasure-seekers from Western countries.
Late in the evening of the 26th, she put to sea to rendezvous with the rest of the "Ranger" task group.
On 10 December, "Wesson", as part of a supply group, again made rendezvous with TF 38 for fueling and aircraft replacement.
On 10 February "Peto" sailed to rendezvous with . On 19 February, she attacked a ship with three escorts and one of her torpedoes struck home.
On 12 June, she made rendezvous with and ; and, two days later, the destroyer escort took position in the screen while fueling operations were in progress.
On 2 September, "Wesson" got underway to rendezvous with and and proceed in company with the escort carriers to Manus in the Admiralty Islands.
On the 7th, the ship got underway, with a task unit consisting of five oilers and three escorts, for a rendezvous east of the Philippines.
One of Low's most famous cartoons, "Rendezvous", was first published in the "Evening Standard" on 20 September 1939.
Premier rendez-vous (US title: "Her First Affair") is a 1941 French comedy film starring Danielle Darrieux.
Prior to docking commander Poindexter guided "Discovery" through the standard Rendezvous Pitch Maneuver (RPM).
Rendezvous in July () is a 1949 French comedy film directed and written by Jacques Becker.
The duo infiltrate "The Contessa" and rendezvous with Sarah and Mary.
The flagship show which premiered on March 19, 2008, has become a weekly rendezvous for its vast audience.
The force arrived at Seeadler Harbor, Manus, on 10 September and, four days later, sortied for a rendezvous off the Palau Islands in the Western Carolines.
The Frenchman asked for a rendezvous; Teresa gave him one only, instead of Teresa, it was Beppo who was on the steps of the church of San Giacomo.''
The Fur Rendezvous Festival (usually called Fur Rendezvous, Fur Rondy, or simply Rondy) is an annual winter festival held in Anchorage, Alaska in late February.
The general rendezvous of this gang of miscreants was on the Arkansas side of the river, where they concealed their negroes in the morasses and cane brakes.
The highest point on Rendezvous Mountain is Rendezvous Peak ().
The hike down the Rendezvous Mountain Trail to the Granite Canyon Trail has a descent of over .
The last portion of the crew day was spent preparing and checking out all of the tools used during rendezvous.
The name "Fur Rendezvous" derives from swap meets at which fur trappers would gather to sell their winter harvests.
The survivors retired to a planned rendezvous point at 05:30, the battalion too understrength to achieve its other secondary objectives.
The two payloads were to rendezvous in low earth orbit and then head to the moon from there.
There von Mücke arranged a rendezvous with the German freighter "Choising", which transported he and his men to the Ottoman city of Hodeida in Yemen.
There were jeers, whistles and catcalls, and many walked out in disgust before "Rendez-vous" was reprised.
They reached an elevation of on its south side, but ran short of time for an Azure Lake boat rendezvous and had to retreat through the Goat Creek valley.
They turned north and then northeast to try to rendezvous with the main body of the Grand Fleet.
This included a scheduled rendezvous with on 6 November.
This to such an extent that in time there was, for him, only one escape, a fatal rendezvous.
TriDAR provides guidance information that can be used to guide a vehicle during rendezvous and docking operations in space.
When it became apparent during the voting that "Rendez-vous" would be the clear winner with the jury, audience bewilderment turned to anger.
With these parameters, Soyuz performed eight further rendezvous burns over the next five hours of flight.
Woodson's" Torpedo Squadron 8, missed the rendezvous with their fighter cover.
``No, not precisely; however, I think it was something very like a rendezvous.''
``No,''replied he;``I will not be caught like a fool at a first disclosure by a rendezvous under the clock, as they say at the opera balls.

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